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Odysseus and the Cyclops

Name: Heidi Mary Tatum 9th December 2012
so scared if it happend to me lol
Name: Parwa 23rd January 2014
ok he is clever
Name: Parwa 23rd January 2014
he is cool
Name: Panashe 27th January 2014
Amazing story
Name: Hana 1st February 2014
I like these stories there nice
Name: Ben 15th March 2014
learn your English!!
Name: Chris 20th March 2014
cool website
Name: Fiona 23rd May 2014
great but audio and full story ok im 7 years old
Name: N 7th July 2014
it was ok
Name: Shamalama 12th October 2014
ehh it was ok however could have worded it a bit better .
Name: Puppy Lover 16th October 2014
what about the last bit about odysseus called out his actual name when he was sailing home? And the cyclops was Poseidon's (the god of the sea) son so poseidon was angry at odysseus for blinding his son so he made the journey back home difficult on the sea
Name: Josh 21st January 2015
this was not helpful due to the fact that you did not explain the story properly and in full detail
Name: Grace Ryder 14th May 2015
Fantastic story

Love grace
Name: Jack 24th November 2015
Great story and puppy is right btw you need to check your spellings
Name: Tina 1st December 2015
nice intro and ending
Name: Tyler 27th February 2016
Spelling isn\'t good
Name: Bob 10th March 2016
lol :)
Name: Bert 27th March 2016
Cool story.
Name: Millie 25th May 2016
How does a cyclops get drunk I don\'t know
Name: Destany 3rd November 2016
this teaches alot in such a small story.
Name: Qayyis 10th January 2017
Lol this is awsome


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