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The Headless Ghosts of Blickling Hall

Name: Megan Dee 26th October 2006
A spectacular and brilliant myth.
Name: Jessica Bee 23rd November 2006
this myth is scary i dnt think i could eva cross one of those bridges and take such a risk
Name: Megan 20th March 2007
Is it real have you seen It? I have it is so scary but it looks like a bear.
Name: Holly Ellis 27th April 2007
I saw a small girl on your grounds she looked glass but she was a ghost
Name: Max 10th May 2007
brilliantly interesting
Name: Amy 24th May 2007
hia blik is haunted
Name: Emily Keeley 25th October 2007
havent heared anything similiare but really good story!!
Name: Brenda Lee 26th March 2008
i absoulty loved it whoever wrote it should definitly right more of these what ever they are
Name: Emily 7th May 2008
i think this is a relly scary film i love it.
Name: Ellen Goffin 10th May 2008

i love to see all the myths and legends.
But the thing is i can't play the headless ghosts from blickling hall.

From Ellen England
Name: Josie Mathews 10th June 2008
lovely ^^
Name: Sammy 24th June 2008
Anne did not have a sixth finger this was invented in the Victorian Era and her childhood home was Hever Castle in Kent
Name: Annie.james 25th June 2008
Its a myth - nobody knows exactly where Anne spent all her childhood. This is a local tale my Dad knows. Myths are based on local legend not 100% historic facts. Anne is meant to haunt loads of places including the tower of London Annie form Norfolk.
Name: Kayla 1st November 2008
There's a statue and painting in Blickling Hall that say "Anne Boleyn born here 1507" in Latin. That's the key fact here.
Name: Cerys 29th November 2008
I thought this story was BRIL!!!!
Well done whoever wrote it!
It was a really good myth!
I would never cross one of the bridges!
I would never even go there!
I REALLY enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!
Name: D 23rd December 2008
I admire the fact that this is a seemingly terrifying legend but how is this from 1533 when Anne didn't die until 1536 and Sir Thomas three years later in 1539, so the legend of the ghost of Anne Boleyn could be from 1537 and beyond while the ghost of Thomas from 1540 and beyond. I would recommend changing the date of this legend since it is extremely historically inaccurate.

We dated it from when Anne became queen, when our story really starts, but, yes, perhaps it would be better to date from after the death of Anne.
Name: Ariadne 7th January 2009
Very Terrifying but intresting because of the ghost.
Name: Lizzy 8th January 2009
this story was freeckey and i would never ever go over on of those briges but how can enyone agree to kill there daugter that is so mean!!
Name: Tasha 23rd January 2009
that was really freaky im never going there but it was a good story you should do more of them
Name: Lil Lay 23rd January 2009
despite the fact this story was realy spooky i still found it very interesting and i loved hearing about athe ghosts!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mollie 6th February 2009
that was so scary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Heli 14th February 2009
cool i like that myth!
Name: Scooter 21st February 2009
i want to go and see the ghost.
its really cool and intriguing!!
Name: Goten 5th March 2009
Man I want to see Sir Thomas with his head breathing fire!!
Name: Who Do U Think It Is?! 16th May 2009
wow...thats cool...
but I wouldn't wanna talk to Sir Thomas
he might burn me when he is talkin!
ha ha!
Name: Yoshua 3rd June 2009
wow it,s verry cool! its realy happend??? i go to that ghost
Name: Reem 10th June 2009
very interesting story, a bit grusomes
Name: John Shammi 13th June 2009
It was a great story and it was interesting.
Name: Xxxx 22nd June 2009
intresting and spooky
Name: Benjamin Telford 27th July 2009
it was really good it helped me for doing my myths and legend.

Benjamin Telford
Name: Lachlan 29th July 2009
this story was good the best part is when her head gets chopped off
Name: Nikhil Calcutta 1st October 2009
i love ghost story..if it is real video
Name: Jordan Butler 16th November 2009
i think that the story was well crafted but completely inaccurate. if you want the accurate stor google anne boelyn
Name: Sophia C 16th November 2009
its a myths its not meant to be accurate its brill xxx
Name: Nat 16th November 2009
really creapy g8
Name: Jessica 24th November 2009
cool the tudors rock
Name: Amor Sahota 25th November 2009
I think it was very good and interesting
Name: Discovery 1st December 2009
I think this video was awesome,intresting & creepy.

Name: Maria 3rd January 2010
this vid is so cool :)
Name: SID786 5th January 2010
wow! I never thought that happened.anyway if i was henry VIII i would kill her straight away.
Name: Bailey Gaiter 6th January 2010
This story is so sad that I cryed!
Name: Time To Go! 17th January 2010
If i was in one of those villages i would stay away from those ghosts and i think you would proberly to?I don't think i'm going to watch this again and stay well well away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Chill 18th January 2010
OMG..... that story was wickedly scarey im so spoked way to go ! thats what made it good it gives you a chill!!!
Name: Shani 23rd February 2010
How did Sir Henry die?
Name: Chloe 23rd February 2010
I think the movie of the ghost hound is a scary but intresting
Name: Aleasha 28th February 2010
oooooooooo cool
Name: Leashy 28th February 2010
whoever did this ur clever
Name: Mikayla 8th March 2010
It is very freaky but very interresting I enjoyed it because it was sooo exciting
Name: Sofia 8th March 2010
This story makes me get the creeps, but it engrossed and fixed my eyes to my computer. I liked the myth quite a lot.
Name: Fergus 8th March 2010
it was very creepy and horiibel but it sound reall
Name: Charlie 16th March 2010
It was quite scary but really interesting.We are learnin about the tudors in school and this was the perfect story. The person who wrote this is really creative and I think should keep posting more I have sean this 12 times today.
Name: Olivia 14th August 2010
Scary Stuff!
Name: Rimsha 21st September 2010
I think it was a bit too scary!
Name: Olivia 24th September 2010
Ive watched this myth/ledgend several times now and I just watched it with my grandma.She thought it was really scary and shes 61!I think whoever posted this should definitly post more because the stories are fantastic!
Name: Cian Duggan Ireland 5th October 2010
thats not scary at all
Name: Matty Bailey 6th October 2010
that was really scary :( i cryed
Name: Blake Robinson 6th October 2010
im gonna lose sleep
Name: Jessica Machin 11th January 2011
Truly Freaky
Name: Megan Bauiley 19th January 2011
that was freaky but good
Name: Abhishek 27th January 2011
it will give me nightmares tonight.4
Name: Tailor 30th January 2011
truely great
Name: Millie 3rd February 2011
no that scary but quite scary the story was basically henry vill but oh well i liked it
from millie
Name: Lauren 11th February 2011
I really enjoyed the story and the story does tell the truth because I have saw the ghost when I went to Blickling hall.
great story
Name: Firework(bethany) 17th February 2011
i loved this story me and my end also love the tudas a think this is the best one
Name: Madia Bell 5th March 2011
this was cool oh its true there are ghost everywere it will be happing soon to u lv it be4 i told my mum about it she toled me its true
Name: Sebastian 25th April 2011
this is a good book
Name: Erin 5th May 2011
OMG that was horrible very horrible indeed
Name: Riham 21st May 2011
Brill I just finished larning about the tudors...........
Name: Riham 30th June 2011
I now am learning about Eygiptains but still I am intressted in the Tudors........
Name: Micheal 8th July 2011
how about a live action as you walk in plus animation characters around and in the house the camera view walks through the palace/manor.
Name: Jessica 19th July 2011
hi... i liked this story and being a girl i usually like other types of books not horror
Name: Antcain 26th July 2011
awesome tale !!!!!
Name: Kathryn 27th August 2011
my 2nd favourite story!
Name: Riham 10th September 2011
Nothing would stop me reading or seeing things about the Tudors! It is very fasnating to me!
Name: Victoria 18th September 2011
I want to meet the headless ghost!!
Name: Natasha 23rd October 2011
wow this was freaky but I DON'T REALLY
want to see headless gost !!!!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Zainab Ameer 27th October 2011
aaaaaa that story was well scary and i think tuders are spiashal.
Name: Freddy 5th January 2012
scary i would hate to see the ghosts well told! thaks for sharing!
Name: Fifi 22nd January 2012
I SHALL try going there on the anniversary of the execution even though
it was freaky! Last term I was learning about King Henry and wives so I thought this was a great story!!!!!


Name: Elijah 24th January 2012
Name: Lila 24th January 2012
Name: Charlotte 29th January 2012
so cool ,like it so much ,i have seen it 50 times
Name: Kim 29th January 2012
Name: Varnika 15th February 2012
I like the bit when it says a phantom coach arises straight from hell.... it gets scarier
Name: Sophie 13th March 2012
I think it's cool but scary!
Especially since I've been to Norfolk!
Name: Ariah 4th April 2012
what a wonderful story!!!!~!!!!!!:)
Name: Caitlin Foden 5th April 2012
I now want to go to blickling hall to see the ghost
Name: Simis5100 7th April 2012
its scary and i'm going to Norfolk for a school trip for one week!!
Name: Lolza 10th April 2012
I live in norfolk and i go on ghost hunts alll the time! And i go to haunte mansions all the time im only 12:) going to blicklin hall very soon:)
Name: Peter 12th April 2012
i thought sotry was kinda sad but luckily i dont believe in ghosts
Name: HSR 21st April 2012
this is scary and i watched this at night and it really scared me and i had nightmares
Name: Megsy 29th April 2012
your story scared me but I found it very interesting to listen to
Name: Alice 5th May 2012
Name: Laura 25th June 2012
i liked it but it was a bit scary
Name: Hannah 15th September 2012
that story is really scary
Name: Holly 15th September 2012
heya people you ok its great for homework
Name: Bailey 26th September 2012
The stories on this site are very intresting
Name: Charlie 12th October 2012
This story is very interesting.Im currently learninng about the tudors at school,I like Anne Boleyn and Im visiting the Tower of London soon! People who say its scary its not. Ghosts can't hurt you, believe me my nans house is haunted and nothing has happened to us yet! If you like this story go on youtube or google and type in Anne Boleyn and you'll find out more about Anne and the rest of her Family!
Name: Hayley 18th October 2012
This Story In The Name Of God Is Not Appropreiate .!!!! Learn People Daaah.
Name: Nevaeh 22nd October 2012
I'm scared
Name: Sever 23rd October 2012
That's a brilliant story! still i have trouble goin' to bed. what is the couler of the ''fathers''jacket?
Name: Mia Solomon 6th November 2012
i like that myth i sed to learn about the tudors
Name: Beckie :] 29th November 2012
Wowza, amazing, i loved it, i read it but unfortunately, i couldnt see the pictures as i am on the iPad. Good though :]
Name: Blythe 10th January 2013
Very interesting, made me jump!! the story could have ended in a diffrent way could have told it like what happens now!!! in 2013!
Name: :} Mia 28th January 2013
Name: Alex SPLC & Katie 31st January 2013
mintage propper wicked
Name: Foley 6th February 2013
this is cool and funy lol
Name: Heebeejeebees Man 22nd March 2013
omg omg omg omg omg omg

fuuny awesome cool
scary!!!! woooo!!!!
18+ scariness!
Name: Khyathi 13th April 2013
wow its awesome and cool
Name: Jack 20th April 2013
aaaaaaawwwwwsssseeeeeeeeeeeeooooooommmmmeeeeee and sssssssscccccccccaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrryy
Name: Kotoha 22nd April 2013
Very good story!
Name: Lynette 16th May 2013
ahhhhhhhhhhh very scary :O
Name: Kayla 18th June 2013
Name: Kayla Jade Atkinson 23rd June 2013
Name: Freya 14th August 2013
i did not like that story it made me shiver whilst i was reading it it is way to SCARY! phew i am no way i am reading that again!
Name: Sapphire 19th September 2013
Name: Charlotte And Ellie 22nd September 2013
it made us scared although it was good!
Name: Caitlin 23rd October 2013
it was cool i loved it it was scarry.
Name: Angeline 26th November 2013
it was so scary its just what i was looking for. i love scary things even ghosts so this was great
Name: Sazzy 12th February 2014
that was SOOOO SCARY
Name: Unknown 13th May 2014
My birthday is on the day she was exucutad
Name: Callum 5th September 2014
It wasnt that scary but it was really good
Name: Cupcake Popstar 14th October 2014
This story was good and anne boelyn is very pretty, bold, brash and bad abit like me!
Name: Freya Howard 19th January 2015
I love this legend ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Danile 20th January 2015
omg se dead
Name: Masuda Rahman 25th January 2015
Lol, looked so fake but scary
Name: Bryan 19th May 2015
Really scary
Name: Elijah 11th June 2015
omg lol scary
Name: Seyi 26th October 2015
scary huh
Name: Johnny Reyes 28th October 2015
this seem so neat even though that i like ghost and can bring them
Name: Ally 28th November 2015
this was awesome!
Name: Sylvia Horine 31st December 2015
Wonderful and entertaining story !! Wish everyone could see this !!
Name: Anon 29th February 2016
this is good
Name: YO MAMA 8th March 2016
Name: 0 23rd May 2016
Name: Gloria Cannon 26th July 2016
As a child I lived across the road from Blickling Hall,
I first attended school at Blicking.I remember that while living living there as a child I was always afraid.Same feeling when I returned as an adult.

Name: Nobody 29th November 2016
it is pretty good
Name: Bad Boy 29th November 2016
Name: Sir Tomas 29th November 2016
I'm coming baaaaaaack.
Name: AWESOME!!!!!!! 29th November 2016
It is cind of great and scary>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Scared Girl 17th March 2017
OMG THATS SO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Diane 31st March 2017
Wow reading that sent shivers down my spine and it's only 3 o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day!!!!!! Don't think I'll read it at night!!!
Name: In Love With Stories 30th April 2017
This isn't really scary but great job.
Name: Billy Bob Jr 27th September 2017
Wasnt Scary but a good story
Name: Ricardo Gonzalez Ricky 4th October 2017
This was scarier then a hairy meatball and the movie shrek combined with spongebob
Name: Tim 20th November 2017
Name: Jeff 20th February 2018
2 Sp00kEy 4 m3


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