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The Legend Of Herobrine

Name: Caden Beverly 3rd May 2013
Can you go in to the woods and see the little girl like herobrine?
Name: Boobear 20th May 2013
WOW! This myth is fabulous!! I think you should become an author like Roald Dahl! You have an amazing sense of imagination! Lets hope you bring out some more myths/legends soon!
Name: EeveeGal101 9th March 2014
DANG! What a shame that poor girl had to die! But... I guess she COULD have ran to the city and went into the orphanage... but this story is too good to be changed!
Name: Nicki Lundry 5th July 2014
I think this myth wasn't so good. I think that the girl should go back to the woods and go back to the cave and find herobrine and then become like him and join forces.
Name: Aimee 28th July 2014
it is a little weird but cool.

Name: Luis 9th August 2014
Is he still in minecaft

Name: Max 16th October 2014
Uh, u got some grammar and speling mistakes, but oderwise is good story.
Name: Lane 26th November 2014
Is this real
Name: Jessica 18th May 2015
Luv it!!!!
Name: Dragoniaclaw 2nd August 2015
What the heck thsat was great but seriouslly
Name: Hazel 6th April 2016
That was awsome but scary and weird and my phone keeps turning black when I read this idk why 😩😖😖
Name: Proff.Wolfie 25th June 2016
This story was awesome!!! I love creepy stories plz make more herobrine story's!!!
Name: Ashley 5th July 2016
Wow I like this story 😸
Name: John 10th October 2016
Great story plus has anyone actually seen herobrine
Name: Steph 26th January 2017
I have seen him
Name: Shayne 19th February 2017
so scary
Name: John 7th April 2017
Name: Evilside 10th July 2017
Can we get some back story behind the dad and mom please


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