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The Horrible Day when Medusa was Born!

Name: Fizzybell 22nd April 2013
wow this helped me with my homework! BIG TIME!
Name: Josiah 30th November 2014
thaks alot
Name: Journey Bahm 6th February 2015
That's not true.Medusa was born regular until Athena had put a curse onto Medusa had became a deadly monster.She had snakes as hair and sharp teeth.This is not true.They are LIEING!
Name: Tiffany 4th May 2015
Name: Jay 9th September 2015
the story here is not true
Name: Daniel 17th September 2015
Name: Nunya 22nd October 2015
um no, medusa wasnt a monster when she was born. she was beautiful but athena made her into a gorgon.
Name: Mellisa 5th November 2015
medusa was turned into a monster by athena as a grown woman. i blame poseidon.
Name: Hailey Hurst 19th November 2015
I don't really care for the title because for Social Studies I have to dress up as medusa so you can see how the title could be just a little offensive. But otherwise I liked the story. it was a cute little story. But the burning babies is not very cool. That part is just sad, and I can see how that would make the mother very mad and sad.
Name: Caroline 2nd February 2016
I agree with Nunya.
Name: Cristina 19th February 2016
I am a student and all of his is not true. Athena turned her into a snake. 😕
Name: Kryssa 4th March 2016
Athena a god cursed Medusa so she can have snakes for hair and a body of a dragon and Medusa can only turn boys/men into stone.
Name: Rbegev 12th April 2016
I love this website
Name: Rustelk2930 19th April 2016
Phorcys and Ceto? (In some theories)


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