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Molly Leigh- Witch of Burslem

Name: Inspector 17th November 2012
I liked your story.
Name: Charlie 28th May 2013
i've heard this before my mate tells me whenever we walk the dogs
Name: Declan 8th November 2013
your story i good and like it
Name: Sarah 14th November 2013
i think it is a tr story looll
Name: Ang 17th September 2015
I used to live in blake street as a young girl played in and around the graves n yes did the games brill at Halloween. .
Name: Ariana 6th November 2015
this is interesting and really weird
i didn\'t know that much about molly leigh but now i know a lot but i certainly didn\'t know that she didn\'t drink from her mum
wow this is weird but really cool i love it
Name: Francesca 2nd March 2016
i think molly was just misunderstood
Name: David Finneu 27th July 2016
I liked reading that
Name: David Finney 24th November 2016
I Did not know anything about her


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