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The Strike of the Titans

Name: Wendy 7th January 2013
good job
Name: Mr Harding 8th January 2013
You have used some good description and have a great structure Kaz, but your story does not always make sense.
In the second paragraph you use a lot of exaggeration to describe the Chimera as an almost unbeatable monster. Then without describing Riptide's powers this creature suddenly defeats Chimera. This is a little confusing. Next time remember to introduce both your lead characters with equal description and don't over exaggerate so much.
Name: Bhuvan 8th January 2013
i really liked the fight and all the hard words that you used and i think it is a very good story
Name: Bill 8th January 2013
Name: Scott Maxwell 8th January 2013
It is so awesome !!!!
Name: Joel 8th January 2013
nice story kaz
Name: Hades Pegasus 3179 Bill 8th January 2013
Name: Riyadh 28th January 2013
Kaz, This is a very exciting Hollywood action flick-style story. I can feel the pulse of the 9 trillion beating hearts. And, all of the hearts being chopped into pieces. Well done! Love, Dad
Name: Alan 28th January 2013
Name: Lily 31st January 2013
very visually descriptive! I like it


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