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The Witch and the Pancakes

3rd June 2019
i can't read it!20th May 2019
cool1st April 2019
Wow24th March 2019
it is weird21st March 2019
dat was da best19th March 2019
I’m have nightmare 11th February 2019
best story ive ever heard. props to the writer, this is real talent. I think i cried but im not sure it all felt like a blur. please create more stories like this accompanied by such amazing art. will definatley be showing this to my kids and their kids and their kids kids. keep up the good work, im counting on you7th December 2018
this story is so amazing it full of mystery!1st December 2018
i dont like it use bad words29th November 2018
This looks good12th September 2018
love the throw up23rd May 2018
I get it
13th May 2018
I love this story\'s so much thank you for making this story
26th April 2018
I love pancakes they are delicious I had a pancake in 2013.21st April 2018
I want PANCAKES!!!!!!!27th February 2018
pancakes are okay they arent the best ever6th February 2018
I don't know why it's called ''The witch and the Pancakes'' I need some pancakes. I am 1 hungry girl27th January 2018
This is a cool legend it has everything I would need to write one.24th January 2018
this myth is so cool I wanted to know where shrove Tuesday came from!!!!!!29th December 2017
This myth is really good
My sister and i never even knew that this is now called shrove tuesday
I want to find out more about the ingredients the witch put in the pancake and more information about the witch herself.
25th October 2017
I want to go to the witch
7th August 2017
lovely28th May 2017
WEIRD26th May 2017
Sooo, scary!! Is she still in there? What if she uses humens for a Pancake!! It was really a fun story. But most of all, I think the title [Whitch & a Pancake] is funny!21st May 2017
I am still here you know!!!!1st May 2017
Wow that was good to listen to!1st May 2017
Good story and effective voice29th April 2017
you did so good but her voise.7th April 2017
I really liked it though it was a bit scary.But awesome!!!3rd April 2017
This was awesome if the whitch was real I would be so scared!10th March 2017
I loved this. The story was delightful and I bit weird but I love the weird so....18th December 2016


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