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Pandora's box

Name: Jason 9th April 2013
Awesome story
Name: Jacobie 11th April 2013
i think that this story explains alot about how we got all the stuff that we have in the world like hope and diese and death and fear an good and bad stuff
Name: Charli Ballard 16th April 2013
Well First off there were many spelling errors as in Zues instead of Zeus and cretues instead of creatures. It was very blotchy and all over the place. And Pandora was not mean and was sent by Zeus to be wife of Epimetheus and was given the gift of extreme curiosity along with a beautiful golden box and was told never to open it. But because she had the "gift" of extreme curiosity she opened the box and ruined mankind's perfect life.
Name: Eloise 18th April 2013
No offence, but I didn't really like the story. It had many spelling and punctual errors.
Name: Olivia P 23rd April 2013
nice rewriting.
Name: Mahosky 24th April 2013
not a bad story it has spelling mistakes but then again all of mine do goodluck with future ones
Name: Ryan 24th May 2016
bruh i dont get it
Name: Merle 21st December 2016
It's to short


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