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The Gurt Wurm of Shervage Wood

Name: Keith Ansell 16th October 2008
I love the list of towns and hamlets, pairing similar sounding names or rhyming names together. Fantastic fun. I'm going to try that with my local towns.
Name: Catherine Davies 3rd November 2008
A great story filled with local language, and real humour. It uses language creatively and cleverly. There is so much that could be used across the primary range.
Name: R.g.m 4th November 2008
i like this story alot
Name: Princess123 4th November 2008
I like this story!!
Name: Pureskill 6th November 2008
amazing kl yh i reconment it to u
Name: Gourges 6th November 2008
that was brill i loved it but i hope it is not true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Carolinerocks 8th November 2008
AWSOME people and I think you should see it!!!!
Name: Paige 11th November 2008
I think it was terrific.
I rate it 99%
Name: Diva 11th November 2008
i think this website is awsome i love it
Name: Kayleigh 12th November 2008
i think it is a perfect way to learn about myths and legands
Name: Tiegan 12th November 2008
I think its brilliant i play on it every day
Name: James 13th November 2008
brilliant absolutly brilliant!
Name: James 13th November 2008
brilliant,really good. i loved was really entertaining ! it was better than school even tho im in it right now.
Name: Kirsty 16th November 2008
wow, outstanding work of art! sorry not art! writing! well done!!!!!
Name: Benin 16th November 2008
i think it is very good so well done good work that person who they done it I loved it so much
Name: Adam Hoare 20th November 2008
this story is good but could use some more action and he should have had a battle with all of its babys and some wolves and ware wolves
Name: Jacci 20th November 2008
Good but could be more exciting!!!
Name: Chika 21st November 2008
I like this story because its cool
Name: Adrian 21st November 2008
an amazing story! one of the best i've ever read.
Name: Saifmahmood 24th November 2008
ths story is so awsome the best
Name: Sh 28th November 2008
this story was brill
Name: Hannah Procter 30th November 2008
that was mint !!!!!!!
Name: Mags 1st December 2008
the story was great to teach my yr 6 class thank you so much
Name: Rahul 4th December 2008
hi this story is so good about the,the gurt of
shervage wood.
Name: Tia 14th February 2009
Name: Jasyendy 2nd April 2009
When he said NOW that was scary, i jumped
ha good story.
Name: Bernice 16th May 2009
It's BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
Name: Clare 24th May 2009
Now when he said now that was just scary and really really funny. It was a good tale and was a litle bit gross at the end!
Name: Shannell Malcolm 11th November 2009
This was very good. I enjoyed listening to it.
Name: Lola 30th January 2010
i love the way u put that expretions on the charecters.
Name: Julie 2nd February 2010
The children thought it was great but would have liked a little more action in the animation. They would have liked to see the egg open at the end.
Name: Ollies1 16th June 2010
Name: Rachel 21st June 2010
I thought that the egg should have opened, I thought it was a bit boring.
Name: Maisy 24th June 2010
it was really good! everyone in my class watched it and thought it was brilliant!!!i really wanted to see the egg open at the end! i\'d give it a 9 out of 10!
Name: Carolina13 25th June 2010
no so bad lol
Name: Sam 26th June 2010
spooky pallooky that was well brilliant
Name: LOL 28th June 2010
This was a good one. I very much enjoyed it and would like to see another version of it.
Name: Anna 30th June 2010
very funny
Name: Sophie 4th July 2010
that was very funny
Name: I Am The 5th July 2010
wierd from meeeeeeeeee
Name: Nev 10th July 2010
it was ok but i think they could work on their spelling and i didn't really get the neding where it got split in half somewhere else.
Name: Laura 12th July 2010
Wow amazing this creator is so cool and i just readed that storey and it was billant i made my own storey to and its cool like this one!!!!!!!!
Name: Ruby 24th July 2010
cool story, I loved reading it and the pictures were great!
Name: Olivia B 24th July 2010
Name: Sarah 1st August 2010
i do not like the commment rachel put because it was not boring but the egg should open.
Name: Ben 14th August 2010
A truely awesome story, I really liked the storytellers accent and the pictures where very wacky too!!
Name: Alex 29th August 2010
that story was so cool!!!!!!!!
Name: Courtney 31st August 2010
Name: Jason 2nd September 2010
wow that story was awesome i can't wait to see another story!
Name: Tia 2nd September 2010
WOW! That was toatally awesome
Name: Naomi 7th September 2010
this story was fasanating i cant wait to see another
Name: Anika 8th September 2010
Really Good!
Name: Daisy 13th September 2010
It was really awesome I loved it.
Name: Zara 14th September 2010
I think it was great!!! I can\'t wait to tell all my friends!!!
Name: Harry 18th September 2010
It was brill!!!
Name: Fiza Noor 19th September 2010
Your story was fantastic!When ever I open this website I just want to look at this story again and again!I give this story 5 stars!
Name: Rimsha 19th September 2010
Name: Elise 25th September 2010
I thought that story was fantastic. I'm going to watch it again and again!!!
Name: Crystal 26th September 2010
you have not hachted it DID IT its a little bit good
Name: FizaNoor 27th September 2010
Good one!
Name: Rimsha 28th September 2010
I loved it! I think it should be in the show case! 5 STARS!
Name: Cora 30th September 2010
graet story!
Name: Paris 30th September 2010
i love this story its so exsiting
Name: Ameena 30th September 2010
wow i love it like the pictures :D beatifull
Name: Jemma 3rd October 2010
I think the story is very imagineable and very exciting!
Name: Fisola Kelly-Akinnuoye 4th October 2010
In school we have been learning about myths and legends and i am so happy this is recommended to me because it has got lots of really good myths!

Luv this
Name: Master0014_prince James 5th October 2010
this is like the adventure quest game...
Name: Renji 5th October 2010
a very good story and also very interesting.
Name: Mia And Holly 6th October 2010
Name: YUYU 10th October 2010
Name: Rimsha Noor 10th October 2010
I really loved this wonderful story! THANKS!
Name: Yackykr 17th October 2010
Not bad but not great either. Like milk, but not milkshake. See what I mean?
Name: Ro 22nd October 2010
Name: George 24th October 2010
That story was quite good but it was mostly boring
Name: Mya Pugh 28th October 2010
great story.The ending leaves you in suspense.
Name: Trisert 28th October 2010
Wonderful story!
I would love to hear more!
Name: Grace 28th October 2010
Hi ! this story was fantastic i enjoyed it alot !
Could you make more stories plz!
Name: Mushasda 31st October 2010
hi the slides are a bit slow.
Name: Ava 1st November 2010
I loved it!

I'm not shure if anyone will love it as much as I do!
Name: Steven 1st November 2010
i like this its really good its so intrestting to know about and teahes u lots
Name: Nikkita 3rd November 2010
i love this story
Name: Adam Mcmanaman 5th November 2010
this comic is cool. no jk
Name: Kelsey 6th November 2010
Name: Rebecca L K 8th November 2010
this is a really good story
Name: Azia 9th November 2010
cool dude lol
Name: Haiqahraja18 10th November 2010
i lked this story.
Name: Lc 11th November 2010
cool play
Name: Alexa2003 13th November 2010
where are the words?
Name: Momina 13th November 2010
that story is wicked lol who ever wrote that story is proper talented
Name: Aelia Dawson 14th November 2010
Iliked that story
Name: Megan Hartley 16th November 2010
I liked this MYTH!!!!!!!!
Name: Jellybaby992 16th November 2010
I think this story is really good!! The person who wrote this must have a really clear imagination. Well done!!
Name: Mokhira 18th November 2010
i really like this story because it was interesting and exciting!
Name: Alexa2003 20th November 2010
I relly liked that story because it was intresting and cool.
Name: Kim 20th November 2010
i think the story was good beacuse someone made it brill.

Name: Zain Patel 21st November 2010
This story was not that good because the man was not reading it nicely
Name: Mariana 22nd November 2010
iuuu do u like this story, this is orrible
Name: Rukshan 22nd November 2010
It was fantastic because it was interesting.
Name: Lucy 23rd November 2010
I loved this story, it was read to my class and I read it to a reception class too!!!
Name: Jade 26th November 2010
OMG that story was amazing i loved it
Name: Hollie Jay 27th November 2010
not good i am afraid
Name: Malla007 27th November 2010
Name: Roo 29th November 2010
i thought it was great too
Name: Max 30th November 2010
brilant one of the most intresting myth and legends on this website!
Name: Wiktoria 30th November 2010
Its a good story I will surely be telling my class about it!!
Name: Donna Nath 30th November 2010
I like this story becuse it has a pictur in page.
Name: Lara 1st December 2010
It was a great story and I loved it.
Name: Amaaima 1st December 2010
this is an interresting story
Name: F10 1st December 2010
go gurt worm! F10 always rules!
Name: Sam 2nd December 2010
Quite good
Name: Tom 3rd December 2010
this story is rubbish
Name: Afra 3rd December 2010
Awsome story I loved it,it was interesting and exciting great story!
Name: Nick P 4th December 2010
I thought it was a very good story and I am using it for my homework.
Name: Jade 4th December 2010
I really like it and I watched at school.
Name: Arthy 7th December 2010
cute story.
Name: Ella 8th December 2010
Wow that was a good story well done

Ella Jackson
Name: Julia Gnifka 12th December 2010
lovely storey i loved it .
Name: Elianna 15th December 2010
this is corny
Name: Hollie 16th December 2010
thourght it was good and brilliant piics
Name: Leasia 16th December 2010
wow!this story is crazy
Name: Greendude67 16th December 2010
very good story loved it perfect 5 out of 5
Name: Alexa 16th December 2010
i liked that book
Name: Rosie 17th December 2010
loved it 5 out of 5
Name: Cutiepie9 18th December 2010
an asome story!
Name: Alexa 28th December 2010
wow that is the best story in the whole world what a wonderful BOOK.
Name: Ciara`s No.1 6th January 2011
Name: Lennon 8th January 2011
Its cooly awsome!
Name: Connor 11th January 2011
Awesome and gruesoume and cool and loads of blood!!!
Name: Liam 11th January 2011
It very funny but at the same time its gorey. My favrourite bit was the part when the man cut off the dragon's head!
Name: Max C 11th January 2011
very good I liked the way the story dealt with the worm.
Name: Jack 11th January 2011
It was very funny and disgusting.When you shouted NOW it scerd me.
Name: Jonny 11th January 2011
Wow! Great story!
Name: Florian.J 11th January 2011
It was a fearce and cool story and it was very good.
Name: Charlotte 11th January 2011
Wow it was a bit scary at the end and it was a good story !!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Frazer 11th January 2011
It was very scary at times and good.
Name: Benjamin 11th January 2011
This is a very good myth.
Name: Max 11th January 2011
It was a great story
Name: Holly 11th January 2011
Brilliant nice story loved it. I love these styles of storys.
Name: Charles 11th January 2011
I like the end bit and
It is a good story
Name: Lily Thomas 11th January 2011
I thought that it was really disgusting
Name: Lucy 11th January 2011
very exciting! I loved it, but it was a bit gruesome!
Name: Joseph 11th January 2011
It was one of the best storys i'v heard. It was cool and awesome.
Name: Thomas 11th January 2011
it was brilliat but how did the body of the dragon go so far?
Name: Alayna 11th January 2011
I think that the story is a bit gross because the dragon died in it.
Name: Lily 11th January 2011
Truely gruesome.
I loved it!
Name: Millie 11th January 2011
Wow how did you make such a story ?
Name: Mrs Morris\'s Group 11th January 2011
We found it exciting to listen to because the man\'s voice was very entertaining. We liked his accent! We also thought the pictures were interesting and helped us to follow the story. The voice helped us to read some of the tricky words. Our favourite bit was the end when there was a chance that the story might continue because a baby wurm hatched out of the egg.
Name: Corey 11th January 2011
It was good but it was weird in a good way because dragons are not real and
good because it had blood and killing
in it.
Name: Callum 11th January 2011
i Thought it was really disgusting because they had disgusting food and stuff.
Name: Ben.P 11th January 2011
lovely gruesome story but not suitable for younger ones age 1 to 3.
Name: Amy 11th January 2011
It was good but weird in a strange type of way. It was good because it had blood and I love blood and vampires.
Name: Lily 11th January 2011
I thought the story was disgusting because at the end of the story the dragon died.I like dragons!!
Name: Ben 11th January 2011
It was gruesome and amazing storyline. I really would like to know who spoke the words and they read it brilliantly. I thought the site is very helpfull and the layout of the story was fantastic.
Name: Angelique 11th January 2011
not bad but i liked the bit when the man choped the dragon in half. i could tag som of that in school.
Name: Joshua 11th January 2011
wow! this is the best
Name: Kishan 12th January 2011
i like this story because it uses good words like incubate and ends very well answering questions you might want to know.
Name: Fraser 12th January 2011
I absolutely loved it it. The sound affects were cool and it had a cliffhanger too.
Name: Rosa 12th January 2011
wow this is a amazing descriptive story it was quite scary though and disgusting though!
Name: Matthew 12th January 2011
Abit of a cliff hanger, there was all this exitment then he killed it just like that.
Name: James 12th January 2011
I loved the ending when the baby dragon was born it really makes you want to find ot what would happen next. It was very clever.
Name: Anna 12th January 2011
I thought it was a great story because it was interesting and it made me want to read on and on!
Name: Rachel 12th January 2011
This story was disgusting, funny, freaky, weird and scary. Though it was very good for a myth/ledgend.
Name: Conor 12th January 2011
Wow this story is amazing!I could read all of these stories!I can't wait to read more!I think this story is really imaginative because the Gurt Worm looks like a dragon.I wouldnt like to see that coming through my bedroom door!
Name: Eliza 12th January 2011
I really enjoyed this story because, it built lots of exciting tension inside me;making me feel a mixture of worried and joyful emotions.
Name: Harry 12th January 2011
It has got some exciting words and adjectives which describe the feelings and emotions of the character. I really liked this story because it always made sense and I never knew what was going to happen next.
Name: Bobby 12th January 2011
A very good story: I really like the part when Joe was up in the wood, eating his berrys and sitting on a log. Suddenly the log moves, and then moves again!
Name: Catriona 12th January 2011
It was very pully, making you want to read more, and "come on whats happining next?"
It was really good because it is nerve wracking and it lookes like Joe is going to get badly hurt and it it has a happy ending, I really liked it.
Name: Amy 12th January 2011
It was quite worrying but it was a fantastic myth.
At the end it was very nerve wracking because the girt worm dragon laid an egg and it hatch: It was like "whats going to happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Name: Beth 12th January 2011
It was a really amazing story because the gurt worm looked almost real and it was quite terrifying and it looked like a dragon instead of a worm!
Name: Anna 12th January 2011
I really like this story - the ending ,I think,is really clever and funny because I enjoyed the part where the baby Gurk Worm hatching!!!
Name: Patrick 12th January 2011
"I think it brilliant! Especialy when the other egg hatched. its a bit confusing when the gurt worm split in half and died? but I think overall it was amazing"!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ayesha 12th January 2011
I really like this wonderful myth because it's really gruesome and gross!
I think it could win the world's best myth!I espeically like the ending, with the baby Gurk Wurm!I would'nt be wanting to see that roaming round the streets!!!
Name: Josh 12th January 2011
I like this story because i like dragons and happy endings.That is one of the best story ever! wow! I like it when Joe kills the Wurm! but it is quite gross.
Name: Jamie 12th January 2011
The myth was suitable for me,It was exciting because When the man sat on the dragonIgot tense.another reson I liked it is because At the end I thought it was funny that the egg cracked just as the Gurt worm died
Name: Cerys 12th January 2011
I really enjoyed it. I would happily read all of the stories and even though i don't like dragons it was still amazingly good.I didn't like it when joe killed the dragon (or gurt worm)i wouldn't want to kill the dragon because it looks quite fierce !!!!!and its very mythical because of the dragon.
Name: Tommy 12th January 2011
I love this legend! it has faboulus description:you can never stop.To my opinion, I think it shall be a well remembered story!
Name: Katherine 12th January 2011
A story with a twist is hard to find but I`ve just found one!That story was fascinating I could read it 7 times with out getting bored;I really enjoyed it.The story has a real piece of magic in it because of all thedragons in it.
Name: Hana 12th January 2011
The Myth was very funny and it explained a lot how the story happened. Only some bits I did not really like about the Gurt Worm eating anything that goes past him.For me it was a really good.I can not wait to hear another Myth or Legend that I will like. The dragon is really scary because it has loads of flames comeing out of the mouth.
Name: Julius 12th January 2011
I liked it because it was exciting. I also liked the fact it builds up the tension. I liked the characters as well.
It was exciting because I thought it was going to end up the other way.
Name: Gemma 12th January 2011
I realy like it because it's very mystical but I definitely wouldn't like sitting on what I think is a tree but then finding out it was the gurt wurm!
Name: Charlotte 12th January 2011
It's wonderful, the ending is brilliant and the Gurt Wurm is fantastic, because it was quite funny and you want to find out what happens next. I would not want to have a Gurt Wurm as a pet!!!
Name: Kiran 13th January 2011
That was a brilliant story and had an
fantastic ending!!
Though i wouldn't want to sit on a "Gurt Wurm"!
Name: Tommy 13th January 2011
I wish it could go on for longer.
It was a great story though.
Name: Finley 13th January 2011
I thought the story was really good and I liked the end.
Name: Sofiene 13th January 2011
I liked the bit when folk killed the mighty gurt wurm and when the egg hatched in the end.
Name: Daniel 13th January 2011
I really liked this beacuase i like ledgends and I like things with dragons in and I would not like to meet a gurt worm!!!
Name: Matty 13th January 2011
I thougt it was funny and quite scary but I have to say it was the best myth I've ever read.
Name: TJ 13th January 2011
It was really cool, its the best story i've ever read.
Name: Jessica 13th January 2011
I thought it was good I would love it to go in longer. I just wouldnt want a Gurt Wurm as my pet.
Name: Matty 13th January 2011
I really liked the Gurt Worm but I would not like to be sitting on it!
Name: Stephanie 13th January 2011
Robber Dunne was fantastic it was very interesting. I would defeately not like to have gurt wurm as a PET!!!
Name: Thomas 13th January 2011
I thought this was really good and very funny.
Name: Owen 13th January 2011
I thought it was a good story. I like the bit when Joe killed the Gurt worm.
Name: Ellie 13th January 2011
I hope it won\\\'t come and get me
Name: Jamal 13th January 2011
I liked this story my favorite bit was when the Dragon was eating the horse i liked the setting and it was a good story my favorite character was Joe
Name: ImI 13th January 2011
I think it was brillant, specially when the dragon gt killed and a new one hatched.
Name: Monique 13th January 2011
Great story. I like the ending I also like the way another dragon hatches out of its egg.
Name: Jasmine 13th January 2011
I found the gurt worm very interesting and I wanted to fit in the story too. But I have to say I would be very tired and scared if I had to fight and kill that humungas gurt worm in the first place because I would be too scared.
Name: Tobin 13th January 2011
I like the gurt worm a very funny story because part of it goes one wayand the other part goes the other way
Name: Katie 13th January 2011
I think it was really good because quite funny in parts of it and very intresting through all off it, but I would not like one as a pet!!!
Name: Jeeya 13th January 2011
I think the gurt worm was quite funny and I would not like the gurt worm to be my friend or my pet either !!!!!!!!!
Name: Deandra 14th January 2011
This is really funny
Name: Kita 14th January 2011
I liked the beginig but the ending about the egg wasn't really intresting.
Name: Carlatta Shay 14th January 2011
Name: J.P 15th January 2011
Thanks this was perfect for my homework!
Name: Tottot 19th January 2011
good but the end could have been a bit better.
Name: Abby 21st January 2011
good the end was good
Name: Beyonce 21st January 2011
this story is good it makes me think more about my leaning
Name: Cheeser444 23rd January 2011
best story ever!!!!!!!!
Name: Briony 24th January 2011
i liked the story and i liked the happy ending!
Name: Kereine 24th January 2011
The ending was the bests ending ever i ever hird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Milliesha 25th January 2011
this story is perfect and awsome lol
Name: Sheldon 26th January 2011
this is so cool
Name: Alis 27th January 2011
That was Awesome!!!!! :)
Name: Annalise 28th January 2011
I am gobsmacked how did you do that never in the world would i be able to do that the story was great
Name: GEORGIA 28th January 2011
i love this story
Name: Jemima 30th January 2011
Name: LOLOLOLOL 30th January 2011
Name: DarkTech9Ne 30th January 2011
Name: Daniel 31st January 2011
Name: Caitlin Sloan 2nd February 2011
i was great awesome id say so many good things about it id would probably take 1000 of years and a gurt wurm egg would hatch and eat us
Name: Jayden 4th February 2011
preatty good
Name: Aston 4th February 2011
thet was realy good it scared me to death
Name: Daniel 6th February 2011
Name: Lucy 7th February 2011
Name: Olivia 8th February 2011
Name: Chante 9th February 2011
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was so scary i.....i...i scremd
Name: Nora 10th February 2011
Name: Yo Man 10th February 2011
So ccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooollllllll
Name: Fuaad 10th February 2011
its very cool and it was discusting
Name: Loo Looyo 14th February 2011
i love it yo
Name: Tomas 14th February 2011
love story happy now
Name: Nina 16th February 2011
it was good but i have seen better just because there was not really a journy
Name: Eunice 16th February 2011
Wow that was good!
Name: Warsame 16th February 2011
it so disgusting aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im going to throw up so hard
Name: Njillan 16th February 2011
I really like this story because it is a really funny tale and i would recommend it Njillan out.
Name: Njillan 16th February 2011
i love thisstory it is so nice and makes me feel so happy
Name: Waris 17th February 2011
i learned about myhs and legends
Name: Tom 17th February 2011
Name: Courtney Cashmore 18th February 2011
this myth is... well brilliant for me
Name: Courtney Cashmore 18th February 2011
I just love the myth i like all the character's name's
Name: Beck 19th February 2011
Cool story! Love it!
Name: Carrie 21st February 2011
\LOVE THIS STORY THANKS FOR MAKING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;9
Name: Chelsea 27th February 2011
this is cool:)
Name: Kierna 1st March 2011
love it
Name: Mojo1809 1st March 2011
that story was abseloutely brilliant i wish i made that story up or is it true????????????????????????????????
Name: Lindsay 1st March 2011
good job who ever make this wonderfull story!
Name: Feeyad 2nd March 2011
love it
Name: Dylan Proudley 3rd March 2011
its not verry true but it is goood
Name: Josiah 4th March 2011
i really liked it
Name: Kiera 5th March 2011
rely cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Megan 9th March 2011
Name: Haydon 9th March 2011
I think the stories are good.XXX
Name: LIZBETH 10th March 2011
OMG this story was good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Guyz 10th March 2011
wonderful story
Name: Mina 10th March 2011
woow it wicked ppl this is really kl
Name: Sigrid 10th March 2011
its a realy good story even tough it scared me at the end!
Name: Kiaya 11th March 2011
i loves myths and legends
Name: Isabella 13th March 2011
this was the best story i have ever heard in a long time
Name: Frank 20th March 2011
this is the best story i have ever read
Name: Muminoor 22nd March 2011
it is a good stroy
Name: Lewis 24th March 2011
Name: Ioana 24th March 2011
WOW!!!! That story is cool, but that dragons` egg... did the cub it really hatch?
Name: Davian 25th March 2011
Will the baby atck the people
Name: Kira 25th March 2011
this it a good story
Name: Eliza 28th March 2011
WWWWWooooowwwww!!!!!!this is the callist thing i have ever seen i LLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEE IT!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Alicia 29th March 2011
wow it is like so good i get more marks in my work (marks are good in britian.
Name: Karan 30th March 2011
Nice story and nice animations but the story gets really boring at the end!
Name: Barbie 31st March 2011
Wow this is a really awesome story. I really enjoyed it a lot. Worth reading!
Good job creating it
Name: Bethany 1st April 2011
Cool! thats a really good story! but poor baby dragon without it's mummy!:(
Name: Megan 4th April 2011
this story saved me from sadness
Name: Rania 5th April 2011
wow! worth reading you never know what its about keep on reading
Name: Bohao 7th April 2011
its amazing!!! and you left it in a cliff hanger wonder what will happen next.
Name: Tia&frankie 8th April 2011
WHAT EGG?!! I agree with Rachel. (Tia and Frankie - we only print comments on stories that people have read, else you cannot fully say how good or bad something is - The Myths Team)
Name: Terri 13th April 2011
its good but not good enough
Name: Ella 20th April 2011
you were very good you were:
Name: Dani 27th April 2011
thats amzining i wish i was you because its just........WOW!!!!!!!
Name: Dalia 1st May 2011

fantastic story
Name: Esther 2nd May 2011
that was amzing
Name: Courtney 3rd May 2011
its so scary im so scared
Name: Amy 3rd May 2011
The way he said NOW at the end gave me a fright lol
Name: Imran 4th May 2011
i like the story
Name: Riham 13th May 2011
WOw!!!!!! That was asome and the way it said Now! almost gave me a heart atack........
Name: Jackie And Sheridan 16th May 2011
Name: Kelsie 17th May 2011
I loved read this story i could read all day!!!!!
Name: Lexie 18th May 2011
wow that freaked me out it was fab i nearly had a heart atack i loved it welll done well done
Name: Jadie 21st May 2011
i loved it it was so cool
Name: Holly Henderson 22nd May 2011
i though it was a great breth taking story
Name: Maryam 23rd May 2011
okkaaaaayyyy!!!!! whoa! i didn't like the bit where the dragons wwere eating the horses!!!!!!!!!

but overall loved it
Name: Teoni And Christal 26th May 2011
From teoni: this was a cool story i just want to know what happens to the new wurm.

From christal: I think it was really interesting and i'm glad we don't live in that wood!!
Name: Semi 30th May 2011
Great story with an intresting moral in it
Name: Scandinavia 2nd June 2011
there shouldve been more blood when the dragon ate the animals.
Name: Habiba 5th June 2011
love the story it is really interesting with the dragon it makes it scarcy.
Name: Rebecca 6th June 2011
like it love the dragon
Name: Grace 6th June 2011
love the story, I am going to show my class tomorrow on teaching practise at the moment and learning about Myths. i think they will really enjoy it.
Name: Aaliya 7th June 2011
i hate this play. its disgusting!
Name: Cam 7th June 2011
this is a pretty awesome story!
Name: Caitlin M. 7th June 2011
This is a pretty cool story, but I didn't like the part where the dragons ate the horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Riannon Jade Brown 8th June 2011
I love that story it's great and very interesting :)
Name: Bo 9th June 2011
it was good but the best part was when he choped it in half
Name: Katie Grace Carter 12th June 2011
i love it its great if i made that i would feal pround of my self good luck if you make a nuther story you could be ritch love katie
Name: Jake 13th June 2011
good story
Name: Barrybrookes 17th June 2011
this is a relly good story.i love it
Name: Bowen 18th June 2011
This is the best story I ever seen
Name: Abdi 22nd June 2011
Name: Priscilla 23rd June 2011
Very interesting and exciting. I like this story!
Name: Name U Dont Need To Know 25th June 2011
i liked the blood bit
Name: Name U Dont Need To Know 25th June 2011
hi you allll i think this is brillllllllll!!!!!! BEST STORIE EVA better then school stories
Name: Tajmeet 27th June 2011
nice 1
Name: Ebony 28th June 2011
what a great story :)
Name: Will 29th June 2011
this story is a good but weird soiry
Name: Knoxville 29th June 2011
good story yeah
Name: Kyla 30th June 2011
thats alright for a story its good :)
Name: The Gurt Worm 2nd July 2011
This an't very fair is it how do you know my kind might be friendly but good stories like this ha I love to scare kids with em :)
Name: Jackie 4th July 2011
i like this myth or legend because it tells you what people go through and this story has some happiness and sadness involved it has different kind of feelings and emotions
Name: Daniel Alexander 8th July 2011
very good
Name: MangoMan 8th July 2011
fantasic i loved it!
Name: Omar 11th July 2011
cool story
Name: Grace2002 12th July 2011
it was ok but, i wouldnt go mad over it
Name: Brooke 15th July 2011
this is so cool
Name: Yzanne 16th July 2011
awsome i loved it
Name: Molly 23rd July 2011
so bad
Name: Anthony 26th July 2011
An awesome tale!!
Name: DYLAN 26th July 2011
I like it I did't know what was going to happen
Name: Gio And Hugo 28th July 2011
It`s very funny!
Name: Rhys 1st August 2011
Name: Brad 2nd August 2011
nice i love that check my story out its the ring of love
Name: Tim 3rd August 2011
It is a bit funny and grusesom
Name: Mythical Madnes 12th August 2011
very nice i like your stile
Name: Angel 18th August 2011
i really like the style of this story
Name: Myka Botron 25th August 2011
that nice but the characters is corny.
Name: Kool360 27th August 2011
look, its a good story and I like your style, but it really needs better people in it.
Name: Jennifer Garcia 22nd September 2011
it's a good story and very interesting to read.And it reminds me of a chinese book about the golden dragon
Name: Ellie 22nd September 2011
good needs a better style
Name: Ggberry 4th May 2012
myths and legends watch it all the time
Name: Zoe 9th July 2012
It's quite good!! We were shown it at school
Name: Kitykat67 22nd August 2012
its da bomb yo
Name: Harrison 10th September 2012
this is a weird website
Name: Ian 12th September 2012
very cool
Name: James A 12th September 2012
relly cool
Name: Alice 14th September 2012
Name: Harry 16th September 2012
did not really like that
Name: Garrett 17th September 2012
it's OK.
Name: Alex 18th September 2012
it was good and i think it will be a good story for children
Name: Laura 19th September 2012
i thinkthat was a cool story espeically the end !
Name: Samuel 27th September 2012
its allright
Name: Jordan 9th November 2012
Name: Epic 13th November 2012
st gorge and the dragon
Name: Tegan 15th January 2013
i Live in nether Stowey and visit the quantocks nearly every day this myth is very local and most people in the area know it !!It is okay i have not yet made up my mind on weather i believe it or not but i am 12 and my dad told it to me when i was a little girl!.x
Name: MoleFace 21st March 2013
i could eat that dragon, lolololololololol
thinking fat thoughts
Name: Elliot 13th October 2013
good :)
Name: 99 26th November 2013
Name: Misty34534 31st December 2013
that was awesome I love this legend its the best one yet!!!
Name: Fnaf Lover 1st April 2015
This is a really cool story! ;)
Name: Instikill 21st April 2015
Your story was very scary that it scared my sisters away!
Name: Instikill 21st April 2015
When can you make another legend that's creepy?:)
Name: Edward 28th April 2015
hi iv just read fin mcool it was amzing
Name: Lily 5th May 2015
That was not scary
Name: Taiba 6th May 2015
i really like your story its fab
Name: Anamika 10th May 2015
just read story, really cool!
Name: Heath 11th May 2015
Amazing dragon thing
Name: Lindsay 28th May 2015
cool beans
Name: Yogavan Paraparan 17th June 2015
I'm a big fan I'm using it as my homework defeiley tell me if there
is more.
Name: Max 26th January 2016
really good nice end!!!!
Name: Jonny Atkinson 25th April 2016
I would like to say that this is one of my favourite stories ever. I am still quoting this, at age 17, when we did a project on this in year 3. Thank you so much for this piece of art.
Name: Richard Darlow 27th June 2016
Hi, among many others, I have located your Wurm near to Shervage Wood. It can be seen only from high in the air and in certain low light, but it is certainly there looking eastwards. Let me know if you would like to know more. Regards, Richard.
Name: Leah Pfaff 27th July 2016
really cool, loved it (jamie said that)
Name: Alec 27th July 2016
Nice ending but not good graphics
Name: Joshua 4th November 2016
Name: Hi 12th December 2016
good but creepy and weird.
Name: Jayden 3rd March 2017
awesome reality
Name: Kile 6th March 2017
i liked that story
Name: Dem People 7th March 2017
At the end, (insert creepy music and get nightmares)
Name: Three People 10th March 2017
I loved this! I Think You Did Good In This Myth! Like All Of Them, I Love these
Name: Fred 30th March 2017
love your myth they are so unrealistic
Name: Ebony 31st March 2017
hi there
love your The Gurt Wurm of Shervage Wood video and i would like the recording that is backing it please. i need it for a school project that i am working on based around your video. please send it to the email address provided.
thank you for co-operation
Name: Literal Fred Atherstone 4th April 2017
yo man they are cool ay! only problem is is that they don't match up! oops... i have made a video and i need the recording of the thing that is playing. i would appreciate it if you could please cooperate.
Name: Dorsa Ghaffari 4th July 2017
This book was amazing was it about Vikings . Thanks for reading me this bestseller and fearsome dragon booklet.
Name: Dorsa Ghaffari 4th July 2017
I know a story book which is similar to this one it is called fearsome Vikings.
Name: Evelyn 29th December 2017
this book was so interesting . I liked the part when the dragon is cut in half .
Name: Dat Boi 10th January 2018
it was gross
Name: Lumbermike 31st January 2018
this story is covered in blood and shall not be shown to younger children.
Name: Kian 25th February 2018
When I read all the legends and myths, they scare me.


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