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The Willow Pattern Story

Name: Courtney 7th May 2013
Name: Kara 7th May 2013
Very good !!!
Name: Charlie 27th May 2013
Name: Shirley 25th August 2013
A nice story but the first sentence of the second paragraph doesn't seem to make sense: "The king...decided to pay an old lord..."Surely the old lord was to pay him for his daughter. Perhaps you mean 'pay attention to...'. The name sou-yang needs a capital 'S'
Name: Shirley 25th August 2013
Comment cont. You could do with a couple more stops and new sentences too, and commas here and there.E.g. "...old lord named Sou-yang. Sou-yang was rich...". Also "...Chang had plans of his own. Dressed as a bus boy,..." Shouldn't the 2 lovers marry first and then live happily...? Or is this meant to be modern behaviour? Commas would help in "So, as you would think, it was in the king's impure nature to agree."
Name: Bob 21st January 2014
Name: Bob 21st January 2014
The no one speaks is a bit scary
Name: Milly 21st January 2014
great story used it for my work!
Name: Milly 21st January 2014
used it for my work!
Name: Ella 27th June 2014
Great story I used it for work
Name: Dani 20th November 2014
Amazing story guys πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
Name: Ben 17th January 2015
fab story but what is the history of the willow pattern
Name: Mol 17th January 2015
loved it
Name: Valerie 9th February 2015
Please give more detail - relate the story to the willow pattern. What is the significance of the willow tree?
Name: Lewismostyn 9th February 2015
Name: Hazel 22nd June 2015
I remember my Nan telling me the story from 70 plus years ago and always believed it to be true, thats childhood for you.
Name: Keith 22nd June 2015
I've forgotten most of the version I learnt but it said that the father chased the lovers over a bridge hence the three figures, that the two were changed into birds in order to fly free together and that their intended home was set on fire.
Name: Muhammad 3rd November 2015
My grandma was telling me this story I said wow.really good story though it was brilliant
Name: Jane 8th November 2015
Awesome! I heard this story 1 year ago. It's very fun to read it.
Name: Kevin 8th November 2015
I love it this story for a year.
Name: Richard 21st November 2015
My Nana told me this story over 40yrs ago-recently my wife bought a set of them. Brings back good memories
Name: Mary 22nd November 2015
I enjoyed the story, thank you.
Name: Leah 15th January 2016
Name: Oliver 2nd March 2016
Very interesting. Read to my brother
Name: Sandra 25th March 2016
Love this story. My grandmother used to tell it to my mother. She had the complete crockery of the willow pattern. Absolutely precious. Thank you.

Name: Leafyisnothere 29th August 2016
i dnt undastands
Name: Dr Badger 2nd November 2016
Sorry to say but this is nothing but a made up story. The willow pattern may be Chinese-esqu and the story was made up to go with the pattern.
Name: Oliver 7th January 2017
I studied this is primary school years ago and always liked it. I know live in China and I haven't yet met anyone who also knows the story.
Name: Faith 23rd January 2017
Cool story bro!
Name: Andy 3rd February 2017
Its a great story, And I heard it as a child. But unfortunatly it is not from China. It was a marketing story from plates and bowls manufacturers in England in the 1800 to sell plates with a particular pattern called the willow pattern
Name: DanTDM 6th March 2017
Name: Peggie 25th March 2017
Yes Andy! You are right.
The British fell for the 'pretty story'!
They made Willow pattern a fashion,a 'must have' on every new brides shopping list,and crockery manufacturers in the north of England very wealthy.
Another legend is that the Chinese backed up the story,in order to produce and market very expensive fine bone china, wall plaques,for the English Aristocracy,in a particular shade of blue,which made them 'authentic '.
Name: HADDON FWORD 22nd June 2017
Name: Haddon Fword 27th June 2017
please read this and enjoy :-0
Name: Haddon No.2 27th June 2017
It is good
Name: John Cena 27th June 2017
King should be killed because he is selfish
Name: Katniss 30th June 2017
This is a good story enjoy :)
Name: MythsMonsterandtheMinotor 30th June 2017
Good love story, good meaning as it does show that love is stronger than death
Name: Peppa Pig Mlg 30th June 2017
So good
Name: Ur Dodgy 3rd July 2017
Good and wonderful
Name: TULI 3rd July 2017
Name: E2BN Myths'n'legends 3rd July 2017
Quite good, not such a happy ending, king wasnt punished
Name: Me 3rd July 2017
In china in a distant part of the country it's name long forgotten, lay a small town with a king who ruled selfishly for years on end. He raised taxes at high prices and if a family was too poor, he would charge double. He had a fair sweet daughter Mai with black hair like silk and almond eyes, as sweet as honey she was but she had a secret ... she and the gardener Chang were deeply in love. Now the king kept Mai in a small tower with an entrance to a magnificent garden and every night two doves would carry small messages between them.

The king loved yen (china's currency) and decided to pay an old lord named sou-yang, sou-yang was rich but very ugly and said he would pay millions of rubies and gold pieces even rich spices for Mai's hand in marriage. So as you would think it was in the king's impure nature to agree.

On the day of the wedding Chang had plans of his own dressed as a bus boy, he came into Mai's chamber and they ran to a far land down south. After four years of living together happily and marrying, the king found them and commanded his guards to throw both Mai and Chang into a huge labyrinth. Eventually they starved and died in each others arms, but the gods saw their sad story and raised them in the form of immortal doves. Now they will live together for all eternity.
Name: Iiadbiaqhicadieu 3rd July 2017
Name: Cringemister101 6th July 2017
I looove the story :)-cringy smile somehow


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