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The Witch and the Pancakes

Name: Iola 19th September 2008
Cant say any thing but brill
Name: Brie 24th September 2008
Yer umm....
Thats pretty cool!


Me and my friends find this story amazing.
And wish it was real.

Does anything like this happen in real life?

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Name: Geoff 24th September 2008
Name: Olivia Tomlinson 13th October 2008
it was a very well read story but i didnt want to be on the spot ontop of that mound and i would love to meet that man who was in that castle and i wouldnt wont to be working. from olivia
Name: Kira-lee S 23rd October 2008
It is fab is it true?
Name: Keleighs 23rd October 2008
it was fab
Name: Hannah 24th October 2008
Why did you call it the witch and the pancake?
Name: Adam 25th October 2008
will i hear the witch making her pancakes if i visit there now???
Name: Sherradan 4th November 2008
it was a really good story you should write another 1
Name: Ambre 9th November 2008
i think this story was okay but they should have put more discription in it to make more sence
Name: Phoebe 9th November 2008
Very good and interesting, u should put on some witch recipes that would be cool
Name: Leela And Sophie 9th November 2008
wow our teacher told us to go on this site, we thought it would be boring but its so cool n we love this story xxxx
Name: Bryony 10th November 2008
Love it XXXXX Are myths and legends still happening now, i want 2 find a new one?
Name: Queen 10th November 2008
the story was so cool i want2 find another just like this
Name: Momo 11th November 2008
Yayy!!! Pancakes! yumm!! yumm! AWESOMELY AWESOME story people!! hahahahahhha anyways i liked the story
Name: Q 11th November 2008
The story was very interesting
Name: Connie And Alivia 13th November 2008
this myth was good me and alivia liked it but we wonder what the witch put in the pancakes
Name: Connor 17th November 2008
yummy pankcakes that witch looks like my mum
Name: Ruby 18th November 2008
excellent story played it 2x
Name: Niamh Mcdowall 20th November 2008
i realy like your lovely myths
Name: Sara 4th December 2008
My favorite myths is this one i am 8
Name: Joe K 4th December 2008
Name: Liam 6th December 2008
g8 story thany you for making it
Name: Ranjit 12th December 2008
i like the pictures.
Name: Malik 13th December 2008
weird story, neva eatin pancakes again!
Name: Ruckhsar 19th January 2009
the story was brilllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Name: Adam 22nd January 2009
u have scared me from pancakes for life! lol
Name: Annalise 22nd January 2009
This is cool
Name: Leanne 22nd January 2009
this is brilliant
Name: Maggie Murhy 29th January 2009
this was great
Name: Christy 29th January 2009
i loved the story this was amazing
cool story!
Name: Deanna 30th January 2009
That was mint but i just do not get it.At ipley junior school we have been learning about myths.(EDITED) it was a bit borin
Name: Lara Deen 31st January 2009
Name: Bekah Boo 6th February 2009
coooooool not so borin
Name: EMILY 6th February 2009
the witch's voice was awsome ME and MY sister thought the way she said pancakes WAS ace!!!!!!

Name: Jade 7th February 2009
the voices were ace !!!!!
Name: Amy Rocks 8th February 2009
this story is ace i love .
Name: Dirk 17th February 2009
i like pancakes
Name: Miig 2nd March 2009
cool story... i love
Name: Caity BBZ 16th March 2009
WOW! Theres a story to tell! I've read all the stories and thier all BRILLIANT whoever invented Myths and Legends website ROCKS TILL THEY DROP!
From Caity Grace Chandler
Name: Dodo Bradders 26th March 2009
hell yh this site is the best for myths its soo koool yh :) (Y)

Name: Paula Jakima 26th March 2009
sick story i love it so much:)
Name: Peanut Butter 1st April 2009
i thought it was great but it was sick when they threw up but i suggest everyone should read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Bethany 4th April 2009
it was so gross because the people looked like they where sick.
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 16th April 2009

Name: Nutella 3rd May 2009
It's very tasty like nutella and marmite and butter
Name: Daisy Madhouse 8th May 2009
i love pancakes but not the witch's
Name: Antonia 26th May 2009
never thought there would be a story about pancakes.
Name: Bread 26th May 2009
I LOVE pancakes!!!!
Name: Kennedy 10th June 2009
heeya dats a kwl storry. xx
Name: Kid 12th June 2009
its good
Name: Aleksandra Luczyk 13th June 2009
i really like your brilliant myths
Name: Me 22nd June 2009
it is good
Name: Callum Bartrum 3rd July 2009
Name: Magic 4th July 2009
love it,do more.
Name: ANAIS 17th September 2009
Name: Megz 18th September 2009
that was really good i enjoyed it!!!
Name: Niamh M 23rd September 2009
it was scary and really cool
Name: Gabriella 24th September 2009
Real scary i was very frightended!!!
Name: Iqbal Hussain 4th October 2009
it is the best story in the world
Name: Ria Morcom 17th October 2009
Very nice it was allright, could have been better.
Name: Robyn Leigh 18th October 2009
very interesting and all of my family and friends love it and watch love it
Name: Emily 19th October 2009
It was cool
Name: Ian Dudley 26th October 2009
As a kid at St Georges school in Toddington, i remember having to climb Conger Hill regardless of the weather prior to mid day every Shrove Tuesday, and when the church clock struck 12 we all had to put our ears to the ground and listen for the witch cooking pancakes.
Wicker Man-esk or what !!!!!
Name: Emily 6th November 2009
I think it was exciting and it was very adventurious.The characters were very magical and the setting was very realistic.
Name: Ashley 11th November 2009
its was canny boring more scenes needeed !! :)
Name: Sheleegh 11th November 2009
ace, luved this one
Name: Lena 11th November 2009
cant belive the man said it was true i would love 2 go n listen 4 the witch..we all agree this is ace n luv the sick bit
Name: Ashley 15th November 2009
good book
Name: Sam 16th November 2009
Name: Emily 17th November 2009
Name: Neha 18th November 2009
This myth is one my favourite myths
because it is one of the best ones
Name: Siyma 19th November 2009
i really like this story because its like there all against each other but there is one clever which i found very intresting i found it very intressting.
Name: Sweetjam 26th November 2009
ewwww that was minging im never eating pancackes ever again just in case my nanna (who looks like the witch)put summthing in ma pancackes
Name: Leila 30th November 2009
It was a funn and interesting story!!!
Name: Ethan 20th December 2009
made me want panckes not witch panckes of cause!

such a mouth droper
Name: Jade 7th January 2010
i think the story was really good but i do still want to eat pancakes because the witch lives no where near me! :)
Name: Maggie 7th January 2010
i felt really hungry becouse i love pancakes
Name: Mely Rocks 16th January 2010
i love that story
Name: Bobbins 18th January 2010
it was a funny story
Name: Donna 20th January 2010
it really funny
Name: Jack 20th January 2010
that was a wonderful story, i loved the bit when the witch cooks the pancakes.
errr horible.
Name: Funny 24th January 2010
This is a really funny story i wonder what did the witch put on the pancakes?
Name: Aishwariya 25th January 2010
Hey nice
but what is the moral of this story because i don't really know.
Name: Billie Z 26th January 2010
myths dont have to have morals thy explain why something is like it is - fables have morals -t hou some myths may have they dont have to - thats what i learned at school
Name: Deliah 26th January 2010
brill brill brill
Name: Chill 14 28th January 2010
I think it was really clever but i count tell the things we were supose to learn from it,sorry!
Name: Mela 28th January 2010
it tells why local people think they hear a witch under the mound and how she got ther, an 2 think before you say things especily is a witch is making ur pancakes
Name: Di De 28th January 2010
my fav on site thanks myths team
Name: Mckenzie 12th February 2010
it was good.i liked it when the queston mark came flashing
Name: Aimee 13th February 2010
I really injoyed it it was intresting
Name: Georgia 23rd February 2010
Name: ME 23rd February 2010
it was a g8 story n weldon
Name: Chelsi 24th February 2010
I'd really like to hear this one, my friend said its a one of a kind story:)
Name: Georgia 24th February 2010
This story is very good
Name: Ethan 28th March 2010
very good story. wount want to eat the wiches panckacks tough
Name: Rhianna 19th April 2010
good but it could be better!!
Name: Rianne 27th April 2010
its all right but i did injoy it
Name: India 28th April 2010
its funny and great
Name: Tiahni & Audrey 29th April 2010
This is a funny story and we would like to know what was in the pancake!
Name: Kasim 29th April 2010
it was such a good story and i thought it was really funny when the important people came to try the panckes and they were disgusting so they all did sick. but it was also a little scary because the the steward died three years later and the witch still remains deep deep under the ground. top story but i don't think i would want to eat the pancakes though.
Name: Kainaat 1st May 2010
we were learning about myths and legends at school. my teacher told me to go on this website she also showed this at school i found it intresting and here i am . i just finished watching this .i always watch clips about bedforshire because thats where i live .
Name: Amal 7th May 2010
well i do like this but there is a question i have to ask.why would you put your ear to hear the pancake bell ring why can you just hear it?
Name: Michelle 27th May 2010
Nice story
Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
Its sad how Sir Paul died at the end, but i liked the story.
Name: Cerise-honey 22nd July 2010
i love this story its just it gives me nightmares!
Name: Sweeni 7th August 2010
really nice story interesting....
Name: Melissa Fatanitavake 24th August 2010
that story was so cool and when i go to sleep i have nightmares it was so awsome???????????????????????????
THIS STORY ROCKS??????????????????? WE LOVE YOU
Name: Serina 29th August 2010
it was great
Name: Andrea Panda:) 15th September 2010
wicked i want to go listen to the witch!!!!!!!!
Name: FizaNoor 19th September 2010
That story was cooool!It was fantastic.At first when I opened this website I saw this story and I knew this was going to be the best story ever.And that's true!
Name: Rimsha 20th September 2010
Keep on doing the good job!5 stars!
Name: Debby 20th September 2010
sort of freaked me out!!
Name: Leonie 29th September 2010
This was one of the best stories i've ever read
Name: Kelly 17th October 2010
Wow!!! Fab stuff!!! Keep it up
Name: Fiona 3rd November 2010
that was cool
Name: Lucy 15th December 2010
beautifully narrated
Name: Jenni 22nd December 2010
This story rox its sooooooooooooooooooo cool
Name: ANJALI 14th January 2011
Name: Stefano 17th January 2011
the witch was cruel and she deserves to be to underground.
Name: Tighe Handley 18th January 2011
i did not like it was pointless
Name: Lucy 19th January 2011
Great Book
Name: Random 19th January 2011
thought it would be rubbish and it was not
Name: Unknown 21st January 2011
Its so good and i love it but i dont think it is true
Name: Moomoo 26th January 2011
Fantastic. Except at the start it seemed like a map.
Name: Liviy 12th March 2011
it was so cool I was laughing my head off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ella Yeoman 20th March 2011
ive got 2 summarise it in 5 sentenses wat would u put it as ???
Name: Evy2003 7th April 2011
Is this story in a book? Because if it is not I have to go up to the liberian and say have you got the book of The Witches Pancakes what ever its called. Its fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

No its not in a book but you can download the text version from the site. - The Myths Team
Name: Madina 16th April 2011
this myth is fantastic.if i had that book i will be reading it evryday because i love reading
Name: Kit 16th May 2011
this is odd
Name: Jean 25th May 2011
this is ok
Name: Harret Passy 30th May 2011
I think it was quite scary
Name: Olivia 24th June 2011
i think this is true because of pancake day i thought it was a bit creepy but i loved this one it is now my fav myth
Name: Morgan 10th July 2011
I think it is a great story, the witch was really creepy!
Name: Vanessa 18th July 2011
i think the stor is ril because of pancake day feb 24 and king henry the 111 so beware for the witch
Name: Kanage 4th October 2011
i think this story rocks and a little halarius
Name: Zo3y Waters 27th October 2011
very funny stroy
Name: Haares 27th October 2011
i like this video because its half good and half bad sort of halarious.
Name: Catlover300 24th November 2011
i really liked it. at my school, we are working on myths and legends for topic and i chose this story for my homework. please can you tell me if it is a myth or legend because i get mixed up sometimes. i hope you have a wonderful life!
Name: Spinky11 12th December 2011
I like the witch's eyes when she is mad!
That is funny!
Name: Pancakez Luuuuvers! 9th January 2012
It is a AWESOME storie because i luuuuuuve pancakes! and witches! WEEEEEEEEE!!!
Love it!
Hugz and kizzez to the story maker! :*:*:*:*:*
Name: Esma 17th January 2012
OOOOHH. The pancakes seem to be very delicious but not the witch pancakes.

Wonder if there is another story about the witch and the pancakes?
Name: Tulisa 20th January 2012
i like it
Name: Natasha 29th January 2012
a bit scary
Name: Hannah 17th February 2012
well i thought the story was good didnt think it was scary and the witch was right they were ungreatful and if theres one thing that should be learned from this story is to tell as many lies as u can to a witch to make her feel like the superior one because they can suddenly turn sour at the wink of an eye!
Name: Baddermansam 21st February 2012
Name: Rosie 23rd February 2012
it is really weird myths and legend
Name: Michael 29th February 2012
how kwlwas that
Name: Tempi 17th March 2012
love this x :p
Name: Almeja 20th April 2012
loooveed it
Name: Holly 22nd April 2012
:) Suspense and Drama!
Name: Amber 23rd April 2012
i thought that this myth was ACE but quite hard to get the hang of but i got it aventually over all i would score it 8/10
Name: Joe 1st May 2012
i like it
Name: Isabelle And Esm\'e 2nd May 2012
We thought this was a great story and now were hungry for pancakes
Name: Dan 3rd May 2012
dis wuz gud lol had a reel twist 2 it in da end
Name: Chanel 8th May 2012
i liked and now im going to ask if i can go and see the place my self and if im luky i could hear the wich making her pancakes.
Name: Rina 13th May 2012
Ok nice
Name: Oooo 14th May 2012
i love this myth or legend sooooooooooooooo much
Name: Alayna 18th May 2012
i love this show but it needs more details thank you
Name: Someone 23rd May 2012
its really exciting.i love it.
Name: A S U 11th June 2012
It was a bit scary. Anyone would probably believe this!
Name: Louis Tomlinson 11th June 2012
I love the the book especially when it realates to pancacks but I really like french toast.
Name: ...... 12th June 2012
Name: Mary 19th June 2012
i love it
Name: Melissa 16th July 2012
What is the special ingredient?????
Name: Tia 20th July 2012
it was funny!
Name: Tangata 24th July 2012
it was funny
Name: Mr Tripper(Mitch Brennan) 6th August 2012
It is halarious haha lub it
Name: Kate 7th August 2012
love it BRO
Name: Mr Bob 13th August 2012
im loving it!!!!da da da da da
Name: Awesome Dude 19th August 2012
Name: Blaire 2nd September 2012
This is one of the greatest myth or legends in the world I love the way that you guys did it thank you!!!:)
Name: Hannah 15th September 2012
this story is scary i would not like to stand under that castle
Name: Beca 16th September 2012
I wouldn't like to be an archivist and dig up that area because it may be a bit creepy
Name: Yoselyn 18th September 2012
i love this story man
Name: Shirley 18th September 2012
i like this myth and legend =)
Name: Lexa 11th October 2012
it is a good story!!!!!!!!! a bit scary though too
Name: Yello_jello 14th October 2012
it is a really good story. i watched it at school 2!!
Name: Diyah 23rd October 2012
great story
what did the witch really put in the pancakes???
Name: Joshua 25th October 2012
umm.. idk if it was scarry...but then again im probably older than you...
Name: BOB DIDDLE BOB 28th October 2012
Name: Maria Gale 31st October 2012
That was great! I actually love pancake, what did she even add in it? A bat, a rat. poison? Or... HER DENTURES!
Name: Kayla 19th November 2012
this story is not rel I'm sure but I like this story.
Name: Kayla 19th November 2012
I also love pancakes so do my family. but what did she fill in that pancake that Sir Paul did not like it is it her blood ,pousin,bat,tissue or fungi.
Name: Nida 28th November 2012
very nice
Name: Nithusha 29th November 2012
nice one ya but scary ah
Name: Abdurahman 4th December 2012
i like it even if its scary
Name: Faye 11th January 2013
its horrid when they all start throwing up!! its a bit freaky too!!! :(
Name: Samantha 23rd January 2013
i couldnt start my story because it said tha the link was broken, it seemed really gd too!!!:(
Name: AYIANA 13th February 2013
Name: PENNY 26th February 2013
i like this story. I never knew that there was a witch making pancakes under the ground but thats pretty awesome.
Name: Julia 1st April 2013

This story is so historical. I've heard about a witch who made panckakes but I didn't know the whole story. And also:

Hi samantha,

Don't worry. Why not try again? It might not be used to this website. I'm sure you'll be able to make a story. I have made a story but I can't remember what it is called. I am so sorry for you mate. I will be able to see your story when you make it lol.
Name: Ishmamah 20th April 2013
Name: Lucy 9th May 2013
I loved that story. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Serine 12th May 2013
I loved this, but when we watched it at school. You know last time Ii couldn't even stop watching it!
Name: CHEESEPUFFS895 13th May 2013

Name: Tafz 13th May 2013
cool man
Name: Ange 14th May 2013
Name: Dolly 18th May 2013
LOVE that story it was truly amasome
Name: Carly 21st May 2013
it was great
Name: Ffion 2nd June 2013
i really liked it but when the cook died she could have told a friend what the ingredient was.
ps. what was the resapie she used (We think the cook was probably too ill to tell!!! Unfortunately no one knows the ingredient - The Myths Team)
Name: Xenia Stonehouse Gusewski 3rd June 2013
I think that was really good
Name: Jarvis 15th June 2013
it was great
Name: Niamh 27th June 2013
This has to be one of the best books I have ever read it was a truly great book anyway I wont tell you what happens because it will give away the surprise!
Name: Liza 13th July 2013
i used this myths and lengend story as one of my homeworks! i made it great and i did it in handwritting and drew a few pics/pictures. I LOVE PANCAKES THATS WHY I USED IT AS MY HOMEWORK!!!!! >:-D
Name: Tahlia 12th August 2013
Nice worki
Name: Jared 13th September 2013
it is relly good
Name: Hope 18th September 2013
That was really entertaining... Love the ending!!! :D
Name: Machlon,ocean,shaniqua 2nd October 2013
i liked wene you changed the words.
Name: Buni 18th October 2013
This story made me want pancakes xD
Name: Annie 27th October 2013
wow this is funny
Name: Sokayna 30th October 2013
I love this story although I knew there was something mischievous
Name: Lia 5th November 2013
i love to hear the wicth :]
Name: Alysha And Summer-rose 18th November 2013
the story is great and me and my little sister loves this story thankyou :) whoever created it - it's a very impish cliff hanging story xxx
Name: Bob 19th November 2013
i like it because its got pancakes in the name
Name: Saffi Naeem 23rd November 2013
This Myth is absouloutley astonashing
Name: Alyssa 31st December 2013
that story was good
Name: Shaun 8th January 2014
that story was good
Name: Katie 9th January 2014
that was very good 5 stars
Name: Yanna 15th January 2014
It is so GOOD
Name: Bob 21st January 2014
very nice
Name: Boo 24th January 2014
Sweet this is telling me to eat pancakes mmmm pancakes
Name: Nazy 23rd February 2014
*awsome very nice*
Name: David 27th February 2014
Witch Pancakes TASTE THAT BAD? Oh LOL! So witches like that taste.
Name: Arjun 28th February 2014
imagine if the witch throws a pancake!!!
and it has heart poison!!!
Name: Jazlyn 6th March 2014
that's a cool story.
Name: Wil 30th March 2014
Name: Kritsy 1st April 2014
wow this is really scary....i was about to shove my face into my pillow cause i was scared... oh well it's also a bit fun.. but i dont think the guards shoul've did that cause she made the pancakes and its practically the maids fault..
Name: Maci 3rd April 2014
So fuuny
Name: Isabella 13th April 2014
It was weird how the man was speaking
Name: Ella 19th April 2014
hilarious litrailly amuzing
Name: Taylor 23rd April 2014
awesome story i like the part when the man said the part of the witch
Name: Madde 23rd April 2014
The wich is scary
Name: Maddie 23rd April 2014
Yummy pancakes
Name: Nessa 9th May 2014
ths is soo weird!!
Name: Zoei 14th May 2014
Hahaha what did she put in the pancakes to make them taste that bad were they throw up
Name: Soofna 9th August 2014
i loooove these
Name: Matthew 10th September 2014
Funny tittle but good story
Name: Szimin 15th September 2014
this is magical and inspiring. this makes me want to eat pancakes, the witch makes great recipes. the end
Name: Rebbeca 26th September 2014
is this a myth or legend reply asap
Name: Breeza 7th October 2014
this story interesting and it was about pancakes
Name: Emaan 7th October 2014
it was good but the pancakes made me hungry
Name: I Like Pancakes 9th October 2014
me loves dohnuts
Name: Diego 17th October 2014
i awnt to eat some pancakes now
Name: May 20th October 2014
this story is pretty interesting but it made me want pancakes
Name: Myleisha 22nd October 2014
am inlove with this story
Name: Finn 5th November 2014
Name: Joscelyn 13th November 2014
I really like this story!!! :)
Name: Jodie 20th November 2014
I really like these myths and legends they are so interesting
Name: ROBIT 5th January 2015
Name: Paige 10th January 2015
Name: Jessica 30th January 2015
Name: Christine 30th January 2015
My daughter (5yrs old) loves the witch stories. :) they are quite entertaining!
Name: Emma 8th February 2015
Cool story,
creepy. :-)
Name: Lily 18th February 2015
wow this is amazing
Name: Adham 22nd February 2015
This story was so cool:)
Name: Nanelle 18th March 2015
this is amazing i can even write this for my school homework

Name: Unknown Name 14th April 2015
OMG best story
Name: Coiledgalaxy 30th April 2015
love i
Name: Caitlin 6th May 2015
What did she put in the pancakes? It needs to be cleared up!!!
Name: Kiley 18th May 2015
Name: Taylor 19th May 2015
Name: Louise 5th June 2015
love reading these books there so interesting and addictive to read, once you read them you just can't stop I have read loads they should put some new ones on here.
Name: Nina 16th August 2015
this was really good! I typed up this story on the computer but i tweaked it by adding in more adjectives conversations and characters including an old cook who planned to get revenge on the other maids for not listening to her cruel opinion and she is the reason that the witch gets mad and adds her secret ingredient. 11/10! i wonder what the secret ingredient was???? i am so going to conger hill on shrove Tuesday!
Name: Tortle 18th September 2015
good book
Name: Abbey 23rd September 2015
Loved it
Name: Usa 24th October 2015
Awshome ^0^!
Name: Jacob 29th October 2015
yay that was cool
Name: Isabel Hobson 7th November 2015
pancakes are my favorite so i liked it.
Name: G 18th November 2015
Very helpful, loved the verbal story and art work.
Name: Will And Matt 20th November 2015
Wow this is very interesting! Who would think that pancakes originated from witches? Love the attention to detail. I rate this 10/10
Name: Will And Matt 3rd December 2015
Hey guys! It's Matt mad will again. I re read this and I had a few questions.where did the witches come from? I am very interested in this topic so if you could get back to me that would be great! Thanks!
Name: Bryan And Scott 22nd December 2015
It came from nothing
Name: Maisie 11th January 2016
love this myth or lengend i read it out lound in front of my english set loved it
Name: Ava 27th January 2016
I didn't really like this myth that much.
Name: Amro 1st February 2016
This was a bit scary
Name: Emma 2nd February 2016
Cool myth.
Name: Hallay 4th February 2016
Boring myth
Name: Abigail 4th February 2016
That was just creepy,pancakes really?
Name: Ok 4th February 2016
really good
Name: Sup 9th February 2016
Ok 🖌I like pancakes
Name: Mystory 10th February 2016
that was a good story
Name: Hi 10th February 2016
Brilant myth l could lisen to it 100 times
Name: Super Penelope Shiya 10th February 2016
I like pancakes alot and wiches are cool to,but,them together that\\\'s amazing!
Name: Ash 12th February 2016
amazing story i love pancakes
Name: Pancake Lover27 18th February 2016
This wasn't the best story, it was weirddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Name: James Fisher 25th February 2016
This website is so good!!! I love it!! Post another Myth!!!!!
Name: Pancake Detective101 1st March 2016
this is a funny sorry i like it now i think i will make my pet taste the pancakes
Name: Jefferson 1st March 2016
it was alright
Name: Yo 1st March 2016
Name: Kellan Hartley Owen 1st March 2016
this was the best
Name: Alysha 1st March 2016
Does it not work on IPads?
Name: Naruto Uzumaki 23rd March 2016
Good story suspensfull and intrueging.

Ps im bad at spelling
Name: Scarlett 27th March 2016
really good website
Name: Sifratul 8th April 2016
Name: Ella 12th April 2016
it was cool and cinda wierd
Name: Lily 17th April 2016
Name: Jaime 20th April 2016
I like the witch and the pancakes because at the end when the pancake bell rings you put your head to the ground and you hear the old witch cakaling!!!
Name: Kiera 24th April 2016
Name: Paris Bowman 3rd May 2016
it wasn\'t really my type,but it was okay.
Name: Julius 5th May 2016
I liked when the people puke
Name: Jokubas 5th May 2016
I like the part when the witch made the people puke
Name: Sam 8th May 2016
ew it is a great poem though
Name: Isobel 14th May 2016
it is so scary but i liked it
Name: Lola And Lizzy Blossom 10th June 2016
It was not scary to me and Lizzy but we think the moral of the myth or legend was that if someone says that someone is going to be proud of you when you did not do it do not listen to that person because if that person asked you who did it you would say that you did it yourself
Name: Elisabeth 10th June 2016
Really weard name
Name: Fgdyt 10th June 2016
Name: Khunakuna 2nd August 2016
wow this book is so amazing best one ever
Name: Evan 2nd August 2016
this video is misleading
Name: Coolo 8th August 2016
we are very happy lovly
Name: Nanan 28th September 2016
i love this but if young children hear this they won't sleep at night
Name: Someone 8th October 2016
this is my favourite one! u should watch it!
Name: 7uik 6th November 2016
the myth was great
Name: Bob 6th November 2016
was very nice
Name: Roxy 26th November 2016
my faivroute from all the storys
Name: Amellia 18th December 2016
I loved this. The story was delightful and I bit weird but I love the weird so....
Name: Andie 10th March 2017
This was awesome if the whitch was real I would be so scared!
Name: Nicole 3rd April 2017
I really liked it though it was a bit scary.But awesome!!!
Name: Emmyya 7th April 2017
you did so good but her voise.
Name: Marcus 29th April 2017
Good story and effective voice
Name: Seiran 1st May 2017
Wow that was good to listen to!
Name: The Witch 1st May 2017
I am still here you know!!!!
Name: Pancake Lover 21st May 2017
Sooo, scary!! Is she still in there? What if she uses humens for a Pancake!! It was really a fun story. But most of all, I think the title [Whitch & a Pancake] is funny!
Name: Raghav 26th May 2017
Name: Yookta 28th May 2017
Name: Craig 7th August 2017
I want to go to the witch
Name: Holly 25th October 2017
This myth is really good
My sister and i never even knew that this is now called shrove tuesday
I want to find out more about the ingredients the witch put in the pancake and more information about the witch herself.
Name: Evelyn 29th December 2017
this myth is so cool I wanted to know where shrove Tuesday came from!!!!!!
Name: TJ 24th January 2018
This is a cool legend it has everything I would need to write one.
Name: Layla 27th January 2018
I don't know why it's called ''The witch and the Pancakes'' I need some pancakes. I am 1 hungry girl
Name: Lean Cuisine 6th February 2018
pancakes are okay they arent the best ever
Name: Anya 27th February 2018
I want PANCAKES!!!!!!!


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