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The Ghost of the Grand Hope Library

Name: Kelsey 19th November 2012
cool story
Name: Myth And Legend Addict 20th November 2012
It's a fine story... I... Uh I mean -You could of added pictures though... And how could you put mistakes in there!? You failed to spell opinion! You put a capital E in feel! Over all it was still a O.K story for my-your standard. Coming from my age. I mean yours...
Name: Dj 23rd November 2012
NicE story read mine I just putted it now it will com late mine is called Suyan And Vikashz OR Vikashz And Suyan
Name: Alicia 27th November 2012
Weird not cool absoloutely weird
Name: Lisa 6th December 2012
Freaky but good
Name: Unkonwn 14th December 2012
Name: Non Of You Business 18th December 2012
It was a really good story especially freaky.............awesome
Name: Non Of You Business 19th December 2012
YO my brother would love this story text me back
Uknown you really mysterius
Once again its a REALLY good story
Im out PEACE


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