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A Mummy's Tale

Name: James 1st March 2007
I know one called the kings of Varrock.

It is very similar to this one.
Name: Suleman 1st March 2007
The story is good.
Name: Elizabeth 6th March 2007
Name: Emily Keeley 27th July 2007
What a brilliant tale that was superb!
Name: Mary Ash 11th November 2007
Excellent animation, and very well-told tale. What if you smelt something disgusting in your classroom ...?
Name: Talea, Olivia And Holly 13th November 2007
We really like the part where there was a tapping noise on the vicars door when he was asleep.
Name: Olivia 17th November 2007
It was gr8 100/100
Name: SAM 20th November 2007
Name: The Run Away Girles 4 28th November 2007
it is very very very good.
Name: Jamie Jones 4th December 2007
coll but the vid dos not work
Name: Leah, Demi And Ellie 11th December 2007
It was a good story quit scary but not thet scary! I would love to have something like that in my class room because we would all have to evacuate the bilding. And there would be no school until they found out what the smell was!!
Name: Ann Clarke-ward 3rd January 2008
why did the class room stink just because of a mummy.
Name: Larissa 19th January 2008
This story ,quite disapointedly, was told not so well.
Name: Lisa 21st January 2008
A really gr8 legend 100/100
Name: Bethany 6th February 2008
Absolutely brilliant story i loved the tapping bit can you make another one?
Name: Nicole Rose 21st February 2008
hello this website is way cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Name: Bishir 19th April 2008
It was fantastic and clever. I really liked it.
Name: Leah Dyer 29th April 2008
this story was a very good one. the person who told the story has a good voice and reads exquisitly! i like stories like that so please make other ones up. thank you so much!
Name: Meagen 30th April 2008
i liked the story it was very good
i liked the part where the mummy kept
tapping its was very scary
Name: Yasmine 8th May 2008
I really liked it u should do more good storys
Name: Zoe 14th May 2008
The story was a bit scary, but I liked the pictures.
Name: Max 23rd May 2008
sort of scary
Name: *******anomunous******** 23rd May 2008
i thought it was just a story but now no
Name: Georgina 14th September 2008
i think it was a bit spookey my little and my big brothers thinks it is spookey and are going to have night maires.but it was goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Nathan Lewis 14th September 2008
i like myths
Name: Cassie.beale 19th September 2008
it was fairly good but it didnt have much information.
Name: SOPHIE 26th September 2008
THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Karizze Rodriguez 11th October 2008
wow!!! that was a really great story, i wanted to copy the story for my reading class at Ateneo De Zamboanga but they already pass there assignment and mine is out of due date!!!
Name: Onastasia 15th October 2008
I think you should be able to add links to take you to other stories.
i request this website to share the curses for king tut, because they are cool!
Name: Bryana Austin 19th October 2008
i think this is a really fun web site and that they should put lots of more cool stuff
Name: M.sebbagh 2nd November 2008
I am a teacher. I used this story which linked with our Egyptian topic. we acted it out as a class and the children used the story maker to make their own versions. We need more stories which link to primary school topics such as Tudors, Romans and so on.
Name: Thomas 13th November 2008
We're doing Ancient Egyptians in our topic at the moment. And I found that very interesting.
Name: Sophie 15th November 2008
This story is really cool!!! I even got
a little creeped while reading it!
Name: Joy'na A.Wyatt 17th November 2008
WOW!That was the best story ever i was really alittle scared from all the tapping NICE JOB. P.S.Keep on ROCKING..........................
Name: Jessica 18th November 2008
hiyaa but i want to make my own myths and legends ok can i - You can always use the storycreator or put up text story with pictures or other attachments - The Myths Team
Name: Stanley 20th November 2008
that was a great story i loved it so so so so much
Name: Ealevu 21st November 2008
can you tell me a tale about a mummy
i need to a tale about a mummy of tutankhamen,and queen Hatsheput,and Amenhotep. thank you
Name: Ealevu 21st November 2008
WOW i love that story it makes me very happy and sometimes it makes me very sleepy. i;m so glad to hear about it,i wish i could learn more about them.i want to make my own myths and legens
Name: Lauren Lees 21st November 2008
It was very good but the thing i thought was scary was the taping on the door.
Name: SAMANTHA 26th November 2008
I THINK IT WAS WAY COOL BUT realy SCARY. i think it will be just lovly to be will give you night mares.i rate this story 100/100!WOO
Name: Amy And Jamie 28th November 2008
We liked this story it was a bit freeky. The tapping was scary!!!!!!!!
We would give your story 10 out of 10!!! amy and jamie

Name: TATenda 2nd December 2008
very good outstanding 9/10 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Tatenda
Name: Anyesha 5th December 2008
i really like your story it was really spooooooooooooky!
Name: Amberley 5th December 2008
i think it was really good i was looking at some of the others and found this one the best i got glued to the screen well done
Name: Dunno 5th December 2008
well goooooddd story
Name: Courtney 7th December 2008
good story the mummys tale the mermaid and the magic comb my favouite story is the mermaid and the magic comb because i like mermaids myself .
Name: Ellie L 11th December 2008
it was fantasic
Name: Georgia 13th December 2008
I thought it was scary.
Name: Imogen 14th December 2008
it was extreamly good, but you need more punctuation
Name: Liam 14th December 2008
Scary and brilliant
Name: Tuguldur.t 30th December 2008
It was quite a masterpiece.A combination of horror,history and the dead
Name: Ella.rose 9th January 2009
this was sooo freecky it really spooked me out!
Name: Bethan 14th January 2009
Quite funny and a bit scary
Name: Charlotte And Lucy 15th January 2009
WELL KWL! but soo scary 2!
Name: Lizzie Goodman 16th January 2009
Wow now that was really scary and that was quite cool!!!
Name: Jake Gilbert 16th January 2009
Name: Jade 26th January 2009
wowowowow that was coooollll brillant
Name: Emma 27th January 2009
it was very good

Name: Khuram 27th January 2009
This is like no other Myth I've ever seen all I can say that it is Fabuuuuuuuuuuuuulous
Name: Joss 28th January 2009
Brill so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats to whoever wrote it!
Name: Bethany 31st January 2009
OH my that myth was scary I would love to read it over and over again its super
Name: Shazza 31st January 2009
this storie is so cool however its givin me sum nightmares:(
Name: Ella And Ava Mann 1st February 2009
That myth was soo scary if the man read it to you, but if you read it without the man it is soooooooooooooo not scary
Name: Eralda 3rd February 2009
i thought it was exellaant
Name: Christopher Scott 4th February 2009
It was really good.
Name: Ellie 9th February 2009
it was oky sort of scary
Name: Maryam 13th February 2009
It's not scary - it's frightening.Other mummy's are -errrrr , in tombs.can amummy come out again.
Name: Florence 16th February 2009
I fort that the mummy's tale was really good
Name: Tahlia Crnjac 18th February 2009
OH my gosh! This is a really good story and its also quite scary!thanks! bye!
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
i thought it was realy good because i like mermaids
Name: Lucy 19th February 2009
i realy liked it because i realy like to learn about ancient Egypt
Name: Lauren 24th February 2009
i liked this 1 its was cool
Name: Emma 26th February 2009
it is cool and it helps people learn things about the mummy.
Name: Ellie 2nd March 2009
Its great !!x
Name: Muguette 2nd March 2009
I use this website and it is realy cool. but today i found it.and this story is the best!!!!:)
Name: Connor Polson 3rd March 2009
this was a really cool story
Name: Mary 4th March 2009
It was Really Great (Y) :D
Name: Ashish 9th March 2009
Its cool and give information
Name: Juliet 12th March 2009
This story is so cool! Is it really true?
Name: Candice 13th March 2009
i love that story
Name: Jeremiah 17th March 2009
it was sad
Name: 3GE 17th March 2009
We were scared, it was creepy!
Name: Rachael 18th March 2009
I didnt like this story it would be very scary for little chirldren if there looked at this site
Name: Cheryl 18th March 2009
brillient and very funny at the end i wish this would happen in my school xx
Name: Cheeky 19th March 2009
Hiya I Love This Story
Name: Kristine 24th March 2009
good story! Very realistic
Name: Samantha + Aimee-Jo 25th March 2009
It wos....... AWSUM !!! x x
Good Story x
Name: Mohammed, Tanisha And Robert 26th March 2009
It was really good and we enjoyed it!
Name: Double A-ron 30th March 2009
The story was really cool. I think it was a bit scary buti like it sooooooooooooooooooo much.
Name: Ellie Brundan 30th March 2009
I think a mummys tale is really good and very exciting (it made me jump a few times)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Candice 1st April 2009
It was sooooooooooooooooo much fun my little brother Jet he cryed because he was exited.
Name: Jackson 7th April 2009
this has like so much suspence defenitely a good myth/legend
Name: Hot Salsa 16th April 2009
hm.....a mummys tail...
hang on! Mummys don't have tails!
Name: Who Do U Think It Is?! 16th April 2009
Speechless...all can say is...
Name: Patrick 20th April 2009
it was a great story and iwonder how the arm got out of the casket
Name: Omg 27th April 2009
this is such a freaky tail i got scared AAH!!
Name: Jordan 3rd May 2009
this is realley good im speech less
Name: Charlotte 7th May 2009
The story was very lovely.
Name: Alex Schorah 14th May 2009
HI i loved that it gave me the shievers especially the backround music at the end! thank u!!!
Name: Alex 14th May 2009
Tnx that ws great i wos glad it ended i ws gettin scared!...
Name: Alex 15th May 2009
Omg that story was really freaking me out
Name: Angela Ji 16th May 2009
wow it was cool
Name: Annabelle 18th May 2009
That story was really scary during that story I heard a really scary noise coming from my safe!!Im quite into egyptian stuff aswell I dont think i\'m going to be a egyptoligist anymore I don\'t want to be cursed!!
Name: Lily & Sonya 21st May 2009
very enjoyable and spooky
Name: TJ 27th May 2009
Wow a great story, but the tapping.. who could it be?
Name: Ballal 3rd June 2009
very enjoyable and spooky
Name: Alisha 6th June 2009
i really enjoed that story as i was watching & listening i was wondering what could the tapping be? was it the mummy back from her tomb?it had a great explination at the end!!!xx
Name: Nicole-xx- 8th June 2009
ok ....
Name: Sophia 16th June 2009
i really injoyed it because i wanted to know what was making that tapping noise
Name: Sofia Piven 16th June 2009
I thought that the story was spooky and creepy but I really liked the explanation and the pictures really matched with the text alot.
Name: Yong Sing 1st July 2009
Name: Nishant 2nd July 2009
Terrific! I loved the story it was so cool and interesting
Name: Kunle 8th July 2009
Name: Caylie 13th July 2009
Omg Thisz Isz Sooooo AMAZING! But It'sz Kinda Freaky Cuz My Classroom STINKSZ AND We Have A Big Box That The Smell Wierdly Comes From...Scary! Anywayz I LURRRVVVEEEE It.

Name: Amirah 30th July 2009
Name: Lucy Blair 14th August 2009
i thought it was a bit freaky but it was so cool as well it was so amazing it was the best one so far!
Name: Beatrice 14th September 2009
Itwas very gouroy but good
Name: Chopstick 25th September 2009
sooooooooooo scary (NOT) it was atuully really gooooooooood well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jhenderson6 26th September 2009
i realy love this website it is brilliant thanks for making it
Name: KTR 30th September 2009
i thought this story was a little bit scary !!!!
Name: Kayleigh 7th October 2009
i thourght this one was interesting and cool
Name: Sophie 7th October 2009
Very scary especiallythe tap tap tap' bit but love the msuspense of the myth, very differnt
Name: Natasha 11th October 2009
Wow! really cool and kinda spooky!
Name: Moteka Burrle 13th October 2009
this show iz so scary
Name: Jessica 15th October 2009
very scary especially tap tap bit
Name: Aki Emily 15th October 2009
Wow! That was a really amazing story!! I loved it so much, I asked my mum to watch it too!!!
Name: Sarah 15th October 2009
that was really scary especially because thats were my nan lives and she lives next to the churh
Name: Elisha 17th October 2009
It was so cool very exiting
Name: Christine 20th October 2009
i like it

Name: Alice 26th October 2009
The ending disappointed me but the plot was very realistic
Name: Leelee 26th October 2009
brill, just brill
Name: Tawfique 27th October 2009
it was very very scary & it scared me ,my little brother & my mum
Name: Hollie Scott 5th November 2009
i thoghgt it was scary
Name: Evan Lawday 6th November 2009
amazing and rather scary
Name: Tulle 11th November 2009
Name: Sophia 17th November 2009
it was scary and cool to
Name: Imogen 19th November 2009
cool it great lol
Name: Sana 20th November 2009
IT was very fryting when the tapping started
Name: Theodore 22nd November 2009
cool but scary
Name: Lila 22nd November 2009
I got scared
Name: Rachel 22nd November 2009
i thought this is a great story!!!!!!!!
Name: Mollie 23rd November 2009
i thought this story was spooky i wanted to find out what happend after the end because it was that exiting
Name: Callum 26th November 2009
A great story !
Name: Linkon 28th November 2009
i thought that was fab and the word pong was good
Name: Ralphael 1st December 2009
the story was fab i loved it
Name: Sydney 23rd December 2009
Name: Dannielle 30th December 2009
cool but scary
Name: Jacquelyn99 O Yea! 4th January 2010
Wow it was so amazing i really liked it it is a kids story and i'm not a kid! lol!!! it was so chilamazin lol i have such a cool vocabulary!!! :)
Name: Lucy 14th January 2010
Name: Frankie 14th January 2010
that was a bit scary for me but a brilliant story to read in a book for a myth thank you for putting it on there
Name: Malika 14th January 2010
good story
Name: Sam Last 15th January 2010
OMG that is scary
Name: Kelsey 16th January 2010
WOW! i love myths and it was brillient thanks for putting it on.
Name: Sophie West 16th January 2010
myths and legends team yous guys are the best these myths and legends are brillant yous guys are stars
Name: Kayleigh 22nd January 2010
Name: Niamh 23rd January 2010
WOW!!!! Myths and Legends team your amazing! One of the best myths ever!
Name: Jack B 24th January 2010
Is this story a myth or a legend?
Name: Melissa Jer 24th January 2010
myths and legends are awsome but sometimes they can be scary
Name: Lauren Martin 25th January 2010
myths rso kool u never know if there really is a myth out there in the world like a dragon
Name: Rosemary 25th January 2010
it is welll scary it gave me nightmars
Name: Ella Oxley 26th January 2010
brilliant storey cool i belive in mummy,s
Name: Alyshia 28th January 2010
The story was cool
Name: Cory 28th January 2010
quality story it is funny and i'm not scared it was especially funny when the arm was left in the casket instead of the coffin
Name: Nusaybah Ali 28th January 2010
ow ow yur right it gave me nightmares to
Name: Summaiya Ahmed 29th January 2010
I realy liked the myth it was superb.
Name: Humera Ahmed 29th January 2010
I thought that it was scary and it was scary.
Name: Balvir 29th January 2010
it is very very very very good hahah :)
Name: Muppet 3rd February 2010
i cant stop reading it!
it is so dramatic and origanal.
i read it every day to prove i like it!
Name: * Nadine Elizabeth Blake * 6th February 2010
myths and legends website is soooooooooooo

Name: Coolgirl 9th February 2010
its cool storys i like them loads but the horror ones ar the best i mean the spooky ones
Name: Daniel 12th February 2010
great myth very good.
Name: Stranger 18th February 2010
well yno i good myth so yeah you ppls r yno cool have a great day ill be here all week
Name: Hunter 23rd February 2010
i like the myth alot and if was cool when they had found the arm in the casket.
Name: Stranger 23rd February 2010
Hi this is so good!!
Name: EEDY 24th February 2010
Name: Hannah 27th February 2010
this is so cool! amazing
Name: Hollie 28th February 2010
this is a great story
Name: Shea 28th February 2010
a great story and when i read it,it give me idea's for my own stories.
Name: Dath Maul 1st March 2010
really cool
Name: Jasmine 4th March 2010
its really good well done !
Name: Katie Ho 5th March 2010
i loved it although it was scary
Name: Shannon 6th March 2010
it was realy good even though it was realy scary i loved it well done!!
Name: Victoria 8th March 2010
Frightened me
Name: Abhiram 8th March 2010
I like this story because it is like the books i like to read because i like Egyptian books
Name: Max Beale 10th March 2010
I loved it, it was cool and spooky and the reason why I loved it is because I love Ancient Egypt
Name: Becka 12th March 2010
It was weird and freeky!
Name: Eve Wilkinson 14th March 2010
ok but a bit rubbish
Name: Louis.t 14th March 2010
that was an interesting story that mummy really did want to rest in piece no wonder it was tapping and the smell got bad again
Name: Taishi 14th March 2010
I would not want to be in the science room because it will smell bad.
Name: Jessica Oates 16th March 2010
I think the story was very amusing but wouldn\'t want to be in the science room
Name: Leo Grimshaw 17th March 2010
i have just red a mummys tail did the taping contue
Name: Amir 28th March 2010
its cool
Name: Chloe Cooper 1st April 2010
well i think it is well written
Name: Holly Turner 22nd April 2010
I love this story ! At school we are doing a storytelling competition and I am reading a paragraph from this.
Name: Chloe Sloanes 22nd April 2010
i think it was a fantastic storey and that it teaches to leave a remain with its faithfull owner
Name: Baby 28th April 2010
IT IS so cool im going to show it to my dad!!!!!!!
Name: Zoe 4th May 2010
OMG that story is awsome i love it my sister thought it was spooky but what does she know.
Name: Cerys Taylor 8th May 2010
really good i liked the tapping very much
Name: Sarah J 20th May 2010
These Myths and stories are very interesting, this is a great story and i also likes the mermaid and comb story! The green children of woolpit is also a very interesting story! They are perfect for schools too!
Name: Rose 22nd May 2010
great lved it lol
Name: Salman 28th May 2010
Ireally enjoyed it and it was realy googd
Name: Fubbles 8th June 2010
It was scary and spooky.I got scared
Name: Anisha 20th June 2010
osum storie !!!!! i luv such stories !!!!!!
Name: Meganhewitt 21st June 2010
i love this story it helped me with my homeworlk
Name: Courtney E 24th June 2010
i think the story was pretty goooooood
Name: Jz 24th June 2010
I thought it was great I got a bit scared
Name: Me Xxx 8th July 2010
I kind of liked it and the way it ended
Name: Sam 17th July 2010
it should be a scary end ing but the rest of the story was good!
Name: Ayesha 27th July 2010
i loved it even though i got a bit scared in the end because of the spooky sound of the eygyption mummy princess
Name: Kyle Doyle 7th August 2010
I Loved this story the resting place of the mummy is unknown to records in the clergy itself.
Name: Kyle Doyle 7th August 2010
The resting Place of the coffin is unknown as in a hurry they buried it and did not log it into the plotbook
Name: Bob 17th August 2010
Name: Angel Laganza 2nd September 2010
maybe the neighboorhood is frightend in that insident.......
Name: Alexandria 9th September 2010
i was a little scard
Name: Tamseel 15th September 2010
that story was really cool good thing its not true, its a myth doesn\'t that mean its not meant to be true.
Name: Jack 16th September 2010
this is a very good myth
Name: Aanonmys.... 19th September 2010
It was kind of sketchy...I don`t think she should have like been actually dead but like you know...
Name: Brendan 25th September 2010
I think it was awesome but i reckon it was a prank by a student of the school. Id like to know if they still have the mummys casket. I also guess it could of been better told but still a good story nevertheless.
Name: Lily 26th September 2010
just perfect.You should get a reward for that.
Name: Tim 4th October 2010
Name: Melanie 5th October 2010
when i was in my room on my laptop i was waching this and i was not sceared because i am not sceard of eanything but spiders
Name: Georgia 5th October 2010
it cool but werid
Name: Bob 7th October 2010
Name: Charlie 7th October 2010
sketchy... i like that
Name: Melissa 12th October 2010
I liked it. Just check on some grammar.
Name: Anna Tahana/rachel 15th October 2010
Name: Joey 19th October 2010
the mummy's tale is very scary that when threr was one time my teacher told me this story with picture that she haven't show the picture I screamed, and while loooking at the picture just now my hands are shaking!!! WOOOOOOO!!! that was the SCARIEST movie I ever heard and seen!!!!!!!!
Name: Eleanor 27th October 2010
Name: Erin 1st November 2010
not very scary i wish it was more scary but because it has a good title!! :(
Name: George 5th November 2010
Really Cool :)
Name: Amb 10th November 2010
lol strange but awsome
Name: Emma 21st November 2010
i loved it the best part was the taping
Name: Chloe 29th November 2010
I loved this story, (but i didn't see all of it, but i wanted too!)
Name: ASH 1st December 2010
that was kinda freaky !!! ohhhh
Name: Mariane 4th December 2010
i just love this story!and i love this website!
Name: Dniel 8th December 2010
good story by can do better
Name: Julia Gnifka 12th December 2010
cooooooooooooooooooooool story!!
Name: Hana 30th December 2010
woooow!a mummys tail!its very intersting cuz your like wats gonna happen next!cuz you red the first line, u liked it and your so excited wats gonna happen next!i luved it!
Name: Jen 3rd January 2011
OMG what a cool story. u are like sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next
Name: Gracie 4th January 2011
that was cool. Very intriging.
Name: Harry 8th January 2011
that was realy good
Name: Jj 11th January 2011
cool story
Name: Sarah 12th January 2011
i did not find that cool
Name: Jj 16th January 2011
So cool don't understand but still cool
Name: Molly 17th January 2011
That was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ben 20th January 2011
Name: Eiman 21st January 2011
I dot under stand it but it was aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwsome
Name: Matthew 22nd January 2011
tottaly awesome
Name: Olivia 24th January 2011
thats cooooooooooooolllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Thanu 27th January 2011
I like it!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ellie-ann 28th January 2011
It was pretty scary but very good!
Name: Kangana 29th January 2011
I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jade 31st January 2011
woww !
i loved it ,, its sooo scary but exciting at the same time ;L
its amazingg ;) x
Name: Minne 1st February 2011
i love this it is so go i love the picture as well it is really good
Name: Emile4ka201 1st February 2011
i like this in my school we have this programs
Name: Alex 2nd February 2011
soo funny and cool
Name: Harvey 2nd February 2011
wow it was amazing. lololololo.scary but good at the same time. love it!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Sophie 4th February 2011
so funny and cool ha ha ha
Name: JOSHUA 5th February 2011
Name: Tatiyana 5th February 2011
i like it because itx funnny and i think u should make it a little longer whoever wrote this story its amazing bu make it longer
Name: Charlotte 10th February 2011
the best story in the world i think that it is absoloutely fabulous i was so exited to see what was going to happen next - nothing wrong with it at all.
Name: Maddison Baxter 20th February 2011
i can almost smell the scent of the mummy.
Name: Hannah 22nd February 2011
that story was funny with the stink in the science room! i really liked this story,its quite spooky aswell i much perfer these type of stories.
Name: Demi 25th February 2011
awsome and great story :P
Name: Pooja 7th March 2011
I like this story and I like the the other one.
Name: Dylan 10th March 2011
spooky,cool with a twist
Name: Danyel 10th March 2011
that was relly bad
Name: Erin 10th March 2011
hahaha a liked it because it said what a pong
Name: Thishana 14th March 2011
superbbbbbbbbb it wasnt that scary
Name: Lily 17th March 2011
this is thebest storyever
Name: Lydia 25th March 2011
That was a really good one that was my favorite i live in america but i do want to go to egypt.
Name: Isaac 27th March 2011
this is one of the best stories ever. but i dont think the mummy is real.
I love e2bn
Name: Raheem99 1st April 2011
I love this i am going to tell this to my teacher.
Name: Daniel 7th April 2011
liked lookin at pictures
Name: Abigail 7th April 2011
i would just like to warn all of you lot that this film freaks you out it really does when you first watch it it really does. you will see what i meen when you watch the fim for your srlf and get to the tapping bit and finding the mummys arm and i really really like the pictures
Name: Jamie 21st April 2011
quite cool.ill tell to my science teacher
Name: Lucy 23rd April 2011
i thought the story was awesome
Name: Emily 3rd May 2011
not what I excpeted my mum said it looked spooky, it was spooky but not as spooky as I thought it was going to be.
Name: Jayde 5th May 2011
Awesome legend
Name: Jayde 5th May 2011
Awesome legend
Name: Maya 5th May 2011
love the tale
Name: Charlotte 6th May 2011
That\'s a really good legend my mum said that looks scary i had to keep lookig behind me. My mum Laughed but I didn\'t
Name: Riham 7th May 2011
oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! I do not belinve it!
Name: Jordan 11th May 2011
i really liked it !!! 10 out of 10
Name: Kenya 13th May 2011
it is only a myth
Name: Holly 13th May 2011
I think this is a myth as 1.this is aa myths and legends site and too it isn`t really believable
Name: Lulu 14th May 2011
my litle brother said it was scairy and the tapping scaird him
Name: Santi 18th May 2011
It was kind of scary when they opened it the second time
Name: Kenya 19th May 2011
hey it is only a myth
Name: Jacob 23rd May 2011
this story was awesome and it was compending
Name: Kaylah 23rd May 2011
thats good
Name: Estolla 27th May 2011
this was so cool i almost cryed........NOT!!!! but it was cool
Name: Lucy Finney 13th June 2011
this story is a very very good story other people would like to here it because it is a fantastic story.
Name: Abs 21st June 2011
very good
Name: Alisha 24th June 2011
HI your story is good you need to try make it better
Name: Robert 1st July 2011
It looks scary........?
Name: Lucy 3rd July 2011
it makes me shiver it's creepy
Name: Jamaji 9th July 2011
I hate this story it creeps me out when I was younger I watched it. It haunted my dreams I will never watch this again.
And when I say again I mean again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lana 12th July 2011
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
I love this story its awesome! It is kinda creepy though
Name: Lolly 6th August 2011
it kinda creepy and great
Name: Jessica 9th August 2011
very good story
Name: Bec 24th August 2011
this is really cool i was kinda crepy though :)
Name: Manu 26th August 2011
But reaaly Good :)
Name: Algleena 26th August 2011
That song or music is creapy gives me the freak in the neck!
Name: Henry 10th September 2011
cool the story is cool
Name: Kaine 13th September 2011
not bad
Name: Curtis 14th September 2011
very good story,I just wish it woud last longer!!!
Name: Ryan Brown 14th September 2011
Name: Salliele 15th September 2011
Name: Hudson 12th October 2011
This a cool story and i like it
Name: Jasmin 16 14th October 2011
i like it is it a myth or a legend
Name: Emma 21st October 2011
very spooky but it didn't scare me
Name: Lauren 24th October 2011
this is not scary
Name: Connor 26th October 2011
I watched this with my cousin oliver and i don\'t beileve it he was not scared!
Name: Dorota Francis 27th October 2011
I don't like the mummy music.I like the
story of A Witch In A Bottle.
Name: Jack 2nd November 2011
Name: Jordan 7th November 2011
Name: Mikayil 13th November 2011
That was scary...a bit.
Name: Molly Gay 16th November 2011
soooooooo spokey
Name: Lily 17th November 2011
it was freaky now i am having nightmares
Name: Jelena 18th November 2011
Argh! That Scared Mehh A Little Bit ! :]
Name: Lily 22nd November 2011
it was so cool
Name: Alys 28th November 2011
not scary for me at all but I liked the boy smelly pong bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) ;)
Name: Kirsty 30th November 2011
The story was not scary for me but I did like it.
Name: Jojo 30th November 2011
super! myth\'s and legends
Name: Amelia 1st December 2011
this scared me.
Name: Kitty 11th December 2011
brilliant special effects with the music
Name: Blessing 11th December 2011
i feel happy
Name: Sid 12th December 2011
is it a myth / legend
Name: Vfgbnfgb 10th January 2012
Very nice it was freeky
Name: Carmen 10th January 2012
I cant listen to it cos its reading it to fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Aimee 12th January 2012
it was scarey but brillant
Name: Maleehah 14th January 2012
It was really really really scary i might have a night mare again!
Name: Louis Williams 16th January 2012
tottaalllyy asum
Name: Lilli 16th January 2012
it was really scary, but good.
Name: Shantel 16th January 2012
I just want to say that thesus is very good

Name: Ginger 17th January 2012
this story wuz rly gewd but scariii
Name: Tobisi 20th January 2012
Name: Cailin 21st January 2012
i liked it but it was a little bit scarie
Name: Fffffff 21st January 2012
nice but i wish the mummy came out the box so its quite boring
Name: Zainab 21st January 2012
this website is AMAZING!!!
Name: Zainab 21st January 2012
this is very brilliant to learn about Egypt!!
Name: Sabah 25th January 2012
i love this site its BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Name: Lizzy 27th January 2012
I love the site but i hate this myth
Name: Lena 27th January 2012
i love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Libby 27th January 2012
i love this website
Name: Kashish 30th January 2012
This myth was a bit scary but very nice & lovely myth
Name: Sanna 30th January 2012
wow, i saw dis website in skool iz kool even though am in year 6! lolz :)
Name: Jj 31st January 2012
This story was so scary that I was so scared all well that was a great story.
Name: Libby 31st January 2012
It was.....FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!But,cery nice.
Name: Rachael 2nd February 2012
I love this story! It was creepy at parts like when the weird high voice came in. Well done!
Name: Chloe 2nd February 2012
Awsome one i have seen funny it is sooo cool and it rocks i would recomend this to every one.
Name: Isela 4th February 2012
It was a freaky story it said that the tap contiued and then their was the mummies arm.
Name: Alys 10th February 2012
Its freaky! and I had to watch it a night!
Name: Katie 17th February 2012
this web is so good for chrildrn to lern from about myths and legends.
Name: Rhiannon 18th February 2012
realy good
Name: Cory 21st February 2012
WoW awesome!!!!!!!
Name: Cinderella 22nd February 2012
I love this story its sounds like its true! i think it is true!!!
Name: Chloe 23rd February 2012
wow amazin
hi there!
Name: John 26th February 2012
it was scary
Name: Chloe 29th February 2012
it sounded real!!!
Name: Mia Glaye 4th March 2012
well it was ocool so bye and you did not use descring words
Name: Meg Lauder 7th March 2012
this story tickled my spine!i recommend it to anyone who likes a fright.Well done it is well sick!
Name: Maraym Khan Habib 8th March 2012
wow now that is going to be frreeeeeeekkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyy
Name: Mariah 8th March 2012
this is realy good people should read it u could learn something
Name: Jessica6601 10th March 2012
I know the part 2 for this its in the Horrible Histories Book. A rich couple had the body dug up and the princess haunted there house untill they gave her other arm back. Weird eh!
Name: Ultimate 11th March 2012
thats not scary
Name: Donntia\ 15th March 2012
This story is to entertain because mommy\'s aren\'t real and I think the theme is NOT BEING SCARED...
Name: Malik Mckay 16th March 2012
I think this is a great myth. I say this because I like to read myteries stories.
Name: Remy Anderson 16th March 2012
The myth a mummy's take I learn a lot of information about this and the things that happen during the time of this myth.
Name: Darnell Lee 16th March 2012
this was funny because of ,how people really believe im mummys
Name: Tommy Cooke 21st March 2012
it was fuuny and good i like it
Name: Tanya 29th March 2012
this shows are very good
Name: Amal 29th March 2012
wow . Funny ! But it must of been a very big pong.
Name: Annalise 3rd April 2012
this story is very good i think you could make it as an story teller keep it up
Name: Emm 4th April 2012
Name: Andie 5th April 2012
First of all I love this website!! That was a great story!! Keep writing them!
Name: Laura 13th April 2012
i bet that story was mad up by the
paper. but still good
Name: Luke 18th April 2012
Name: Erin Shankly Toon 21st April 2012
so cool and intresting website !!!!!!!
Name: Keira 22nd April 2012
It was fabuluse
Name: Dorothea 27th April 2012
creative n interesting web
Name: Wasudha 28th April 2012
very good really enjoyed
Name: -anonnymous- 29th April 2012
awesome! really chilled me out x
Name: Anonymous 10th May 2012
It was very interesting, i enjoyed it.
Name: Bhps21 13th May 2012
read this at skool so scary there was silence in the room when we red it
Name: Reo 17th May 2012
omg scary
Name: Nada 19th May 2012
i want one
Name: Molly 31st May 2012
i liked it it was a bit scary but apart from it was greatexxxxxxx
Name: James 2nd June 2012
i want the story
Name: Findlay And Jack 11th June 2012
Me and findlay love this story because it is about a mummy and a smelly boddy
Name: Voltaire 13th June 2012
Name: Georgina Lindsay 16th June 2012
OH my goodness I can't watch!
Name: Mu'adh 23rd June 2012
Name: Daisy128 28th June 2012
i really liked that it sould of been on scooby doo!
Name: Saksham Thakur 7th July 2012
your website is very good.i will visit it whenever i get time
Name: Ambika 13th July 2012
I loved that viedo
Name: Lauren 20th July 2012
it liked it a lot it should be a real story and be sell in shops
Name: Tevayna 4th September 2012
i luv your website. it's soo informative, fun and educational to some extent. K3ep up the great job guyz!!!!
Name: Hayley 5th September 2012
I think its scary, cos everytime i here the voice i get frightteneed.
Name: Lucy 17th September 2012
wow I love your website so educationl
Name: Lincy 23rd September 2012
i love your website its so cool and scary my teacher makes us us here the story everyday mrs bloxhan teaches in emirates international
Name: Shukri 30th September 2012
luv it so educational
Name: Abbi 2nd October 2012
amazing good for my sister (7)to listen to!
Name: Lewis Curtis 3rd October 2012
Very spooky tale but you could make it a bit scarier by letting us see the mummy as a whole body!!!!
Name: Rimsha 13th October 2012
Very nice!
Name: BrookeS 18th October 2012
I love legands and this is my favorite.
Name: Arbaz 19th October 2012
Name: Jiya 23rd October 2012
this is a really scary story
Name: Catthy 26th October 2012
its really cool
Name: Naweed 28th October 2012
this was scary and cool
Name: Youssef 29th October 2012
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
oh gosh
Name: Fred 4th November 2012
Egyptians are cool
Name: Merryam 6th November 2012
Just saying..I'm Egyptian! :3
Name: Martia 8th November 2012
thats was realy awsome so much so i will wach it agen xx
Name: Yarah 13th November 2012
lol soo funny i wonder if its real but if its called mumys tsil why is there noti[hing to dow thiht ohh wait not tail tale nvm but goodwork :D
Name: Matt 20th November 2012
really really good and i could listen to it ten times again.
Name: Olivia 21st November 2012
Very good and interesting! Quite scary to. I think it had a great plot as well. I wonder if I could do a great story like that!xxx
Name: Abbas Alibhai 22nd November 2012
This was very interesting, but there was no moral. (It doesn’t have to have a moral - it is not a fable. Some myths and legends have morals others do not, some myths also explain how things came to be. Many legends are stories with a basis in truth that has become exaggerated by time. -The Myths Team)
Name: Amy 23rd November 2012
really good
Name: **Diamond*** 12th December 2012
I luv this story its good!! Scary!! Though but I like a good fright!! :) :P
Name: Zack 16th December 2012
this is a really good story. It was really good to listen to.
Name: Chloe 8th January 2013
i got scared
Name: Amber 9th January 2013
I cant wach it
Name: Brandy 19th January 2013
this is a nice move
thank you
Name: Mayiyay 26th January 2013
i really find this instreting
Name: Jerry 30th January 2013
I like it
Name: Hollie 30th January 2013
hi can we have this story thanks hollie xxxx
Name: Molli Muldowney 1st February 2013
will you get this on your telly please
Name: Erika 2nd February 2013
this was a nice story!it even had me wondering!!!
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
creepy tale but awsome xxx ☺
Name: Rebecca Reynolds 12th February 2013
Love it!
Name: Ellie Jay 21st February 2013
scary story wonder if it's true
Name: Rebekah 22nd February 2013
This is a fantastic tale. It is just so good with the pictures in it as well.
Name: Hugle Buddes 26th February 2013
I really enjoyed it!!!!!
Name: Vanessa 2nd March 2013
I loved it, I don't get if it was meant to be freaky or not but I still loved it!
Name: Emily 3rd March 2013
The story was amazing. thank you!!
Name: Jimmy And Ellie 7th March 2013
Name: Jack 12th March 2013
it was a little scary
Name: Khyathi 17th March 2013
its nice god myth
Name: Tia 24th March 2013
really funny
Name: Blochio 25th March 2013
your story is awsome
Name: Aaron 25th March 2013
its awsome yay
Name: Julia 30th March 2013
So historical. I loved it. If I heard someone didn\'t like myths and legends I would freak out lol.
Name: Silly DooDaa 2nd April 2013
this is amazing. but the thing is, i go past this church when i go to school and i see a grave that has a body that isnt properly buried, it has no top bit where they say the name. This has gotta be it
Name: Ryan Cundiff 11th April 2013
love the story.It's awesome
Name: Alysha 11th April 2013
Amazing myth!!! I loved it!!!!
Name: Y5 Lmdc Ben And Matt 23rd April 2013
it was ok just put some bettter words
Name: Bryn 23rd April 2013
Love archaeology and mummies and Great Yarmouth is quite near me so even better!
Name: Ella Jae I KRPS 25th April 2013
I really enjoyed this myth, i do myths with my grade and they are really myth quality, but the thing is i would have liked it better if it had a bit more detail for me it ended sudden because it became interesting with the tapping but then it ended simple, little sudden, but other than that it
Was good everytjing you need in a myth.
Name: Zanib 27th April 2013
it was brilliant!!!!:):):)
Name: Yolo 7th May 2013
Didnt like the apperance of the "valley of the kings".
Name: Serine 12th May 2013
Name: Bryden 20th May 2013
awsome totaly fantastic brilliant 5stars suprb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)
Name: Carly 21st May 2013
lol it was magnificent
Name: Lewis 21st May 2013
this story was sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
Name: Fasil 22nd May 2013
Name: Munira 26th May 2013
Nice! I loved it when the contents went spilling out of the casket to the Coffin. Gross for others but cool for me!!!!! SWAG!!
Name: Rister 6th June 2013
Very good loved this story
Name: Ellaine 17th June 2013
this was a really interesting story i just love it and all of the myths and legends stories
Name: Elisha Veerappan 24th June 2013
Name: Shanta 5th July 2013
i love it so much but will give me nightmares
Name: Asha Uddin 5th July 2013
i think this had a touch of horror also i luv horror so im giving this a thumbs up people who dont like this video a thumbs down to you
Name: Daniyal King 24th July 2013
very nice very good very sweet very intelegent very ...
Name: Kayleigh 8th August 2013
I've never read anything better
Name: Brandon 11th September 2013
i think this is epik
Name: Mia Kelly 26th October 2013
I like this websize a mummy\'s tale myth
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
rrr creepy
Name: Atheena 3rd November 2013
I'm scared and my age is 6
Name: Shirley 5th November 2013
I really like this website, particularly this ghost story. It was quite interesting. My second favorite one was The Hitchhiker.
Name: Nick 14th November 2013
hi these storys are great
Name: Madison 28th November 2013
I love ittt!
Name: Cool Boy 2nd December 2013
Cool story peps
Name: Raven 2nd December 2013
I hate it
Name: Kashish Limbu 8th December 2013
brr spooky i liked really liked it especially at night at midnight i meant. :)
Name: Dimitri 10th December 2013
I was so scared and I am never going to listen to it ever again aaaaahhhhhhh.
Name: Jovel 18th December 2013
Name: Angela 20th December 2013
I wonder how the bone thingy got in the mummy case
Name: Chelsea 22nd December 2013
its alright for me may u bring more stories like this onto the website thankyou
Name: Sam Timoney 22nd January 2014
it was very spooky i didnt like it thoe
Name: Crazyme 22nd January 2014
I need a good legend for my homework. Can someone tell me a good myth?
Name: Izabella 25th January 2014
i think it was really scary but nothing made me not to like it.

Name: Chelsea 29th January 2014
wow thats creepy i also believe its true
Name: Mia 3rd February 2014
hey I am learning about myths and legends and I need some for my homework
Name: Zofia 13th February 2014
Name: Judy 14th February 2014
That was an exciting story!
Name: Iadora 22nd February 2014
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
luved it
loved it
im a fan
Name: Shanze 3rd March 2014
So so so scary and creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
creepy i bet this one is true x
Name: Lilly 4th March 2014
it is awsome!!
Name: Sissi 8th March 2014
it was awesome!
Name: Abbie 14th March 2014
this is so cool I want to know if it is really true so badly. #amazing love this website
Name: Lionel 16th March 2014
crepy but it is true
Name: BLOBB BLOBB 18th March 2014
It was ok but not really good
Name: V 22nd March 2014
like soooooooooooooo coool mmmmAAAAAAANNNNNNN
Name: Mr Beroguard 22nd March 2014
Name: Lavendergem340612 22nd March 2014
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Creeepy man Creeepy
Name: Timothy Damiani 8th April 2014
i think creeepy
Name: Trquel Alston 10th April 2014
its cool and creepy
Name: Daiquan Davis 10th April 2014
nice stories
Name: Daniel (asher) Jones 23rd April 2014
its not true right?
Name: Unknown 13th May 2014
why dont they dig it up?
Name: Sparkle 14th May 2014
myths and legends are cool.
Name: Kayleigh 30th May 2014
Both my sister, my mum and myself were captivated by this story, plus it is a lot more recent than some of the other stories we are watching. Could it really be true?
Mmmmm, who knows!
Name: Sparkle 12th June 2014
this is a nice story
Name: Daniella 9th July 2014
This is great
Name: Jack 28th July 2014
Wow and did you make it up
Name: Erika 30th July 2014
it's a good story
Name: Carl 2nd August 2014
Name: Tyala 19th August 2014
no no no no no this is not kwl put on some music and dance baby!
Name: Matthew 3rd September 2014
Name: Tenoch 14th October 2014
No puedo escuchar el audio
Name: Daisy 14th October 2014
This was awesome I love myths and legends especially mummy and ghost ones!But really bit freaky!
Name: Elise 15th October 2014
freaky,scary and sounds real
Name: Chloe 20th October 2014
I liked that story but I don get how the mummy was in a school
Name: James Cardiar 20th October 2014
I like dragons
Name: Makayla 21st October 2014
It\'s cool.
Name: Ella 24th October 2014
to be honest quite a scary story.
Name: Diya 3rd November 2014
It was good but mysterious
Name: Eliza 23rd November 2014
Epic Story
I'm using it for my homework about legends
Name: Maisie 16th December 2014
a very funny story.really good story
Name: Louie 5th February 2015
this book was awsome yayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Name: Farah 21st February 2015
u;re story are cool n mysterious.. love it like hell.. it gave me a mystics moment..'s good and creative xp
Name: Shakeezme 28th February 2015
Good job:-) :-) :-)

Name: Rebecca Padley 1st March 2015
I found music in the background quit creepy
Name: Lol 2nd March 2015
Name: Lily Halasi 12th March 2015
I really like it but the eeeah from the mummy creeps me out but I also like that noise. I just want to hear it over and over again
Name: BEAST MODE 24th March 2015
Name: Robin 6th April 2015
not scrary
Name: Emily 21st April 2015
It is,a good story lov
es it
Name: AWESOMENESS 24th April 2015
Name: Justmeh 1st May 2015
not dat bad...
Name: Bella 8th May 2015
I like this one
Name: Esther Huggins 11th May 2015
I think that this is a good clip because it teaches you a lot about the ancient mummy's curse
Name: Aimen And Nbihah 22nd September 2015
it teaches us a lot about mummys
Name: Fatimah 8th October 2015
this is a good web site but be bigger it could
Name: Ki En 14th October 2015
Spooky scary legend!
Name: Catherine 14th October 2015
This is an interesting story, I read it for school.
Name: Ngataierua 23rd October 2015
This is kinda cool :)
Name: Sydney 29th October 2015
The Mummy's Tale is a good story
Name: Olivia 4th November 2015
This story is quite frightening but cool
Name: Joiu 6th November 2015
Name: Ella 12th November 2015
Really good storie lots of suspence
Name: Joe 12th November 2015
LOVE it and scary but COOL!!!:)
Name: Yui 17th January 2016
It was really creepy and fun!
Name: Elaine 23rd January 2016
this is the best myth eeeeeevvvveeeerrrrr scary,wierd,cool,fab
Name: Blake 26th January 2016
it was really good and I the curse
Name: Emma 26th January 2016
I thought that was very interesting but I was expecting the mummy to infect somebody. 5 star rating.
Name: Max 28th January 2016
ok but a little short
Name: Ash 13th February 2016
i love this story!amazing tale
Name: Emily 22nd February 2016
love mummys love this tale
Name: Yes 23rd February 2016
Name: Da Beast 29th February 2016
this is great
Name: Caitlin 22nd March 2016
I love it it was in interesting to ride
Name: Anna 31st March 2016
Is it the story famous in England? why the story is so famous?
Name: Cay 11th April 2016
Love this story! Makes me feel like if I turn around, a mummy will be staring at me! :)
Name: Omniyah 12th April 2016
i am scared so dont ever see it
Name: Ellie 14th April 2016
Fun and exciting :)(:

Name: Sophie 17th April 2016
Spooky i would freat.
Name: Kaustubh 23rd April 2016
Name: Shenali 15th June 2016
freaky and scary
Name: Zidaan 25th June 2016
Name: Ellis 13th July 2016
Best story ever
Name: Davina 11th October 2016
Who's the author of this story?
Name: Craftingdead4567 28th November 2016
this is amazing.
Name: Jamie Haley 19th January 2017
Very Interesting
Name: Felisha 23rd January 2017
Name: Keiona 26th January 2017
good and cool book
Name: Olivia >:33 26th January 2017
It was a great book! tysm!!
Name: JoshR 11th February 2017
Name: Bob 28th February 2017
this was ok i like the part that has a mu mu mumey i stuter
Name: Kiara 28th February 2017
i love it
Name: Lisa 1st March 2017
it was a great story.
Name: Tasneem 24th March 2017
I am having fun for it. It is really nice
Name: Luca & Jamal 31st March 2017
It was a super spooky story and
it was super cool got to show it to my friends and enemies so they would get embarrest because they will be scared and i also need to show it to my family
Name: Jamie 14th April 2017
I liked but the one you really want to see is the beast of croglin hall
Name: Unicorn:) 22nd April 2017
i love it because i love scary things
Name: Ayda PINAR 27th April 2017
I love pandoras box and a mummies tale you have the best myth I love them.
Name: Lol 15th May 2017
Name: Alisha 24th May 2017
im doing this as a play on stage and i have found that its very fun and creative to work with i love it
Name: Cool Kid 31st August 2017
Name: Ayushi 13th September 2017
I think it is a coooooooool story

I think it should be published like books.
Name: Michael 26th September 2017
cool ya
Name: Karla 2nd October 2017
Very nice
Name: Daniel Corchero 7th October 2017
I liked the part about the school
Name: Q 9th November 2017
so cool
Name: Savannah 9th January 2018
i loved it .i am into scary stuff
Name: Alexus 10th January 2018
Very good it is amazing and I love it so much I Carnot wait to read another one
Name: Stella 12th January 2018
I love this myth lots of lovely work you put in here. Funny lovely strange and funny again
Name: Anouk 21st January 2018
very cool story I loved it!
Name: Harley 20th February 2018
It's not working😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Name: Andrew 26th February 2018
Very creepy
Name: Eclipse 12th April 2018


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