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Milst and the Salatho

Name: Tim Sedgwick 6th January 2013
Jade, your imagination is fantastic. Just love the brave hero, Milst, that you have created and the way you so vividly described his features. Also, the three way dialogue and relationship that the King of Crete, King of Athens and Milst share is very well portrayed. A wonderful tale! Well done and keep it up!
Name: Jade 6th January 2013
Good job and its very long!
Name: Hannah 8th January 2013
awesome story jade, justv like you. Except its soooooo long
Name: Helena 8th January 2013
awesome story I LOVE IT awesome awesome awesome
Name: Ivan 8th January 2013
salathos must be very strong. Good story, Perfect
Name: Jeni 8th January 2013
I really like your story! I especially like the climax!
Name: Bo's Mum Daphne 10th January 2013
Wow Jade, veru well written. I am proud of you. Thanlk you.
Name: Silvia 29th October 2013
Great Job! This is a great story!


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