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The Gurt Wurm of Shervage Wood

LoL i wanna here the egg part plssssssssss13th September 2018
y the clif hanger3rd September 2018
awsome1st July 2018
I liked the way the wood cuter cut the dragons tali off with three cuts. Great job man A++.20th June 2018
very good31st May 2018
Very intresting22nd May 2018
Gold2nd May 2018
after i read it i was scared to death to go in to any woods.2nd April 2018
When I read all the legends and myths, they scare me.25th February 2018
this story is covered in blood and shall not be shown to younger children.
31st January 2018
it was gross10th January 2018
this book was so interesting . I liked the part when the dragon is cut in half .29th December 2017
I know a story book which is similar to this one it is called fearsome Vikings.4th July 2017
This book was amazing was it about Vikings . Thanks for reading me this bestseller and fearsome dragon booklet.4th July 2017
yo man they are cool ay! only problem is is that they don't match up! oops... i have made a video and i need the recording of the thing that is playing. i would appreciate it if you could please cooperate. 4th April 2017
hi there
love your The Gurt Wurm of Shervage Wood video and i would like the recording that is backing it please. i need it for a school project that i am working on based around your video. please send it to the email address provided.
thank you for co-operation
31st March 2017
love your myth they are so unrealistic30th March 2017
I loved this! I Think You Did Good In This Myth! Like All Of Them, I Love these10th March 2017
At the end, (insert creepy music and get nightmares)7th March 2017
i liked that story6th March 2017
awesome reality3rd March 2017
good but creepy and weird.12th December 2016


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