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Cartref stori / Sylwadau

Enw: Mya 21st November 2012
I like this story very much. But the only thing I would like to mention is please put a capital I in your sentence because in one sentence you put i. other than that I liked this story
Enw: Zayn Malik 22nd November 2012
Heeey Guys its me Zayn from 1 direction! this story was very interesting and i'm hoping that the Author of this story can write another one!
Enw: Justin Bieber 22nd November 2012
This is a good story for my girlfriend
Enw: Selena Gomez 22nd November 2012
this story is very cool kids could learn a lit from this
Enw: Belen 28th November 2012
cool i whish i can make one but i am not a really good writer
Enw: Niamh 29th November 2012
cool story byrn my boyfriend loves zombies.
Enw: Person 3rd December 2012
Enw: Samuel 5th December 2012
omg soooooooooo funny
Enw: Jad 7th December 2012
wow this cool
Enw: Tiago 9th December 2012
That is so funny thanks for writing that story because i have never heard a funny story like that but the ending is very weird i didn't get it.
Enw: Heidi Mary Tatum 9th December 2012
is it true . so scared lol
Enw: Kiara 12th December 2012
very cool story be sure to looks at mine spyro and the skylanders its very cool :)
Enw: Kaia 22nd December 2012
Looks more like a horror myth you had me very convinced!!!! It is very creative.
Enw: S 2nd February 2013
that uncle is stupid


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