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How the First Human was Born

Name: Grace 3rd February 2013
it was realy good and a bit srange!!!
Name: Guy 4th February 2013
good story
Name: Misha 4th February 2013
really good
lots of describing
Name: Bea 12th February 2013
Good but could improve
Name: Holly 25th February 2013
it is ok but there needed to be more describing like how big was the egg how did the baby look like good story just not finished
Name: Henry Barker 27th February 2013
have a picture other wise fine
Name: Devon 27th February 2013
use a picture and describe more!!!! over all good could be better
Name: Grace Bullman 20th February 2014
it was the best story EVER.
Name: Felicity 13th May 2015
that dessont say how the first human was born. it says how the first human was found. and humans dont come out of eggs, so thats not true. we didnt elvove from lepords, we came from fish then mokeys. this story was a lie. dont know if it is from the bible or not, i dont belive it.
Name: Shreenidhi 10th August 2016
I liked the story. But then it isn't true. I wanted a logical one and moreover we aren't/weren't from eggs. This story is so kiddish.


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