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How the Snake got its Long Body.

Name: Amy 13th February 2013
this is a great story and i would love to hear more of them especially from you
Name: Michelle Nsemba 14th February 2013
Wow, this story is hilarious! I would love to hear more stories like this.
Name: Thefrenchgirlacrosstheroad 18th February 2013
i love it. a bit like saying curiosity killed the cat. i will show it to my kids.
Name: Jacob 21st February 2013
you should of said at the end and say\\\'the snake was stuck in the crocdile head and the zebra ,hippo,griffaa knock over crocdile and the snake slither out and ate the crocidile and grew longer and longer
Name: Lanisha 23rd February 2013
I really love this story this site and story really helped me learn about myths and legends
Name: Phumzi 26th February 2013
I think this story is awesome I hope it gets me full marks in my oral
Name: Maree 27th February 2013
that was awesome
Name: Freaker 5th March 2013
that was epic


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