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Hercules and the Hydra

Name: Jessica 10th February 2013
i think it is very very intresting
Name: Nemo106 20th February 2013
I like this story and it is one of the best myth story.
P.S. I kind of messed up on the rating thing
Name: George Primate 29th October 2013
wonderful and that was like me George of the jungle wow excellent. WOW
Name: M623443 8th November 2013
Name: Boetardis 25th February 2014
It's a good story .
Name: Rohit 17th March 2014
Name: Konke 28th March 2014
pretty intresting "not to be rude" i do not understand
Name: Max 19th April 2015
Great story
Name: Ahmed 11th September 2015
it was a great story, however; it was very short.
Name: Innocent Bystander 23rd September 2016
too short hardly any info
Name: Didi 14th October 2016
love your myths and legends,please add loads more and add a play to Hercules and hydra
Name: Lucas Bryers 22nd October 2016
Helped with my homework, thanks dude.
Name: Michael 12th January 2017
so good!
Name: Emily 12th February 2017
good but can you make a much more detailed description
Name: Person 12th February 2017
thesus and the minotaur was better. oh and all these comments are fake!
Name: Lily 11th October 2017


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