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The Horrible Day when Medusa was Born!

Name: Fizzybell 22nd April 2013
wow this helped me with my homework! BIG TIME!
Name: Josiah 30th November 2014
thaks alot
Name: Journey Bahm 6th February 2015
That's not true.Medusa was born regular until Athena had put a curse onto Medusa had became a deadly monster.She had snakes as hair and sharp teeth.This is not true.They are LIEING!
Name: Tiffany 4th May 2015
Name: Jay 9th September 2015
the story here is not true
Name: Daniel 17th September 2015
Name: Nunya 22nd October 2015
um no, medusa wasnt a monster when she was born. she was beautiful but athena made her into a gorgon.
Name: Mellisa 5th November 2015
medusa was turned into a monster by athena as a grown woman. i blame poseidon.
Name: Hailey Hurst 19th November 2015
I don't really care for the title because for Social Studies I have to dress up as medusa so you can see how the title could be just a little offensive. But otherwise I liked the story. it was a cute little story. But the burning babies is not very cool. That part is just sad, and I can see how that would make the mother very mad and sad.
Name: Caroline 2nd February 2016
I agree with Nunya.
Name: Cristina 19th February 2016
I am a student and all of his is not true. Athena turned her into a snake. 😕
Name: Kryssa 4th March 2016
Athena a god cursed Medusa so she can have snakes for hair and a body of a dragon and Medusa can only turn boys/men into stone.
Name: Rbegev 12th April 2016
I love this website
Name: Rustelk2930 19th April 2016
Phorcys and Ceto? (In some theories)
Name: Funky Minecraft 5th May 2016
This is very good, but, is it true i will have to use some in my project. But, this will be in the citation of my project. If you want to see it then type in
Funky Minecraft KeyNote and it will be there. :D Thanks
- Funky Minecraft
Name: Anthony 12th May 2016
When was medusa born it Dont tell you
Name: Chloe 17th July 2016
it does not tell you when medusa was born
Name: Not Me 10th October 2016
this is not true about medusa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jeff 26th October 2016
Name: LOL 17th November 2016
where does it say when she was born


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