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New Robin

Name: Girlinyourschoolwhoyoudontknow 20th February 2013
a lovely story. my favorite. i love the way you put the moral in the end. and i agree with your moral.
Name: Nahla Alaa ElDin 20th February 2013
It is amazing and the moral is beyond amazing I really enjoyed it
Name: Marwa Ashour 22nd February 2013
I loved the story.. You used a wide range of vocabulary and discriptive words
A very good moral at the end of the story
Name: Noha Hegazi 22nd February 2013
This is a spectacular piece of writing !!! I really enjoyed reading it and loved the lesson taught between the words and the value of the moral, keep the good work and Isa u'll grow up into a great writer;)
Name: Soso 22nd February 2013
Itis very lovely story I agree with your moral
Name: Soso 22nd February 2013
Lovely story Iagree with your moral
Name: Rana 23rd February 2013
Awesome :) Insha Allah u'll be a great writer someday :)
Name: Mohamed Hegazi 23rd February 2013
Can't wait for the different story from a different time... well done :)
Name: Radwa Elkomy 24th February 2013
Great job & well done!It's a lovely story and I enjoyed reading it so much..wish u all the best:)
Name: Yasmeen 24th February 2013
Fatima, this is not a compliment by no means, but this is so good. And as a matter of fact, the last sentence you wrote is adorable and I'm going to share it with my friends... Keep it up and will always love to read what you write :)


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