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Woman in White

Name: Alexis 18th March 2013
Should say the stories with more details,and don't start saying facts.
Name: Anisah 27th March 2013
very good and cool!!
Name: Lola 13th April 2013
this is so cool i love it
Name: GG 21st November 2014
The first one sounds a bit like Supernatural\'s pilot episode. Mainly because they said that someone becomes a ghost by running away from their reaper.
Name: Wyatt 10th September 2015
it is also believed that a woman in white who takes the lives of her children then her own because her husband was unfaithful will appear only to hitchhikes with a spouse and if the driver tries to cheat the spirit will take his life, and that the woman will take you to her house then say she cannot go home then take you to the place that she killed herself.
Name: Anna 9th February 2016
sounds like Supernatural's pilot episode. Where the spouse/boyfriend is unfaithful, she asks for a ride home and then kills them.
Name: What Hehell 6th March 2016
What in the name of hell are they talking about I think they made this up
Name: Rhyana 8th July 2016
It makes me sad that everyone goes off the supernatural stories. do actual research on the myths before you post something.


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