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Pursus and the Bellerophon

Name: Wendy 7th January 2013
good, nice
Name: Natasha 8th January 2013
it is a good story Bo, i liked it so much.
Name: Joel 8th January 2013
nice story bo
Name: Daphne 10th January 2013
What a great story Bo. Love it!
Love mama
Name: Alex Huizing 10th January 2013
Dear Bo,
In between my work I found your story very interesting, though I don't like.....blóóóód in the stories, but therefore fortunately it is only a Myth ;-)
Name: Remy Maduro 10th January 2013
Dear Bo, this is a very nice story. You are one of the best.....Congrats.....
Name: Omi Mulder 10th January 2013
Very nice story Bo
I am proud of you
Love Omi
Name: Daddy Peter 11th January 2013
Dear Bo, at work I have take time to read your very interesting story. I must say I found it a bit scary, but luckily the hero won and was awarded to be come a Gog. Well done, am sooo proud of you Bo! love daddy
Name: Louis 29th October 2013
cool story i like it
Name: Orion 29th October 2013
Epic story! Really long though! :)
Name: Steohanie 29th October 2013
nice story!,but some of the parts made me confused about sons of Hades, maybe next time you write a story could you make it better?
Name: Nathan 29th October 2013
Dear Bo, this is the nice story and did Hades send more monsters?


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