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The Green Lady of Longleat House

Name: Linta Nasim 27th October 2008
its spooky
Name: Lauren 9th November 2008
that was weird!
Name: Rosie .l.b 10th November 2008
That was really strange that was compleaty mad
Name: Jessica 24th November 2008
its like realy weird but can be very interesting as well
Name: Jodie 3rd December 2008
Name: Shannen 4th December 2008
is longleat house near to longleat zoo? relly good its my second favorite story
Name: Prabal 9th December 2008
not to scary but nice
Name: Lizzie Goodman 16th January 2009
Wow that was a cool story!! Best I have heard!!!
Name: Sasha 19th January 2009
not good soooooooooooo sorry
Name: Tasha 21st January 2009
that srory is so true i went to top floor once and freaked
Name: VINCE REBOUL 11th February 2009
Name: Bobby Bob Bob 19th March 2009
That story is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Luke Ruffell 20th March 2009
That is a cool and spooky story. I give it 5 star!
Name: Lindsay 9th April 2009
I've seen the gost she looks very pretty. I'd give this story 10 stars
Name: Tony 19th May 2009
the ghost is not real
Name: Bethany 24th May 2009
that is very spooky i need to know the real truth
Name: Jane Bell 24th May 2009
it was a really spooky story
Name: Sophie J 26th May 2009
woah...i'm going to longleat house as a school trip in june! i hope i can see the green lady ... :)
Name: Clara 6th June 2009
Wow that was SPOOKY ive been to longleat house and its brilliant bbbbbut i did not know the green lady haunts that..................................................
Name: Jasyendy 14th June 2009
I wonder how beautiful she looks like as a ghost Lol but it was a quiet scary story I say so my self
Name: Victoria 5th July 2009
she is very pretty and it is sad that she can't find him.
Name: Aleena 30th July 2009
its realy good but its still sad she is still looking for him
Name: Patience 6th August 2009
have you heard of bloody mary
Name: Hi Everyone 13th December 2009
thats a true story ive been there after i heard the story and saw her knocking on one of the doors!scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: MoLeigh 15th January 2010
Ghost stories are fun, but I dont believe spirits of dead people can return to haunt anywhere. It's imagination !
Name: Charlotte Phillips 20th January 2010
iv'e been there its so scary i wish i never went there i saw the green lady freaky :(
Name: Bethen Jay 20th January 2010
iv been there it is soooooooooooooooooo scary i saw her!!!
Name: Siphie Hamilton 21st January 2010
good pictuers
Name: MARYAM 5th February 2010
I went there but it was not so scary. I Still freaked out when I Saw 2 Ghosts .
one was the green lady and th 2nd was a girl who haunted the stairs. i wonder how the duke sleeps at night.the story is scary but she is muuuuuuuuuuuuuch more scarier.
Name: Claudia Lawrence 23rd February 2010
I like soroies like this I love to listen to it again.
Name: Lizzie 27th February 2010
The best one yet ! LOVE IT !
Name: Sofia 17th March 2010
I really liked this story because its very intresting and is my kind. I like the kind of stories which have a little sadness but are not too tragic.
Name: Amy 20th March 2010
Oh that was a nice love story though it was very sad that the man died.
Name: Alex 12th May 2010
i love the story of the green lady of longleat house if thats what its called cos me and my best friend kiera love ghohst storys!! x x x
Name: Olivia 14th May 2010
I haven't looked at it yet, but as I hear it's about a ghost? I think I'm correct, I love ghost stories! They are my dream:D!

Love Olivia
Name: Harley.a.& Monica.s. 17th May 2010
this was soo sad i loved it ....... she killed her selff arrrrr blesss... she must off loved him xx
Name: Rebecca 8th June 2010
This story is amazing I loved it just like most of the stories on this website!
Name: Sam 18th July 2010
it is haunted, i\'ve been there and someone had a major accident of shock by seeing the ghost (so the ghost is quite violent)
Name: Dvnhfj 17th August 2010
grate story my fav !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jessica 16th September 2010
I've been to Longleat house and didn't know that!!
Phew! I'm gonna tell my mum!
Name: FizaNoor 20th September 2010
Wow!I liked that story!
Name: Rimsha 21st September 2010
I think it was okay!
Name: FizaNoor 24th September 2010
That story was quite good!I really liked it.FANTASTIC1!!!
Name: Anon 19th October 2010
my absalout fav!!
Name: Morgan 3rd November 2010
i been there myself thought i heard strange noises
Name: Corrine And Faye 13th November 2010
i have been to longleat house and heard noises
Name: Alastair 17th November 2010
i beleve it
Name: Shreyash 5th December 2010
same with me!i went to longleat to stay and heard somebody knoking my room's door but when i looked out nobody was there!!!
Name: Ella 31st December 2010
i really wouldnt care if i stayed at longleat house and i heard knocking on my door but no one was there or i heard noises in the house because theyre either ghosts or just other people in the house because my mums friend has witnessed 2 ghosts and has had one of them write on her mirror saying the ghosts name and she wasnt afraid. she always says be afraid of the living, not the dead.
Name: Jessica 1st February 2011
I am from wales and there is a myth called the green lady of caerphilly castle with the same type of story setting you must look it up!!! I BELIVE IT
Name: Maria Zeb 12th February 2011
omg ur mums mate witnessed a ghost and it actually wrote on her mirror. wow!
I am a tomboy so i aint scared of much stuff. Im from bedford
Name: Victoria Maklya 23rd February 2011
It was amzing but a little sad
Name: Lyd 14th March 2011
wow! strange coz i love longleatbut i never knew there woz a ghost! that explains the figure i saw whicj woz faint on the tour of longleat house! thx!
Name: Jessica 23rd March 2011
it is so good
Name: Ishleen Kaur Gulati 1st April 2011
myths and legands,cool
Name: Jessica 15th April 2011
It is cool
Name: Abeeha 20th April 2011
it's cool
Name: Riham 29th April 2011
It was a bit of a sad story and realistic a bit and it wasn't an imposible story. Use some imaganative things.
Name: Tilly Hewitt 5th June 2011
wow i think this is true
Name: Alisha 17th June 2011
I love it...!:)
Name: Orinoco Class 22nd June 2011
Start seems realistic, the ghost doesn't sound very realistic.
It doesn't explain why the ghost is green.
Name: Ben 22nd June 2011
sick dood
Name: Olivia 28th June 2011
Great story, Never been to the place though. Ill have to go there. xx
Name: Samboats 19th July 2011
hi i loved it to improve i would say why the gohst is green LOL
Name: Badgers Class 16th August 2011

Defintley their for a school trip
Name: Emma 16th August 2011
OMG so scary + spooky
Name: Myth Addict 8th September 2011
do u know any facts about the green lady
Name: Myth Addict 8th September 2011
im here on this website doing homework
:( why do we need to do a security code they know we can see or we wont be putting a comment LOL
Name: Penny 8th October 2011
omg i cant belive i have been there spooky
Name: Holly 8th October 2011
I liked this story. I am interested in ghosts and spirits. Anyone know any haunted places in england I could visit? xxx
Name: Maryam 25th October 2011
Name: Beth 9th November 2011
relly good story
Name: Beth 9th November 2011
Name: Cameron 9th November 2011
Oh my god ive been into to longleat house regret doing that now!!!!!!!
Name: Aimen 14th December 2011
i really liked this story but i also have read about thesus and the minotaur. i hav read the story and have noticed it is very popular
Name: Bubbling 12th January 2012
Its really good,but I would say the stories more for older children,( because its a little scary!!!)
Name: James Allen 5th March 2012
Fair scary.
Name: Hannah 26th April 2012
very good plus i've been to longleat and i have walkes through the green ladys walk and i did'nt know why it was called that. I guess now i know!!
Name: Asiya 29th April 2012
its cool but really scary
Name: Brianna 11th June 2012
i like it
Name: Someoneushouldknow 25th June 2012
ive heard of the haunted bloody mary if you say her name 3 times in the toilet mirror at midnight and turn of the lights you see her face...and i dont wanna say anymore...
Name: Lucy 26th June 2012
I thought it was brill and a bit spooky
Name: Lulu 26th June 2012
i lov it it is so interesting but scery!
Name: Beebee 24th August 2012
when i went 2 longleat for the day we went 2 longleat house and we read something and i read the lady was murded and she haunts the corridors looking for someone, now im quite scared:\\\'(
Name: Norma 14th October 2012
The sorry I heard when we in at Corsley Wilts, The man was the lover of the Green lady, he was a poet,They would meet at Heaven Gate. When her husband found out the man was locked in the cellar ,She was told he had left the house, She couldnt believe this and spent hours looking for him.
Name: Sol 26th October 2012
Cool but scary :/
Name: Sophie 4th December 2012
Norma, it is true what you just commented, that the soft hearted footman is actually a poet. LOL
Name: Laura 5th May 2013
cool,amazing,sad and romantic

i love this story
Name: H 10th June 2013
2 scary
Name: Sammy 3rd August 2013
I love ghost stories a d she is called the green lady because she wore a green dress the first time she went out lokking for her footman
Name: Monalisa 30th September 2013
i like this story it's kind of sadness and fear and thank you for this amazing site !!!
Name: Jessie 8th October 2013
I like this myth
Name: Linny 4th December 2013
I love this site so much! :) Please post some more stories!
Name: Sulayman 9th March 2014
So why is this ghost green?
Name: Bilal 26th April 2014
I am creeped out already
Name: Connor Michael 14th May 2014
Yeh, Why is she green
Name: Natasha Burke 22nd June 2014
I really like it. good story people.
Name: Frankie 4th July 2014
this story is really fascinating to read because of the devoted lady in the green dress looking for her true love to come back
Name: Madison 14th September 2014
I took a photo of the Green Lady\'s footman\'s ghost in the lower dining room where the Green Lady\'s portrait hangs. He looked so sad. It was scary though!
Name: Looming Centre 23rd September 2014
I thought this story was amazing and also I have been too the longleat house
Name: J 27th October 2014
been to this building for ghost hunting and I will tell you it is SCARY!!!!!!
Name: Abbas 28th November 2014
this is the worst story
Name: Clara 28th February 2015
Name: Mattie 20th April 2015
Name: Zoe 17th October 2015
I love myths and legennd
Name: Ava 5th February 2016
I loved this story!
I think it could have used a happy ending though, could have been a bit longer!
but I really liked it! :)
Name: Jam 31st October 2016
Wow! lovely story . And also very sad for the footman ): :(
Name: Emily Dean 1st December 2016
Name: Inamul 11th December 2017
It is soo interesting that I can't. Even stop watching it๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Name: Tristen 14th December 2017
soooooooooooooooooooooo sad


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