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The Evil Dragon

Name: Flossie 15th January 2013
I think it is goodthough i would like to know more!!!!!!! I think if you did a bit more it could go on the myths and legends list!!!!(i am NOT joking!)well done Alex!
Name: Aarmau 30th May 2016
aww that is sad and cute :'(
Name: Drago 3rd October 2016
Hey! I feel that your grammar skill may need improvement and that you lack content. You could try proofreading. Overall you have a great Idea and hope you learn from your mistakes. -Drago
Name: Storm 8th November 2016
Well, this really doesn\\\'t sound like a real myth or anything like that, but that\\\'s fine. A few things I would like to point out, your grammar is a little off, and I suggest adding more content, and making the bond between the boy and his dragon deeper

One question, why did the dragon start breathing fire at the end, and not at the beginning?
Name: Paige 29th March 2017
your grammar needs improvement but good try


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