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The Tale of Perseus and Medusa

There's a really important detail missing here. The shiny shield was vital, as any direct glance from Medusa would have turned Perseus to stone, so he had to use the shield as a mirror to see what he was doing. He certainly didn't just charge and grab some snakes!6th September 2019
what was the name of the magician
11th July 2019
theres alot more to write, perseus a son from zeus they get found in a chest washed up on the shore then the king takes them and wants to marry the lady whos name is danae she sais no so he gets mad he fakes a wedding with a friend and perseus is so poor he has no present so the king is mad and he makes him get the head of the gorgon medusa he meets athene and hermes that give him the stuff the he kills her and chops off her head. the he brings her head to the king and hes turned to stone then he marries a girl named andromeda. i know this because we did a play on it last year so get your facts right!!!!!!!!!!11th June 2019
was quite good but grammar could have been better. helped me learn this for my GCSEs.
Thank you.
6th June 2019
You said King . You don’t put a space in between the word and the period. Also it’s held, not holded. There’s more but yeah.

16th May 2019
More details pls16th May 2019
It’s not got very good grammar or punctuation but helped me with my drama homework, good work.11th May 2019
good3rd May 2019
who turned into stone the king or perseus
18th April 2019
I think it is too short and needs a little but more information11th March 2019
Good 11th March 2019
Interesting, but possibly too short. 3rd March 2019
this is not the way i have been taught it ...but... it is a good way to tell it... too short 20th February 2019
The best5th February 2019
It’s extremely good 30th January 2019
DIFFERENT from ANY myths of Perseus and Medusa I\'ve ever heard. Very unusual!!! 22nd January 2019
I love the story.It helped me a lot.Thank you so much4th December 2018
4th December 2018
where did you get this information? its completely different to what ive been taught at school2nd December 2018
I really like the story it's a bit different to what I heard before but it's still good1st December 2018
Sooooooooooooooo nice27th November 2018
great but far off from the actual story i used this for my homework and it realy helped11th November 2018
I really enjoyed reading the story.. it was although a bit confusing. Some details where missing and it would have been more understandable if more story details where added.
have a nice day.
8th November 2018
Thank you, simplified and easy
4th November 2018
Cool thing really enjoyed it 17th October 2018
This helped me with my home work i got an A and i told my teacher about this website. Thank you again.16th October 2018
This is the best story i ever read.8th October 2018
Hi 👋 thanks 🙏 I hope 🤞 everyone 💁 Enjoys😀!!!6th October 2018
Tell me all of the story
27th September 2018
tell me when percis killed medusa
12th September 2018
This is not the full story27th August 2018
I liked it 27th August 2018
Beautiful story
27th August 2018
I liked this story14th August 2018
some of the grammar and punctuation are incorrect.14th August 2018
Can u Uplevel the story please???

24th June 2018
Good effort, but please review your grammar and event detail since you missed some parts out.9th June 2018
Missed loads of parts of the story out, i went on this website looking for more information, which i found at a certain part of the story but a lot more was missed out including important parts like using a mirror so that you didn\'t look in Medusa\'s eyes.24th April 2018
Mostly helpful, just a little confusing on the part about the witches(a little bit hard to follow along on that part). But thank you for the help!23rd April 2018
You don\\\\\\\'t now your ancient geek27th March 2018
This was really helpful. Thank you so much.12th March 2018
Good story but the grammer needs help.8th March 2018

6th March 2018
the story was very good and entertaining27th February 2018
fine6th February 2018
Thanks6th February 2018
Cmon you could have made it a bit longer with detail I was gonna use this for my homework not to copy it like draw pictures but i ain’t gonna use the website.3rd February 2018
Thanks dude U taught me a lot but the grammar could use a little training.24th January 2018
Bad grammar but good for a quick summary.20th January 2018
your grammar could be better9th January 2018
Thank you for your comments 8th January 2018
Bad spelling and grammar
1st January 2018
really helped out my project.6th December 2017
interesting 24th November 2017
hey how are you who ever is reading this this is a very helpfull story 14th September 2017
cooooooooooool12th September 2017
this story is a very good one for clas-4 and age-9
6th August 2017
Thanks a lot very helpful :)30th June 2017
You got the whole story wrong I can't rely on this website 28th June 2017
Thanks great site
12th June 2017
very useful ya'll!5th May 2017
this story is sooo wrong you havent included the andromeda part and as part greek i am offended5th May 2017
good site helpful2nd May 2017
Well is it true, most of comments says it's not.2nd May 2017
What you wrote was mostly wrong. There was no magician and you did not include the story of Andromeda.26th April 2017
none of this stuff is true5th April 2017
The Gray Sisters actually have the sword and shield, buried under a tree.21st March 2017
The magician didn't give him the sword and the shield Hermes did17th March 2017
the grammar is terrible 16th March 2017
i love the story I wish it had pictures and more detail14th March 2017
Fix the punctuation please11th March 2017
I love this website although i cant find everything!4th March 2017
Far too many errors detract from the story. Not a good example for children to read27th February 2017
work on the punctuation pleas26th February 2017
so many spelling mistakes23rd February 2017
lots of spelling errors15th February 2017
Not true story and many errors. Did not like this one. 15th February 2017
Lot of errors in spelling and not real story13th February 2017
u have a lot of spelling and grammar errors but otherwise good lob lol4th February 2017
Many spelling errors and wrong story
26th January 2017
You are narrating that popular movie Atlantis instead
25th January 2017
Lots of spellig and grammer errors.I rate it a 3 out of 5.24th January 2017
You didn't finish the myth either that or I haven't heard that version before I've heard a different one and yes many spelling errors.19th January 2017
Grammer mistakes along that a magician didn't take place in the story it was Zeus.18th January 2017
IT was good, many errors with grammar spelling etc. Her getting killed led to her 2 sons coming out of her head.17th January 2017
There were grammatical errors and it didn't' follow the original story.15th January 2017
A very nice story7th January 2017
Very good but gramatical errors and I thought he had killed her by using a shiny shield so she would turn herself to stone then beheaded her, otherwise very good well done.7th January 2017
I thought there were many grammar and spelling errors and you could have done much better i think it was bad I\'m sorry but it wasn\'t good at all and it didn\'t follow the original story line.7th January 2017
this is such an awesome story !! great job !!!18th December 2016
Needs a lot of proof reading. Too many grammatical errors. If this is meant to be an educational site, it should not have grammatical errors then people will get confused and it will influence how people write, and they will make mistakes. Maybe the owners of this website should proofread all stories and edit them so it is a better learning place for students. Not hating just an idea5th December 2016


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