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The Tale of Perseus and Medusa

Name: Tamika 4th May 2013
Cool story i read this when i was a child. Cool man.
Name: Ange 17th May 2013
this is really cool and we had to read it in school as well
Name: Chloe 27th May 2013
I love it because it is interesting.
Name: Chloe 29th May 2013
It's ok
Name: Precious 2nd June 2013
It was interesting but it almost made me lose my apitite while eating
Name: Kendric 17th September 2013
Overall, I can tell you did some OK research, but you lacked grammar and punctuation skills, plus an altogether understanding of this story. Try a little harder, and you will succeed.
Name: Rose 24th September 2013
Name: Monika Woods 5th October 2013
A good rendition. Included enough basic facts to get the story across.
Name: Brendan 10th October 2013
i thourely enjoyed it and i used it in my school project so thank you
Name: Will 19th October 2013
that was so cool story
Name: Alyssa 19th October 2013
I likey.
Name: Haneyah 1st November 2013
this story is one of my favorites because i'm so into Greeks and at school we wrote our own Greek myths that were a bit like on of my absolute favorites, Theseus and the Minatour.
Name: Alyn 5th November 2013
its okay m8 but the grammer could be improved :)
Name: Emma 10th November 2013
nice good job
Name: Emma 10th November 2013
Name: Jorja 17th November 2013
Please let it work

Name: Bob 29th November 2013
"holded" is not a word. needs improvment!
Name: Lol 16th December 2013
Needs more information !!!!
Name: Morgan 16th December 2013
Lots of words are not even words 😱 :)
Name: Bobby 9th January 2014
I think that this was quite good but I still think it cold be improved and for the personae who wrote it to put audio speech in!😜
Name: Maci Nicole 21st January 2014
I don't like the info!!!!
Name: Ellie 23rd January 2014
that is sooo creepy
Name: Miley Cyrus 2nd February 2014
it's good but after the god of the sea it stoped!
Name: Anonymous 3rd February 2014
Well that had bad grammar
Name: Mia 3rd February 2014
I liked the bit when Perseus saved his mother and killed the king just by staring at him
Name: Unknown 5th February 2014
I really liked this story it really helped for my essay
Name: Liz 9th February 2014
it wasn't the best to help me because it was to brief
Name: Sahana 16th February 2014
nice story it helped with my history project
Name: Hannah 19th February 2014
i did not know it was a magician
Name: Amber 22nd February 2014
not that great to brief
Name: Rebecca 26th February 2014
I loved it not of mistakes though
Name: Brandon Baxter 26th February 2014
Good but does not make sence
Name: Amber 21st March 2014
Hmm....could be better plus more informative.
Name: Ghostface 23rd March 2014
Really helpfull. Used this for a school project. Just wondering what was the name of Perseus' mother?
Name: Kami Upchurch 27th March 2014
Danae is the name of Perseus' mother
Name: Jed Man 29th April 2014
It was good for my home work
Name: Diana 5th May 2014
what is the name of Perseus grandfather
Name: Yaqoob99 12th May 2014
This was awesome
Name: Liam1010 6th July 2014
It was good for my homework too
Name: Grammar Nazi 26th August 2014
This is not written well, but essentially a good story. In fact, the king did not kidnap Perseus's mother.
Name: Alina 7th September 2014
Well done awesome story just that Perseus and his mother had floated up in a boat well that\'s what I heard

Name: Alina 7th September 2014
Name: Olivia 8th September 2014
really good. thnx
Name: Rebecca 28th September 2014
really good thx xx Helped with homework alot xx
Name: Jake Connellan 5th October 2014
I think that the story wads very good but it could off been better if there wasn't so much of a gap between Perseus talking to the wizard, Perseus obtaining the helmet of invisibility, the sandals of flight and the magical silver bag and his fight with Medusa.
Name: Good Story Guys~###!!! 8th October 2014
Name: Utura 12th October 2014
the story seemed almost as if it had been paraphrased and hardly made sense but thank you for putting it on lone anyway
Name: Anon 2nd November 2014
I could have been better if it had more detail
Name: Sarah 5th November 2014
i like the story
Name: Italy 14th November 2014
Its awesome and cool goooooooooo Perseus...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Name: Nina 25th November 2014
Pretty good a couple mistakes but I liked it
Name: Liam 23rd December 2014
I did not enjoy it
Name: Jess 8th January 2015
This is a good story but does not follow the original myth story very well. there were a lot of factual errors and lots of important details missed out.
Name: Amelia 30th January 2015
I like it
Name: Oops 8th February 2015
NOT correct perseus is given the sword and shield by hermies and athena and gets the rest from some nymphs otherwise thumbs up
Name: Hannah 21st February 2015
I like it but he gets his sword and shield from hermies and Athena like Oops said
Name: Joshua 24th February 2015
is this the real story???
Name: Ryan 27th April 2015
needs better grammar
Name: Vincent 27th April 2015
not that accurate
Name: Anonymous 3rd May 2015
I don't think is is accurate, as i have read a few other versions and they are in much more detail and are quite different. So, good try Charlie, but, it could be better
Name: Queen Lisi 11th May 2015
It's us faboolus, Chaz
Name: Annonymus 8th July 2015
This is\'nt even accurate. you missed a whole lot of the story. you should add the part where the king locked her daughter(Danae)in a castle because a fortune teller(Apollo)told the king that Danae\'s son would one day kill him
Name: A Person 15th October 2015
It\'s good but could be way better good try Charlie it missed quite a few main parts but it was a very good try😁

Name: Mili :) 18th October 2015
Not the real story but good try :)
Name: Aakifah 11th November 2015
Even though its not the real story it helped me with my homework. That is why I've rated it a 5.
Name: Hattie 15th November 2015
I used it for my homework and my teacher was impressed I don\\\'t get it when the king tells him to go to kill medusa randomly he should say that if he killed medusa and if he did then he would set his mother free apart from that it was good
Name: Boss 24th January 2016
yes used it for my home work hope my works for my teacher
Name: Anonymous 31st January 2016
Check your spelling and grammar mistakes.
Name: Johanna 12th March 2016
it really helped
cause i needed it for my tuition homework
Name: Candy123 19th March 2016
Thanks it really helped for my homework and hopefully I get good marks for your help
Name: Jiya 29th March 2016
This is not the true story ps:there was no magician and the King did not want the head on the plate,the gorgans name was Danae.THIS STORY IS ALL WRONG !
Name: John 31st March 2016
Name: Yuya 1st April 2016
this is all wrong
Name: Miranda 4th April 2016
I don't think this is entirely accurate, there was no magician and you didn't mention Danae who is a big part of the story of Perseus. I think you should include Hermese and Athena who actually gave him the gifts
Name: Alishba 4th April 2016
Helped me with my homework thanks
Name: Jamie 20th April 2016
TOTALLY wrong. Where are the Hesperides, Danae, and Andromeda?
Name: Thomas 24th April 2016
not accurate the gods helped him
and at the end perseus did not kill the king
Name: Athena 6th May 2016
soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong the gods helped him Athena gave him a shield and a sword Hermes gave him a helmet and winged sandals. and he got a bag to put medusas head in from some nymphs.
Name: Baa 19th June 2016
Your soooooooooooooooooo coooooool Charlie DUED
Name: Alfie 21st June 2016
It was okay, needs improved grammar. More facts needed but good for a kid.:)
Name: Zeus 21st June 2016
Really good storie I really enjoyed it
Name: Katy 27th June 2016
It's ok
Name: Grace 10th August 2016
Really good story but I Think it needs a bit more Exciting facts in I would rate this story 4 out of 5
Name: Savannah 23rd August 2016
it was an okay story but really short, undetailed and boring
Name: Tishtha Agarwal 13th September 2016
It was nice
Name: Sharan Khurana 13th September 2016
It was fab and fantastic tooooo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»
Name: Anay Asodia G3 Imagine 13th September 2016
very good 5 out of 5
Name: Saanvee Jain Grade 3 Ideate 17th September 2016
The story is good.
Name: Devanshi Jindal 17th September 2016
Excellent story!!!!! Very very very interesting story for me!!!!!!! And was really fantastic.......
Full ratings 5 out of 5..........
Name: Ariel 17th September 2016
I think its good for homework if it's a Greek myths

Name: Daksh Patel 17th September 2016
IT was nice

IT was nice

Name: Preyasi Desai 18th September 2016
Scary but wonderful story.... I enjoyed.
Name: Devanshi Jindal 27th September 2016
This story is very interesting and there is a learning ....... I loved it and it was amazing!!!!!!
Name: Kunjjan 27th September 2016
it was fabulous story
Name: Leigh Mcgorrin 8th October 2016
It was ok enough. 9.5/10
Name: Louis 9th October 2016
It was a good story, but it would of been better if there was more information about the battle between Perseus and Medusa.
Name: Ingrida Laureckyte 17th November 2016
I lovery this
Name: Ingrida Laureckyte 17th November 2016
I give you 5 stars
Name: Sandhya 21st November 2016
It\'s is a nice story the way which it is presented could be some more in brief
Name: Bob 26th November 2016
Proof reading needed. Also a punctuation mark has to come before a speech mark
Name: Concerned Student 5th December 2016
Needs a lot of proof reading. Too many grammatical errors. If this is meant to be an educational site, it should not have grammatical errors then people will get confused and it will influence how people write, and they will make mistakes. Maybe the owners of this website should proofread all stories and edit them so it is a better learning place for students. Not hating just an idea
Name: Aly 18th December 2016
this is such an awesome story !! great job !!!
Name: Adam 7th January 2017
I thought there were many grammar and spelling errors and you could have done much better i think it was bad I\'m sorry but it wasn\'t good at all and it didn\'t follow the original story line.
Name: Emelia 7th January 2017
Very good but gramatical errors and I thought he had killed her by using a shiny shield so she would turn herself to stone then beheaded her, otherwise very good well done.
Name: Pranet 7th January 2017
A very nice story
Name: Maribeth 15th January 2017
There were grammatical errors and it didn't' follow the original story.
Name: Kayla 17th January 2017
IT was good, many errors with grammar spelling etc. Her getting killed led to her 2 sons coming out of her head.
Name: Emma 18th January 2017
Grammer mistakes along that a magician didn't take place in the story it was Zeus.
Name: Lilian 19th January 2017
You didn't finish the myth either that or I haven't heard that version before I've heard a different one and yes many spelling errors.
Name: Lucy 24th January 2017
Lots of spellig and grammer errors.I rate it a 3 out of 5.
Name: Taiwo 25th January 2017
You are narrating that popular movie Atlantis instead
Name: Pineappleforever123 26th January 2017
Many spelling errors and wrong story
Name: Cheyenne 4th February 2017
u have a lot of spelling and grammar errors but otherwise good lob lol
Name: Holly 123456778910111 13th February 2017
Lot of errors in spelling and not real story
Name: Eve 15th February 2017
Not true story and many errors. Did not like this one.
Name: Holy 15th February 2017
lots of spelling errors
Name: Maddie 23rd February 2017
so many spelling mistakes
Name: Benjamin 26th February 2017
work on the punctuation pleas
Name: Hampton School 27th February 2017
Far too many errors detract from the story. Not a good example for children to read
Name: Dawn Child 4th March 2017
I love this website although i cant find everything!
Name: Yousef 11th March 2017
Fix the punctuation please
Name: Jade 14th March 2017
i love the story I wish it had pictures and more detail
Name: Person 16th March 2017
the grammar is terrible
Name: Diego 17th March 2017
The magician didn't give him the sword and the shield Hermes did
Name: George Madden 21st March 2017
The Gray Sisters actually have the sword and shield, buried under a tree.
Name: BEAST 5th April 2017
none of this stuff is true
Name: Unknown 26th April 2017
What you wrote was mostly wrong. There was no magician and you did not include the story of Andromeda.
Name: Flynn 2nd May 2017
Well is it true, most of comments says it's not.
Name: Taki 2nd May 2017
good site helpful
Name: Bhfhsjd 5th May 2017
this story is sooo wrong you havent included the andromeda part and as part greek i am offended
Name: Billy Bob 5th May 2017
very useful ya'll!
Name: Hhjhjlkbm 12th June 2017
Thanks great site
Name: Weirdo 28th June 2017
You got the whole story wrong I can't rely on this website
Name: Chick 30th June 2017
Thanks a lot very helpful :)
Name: Aurna 6th August 2017
this story is a very good one for clas-4 and age-9
Name: Jez 12th September 2017
Name: Its Daboss 14th September 2017
hey how are you who ever is reading this this is a very helpfull story
Name: Zak 24th November 2017
Name: Ayden 6th December 2017
really helped out my project.
Name: Katie 1st January 2018
Bad spelling and grammar
Name: Charlie 8th January 2018
Thank you for your comments
Name: HARRY 9th January 2018
your grammar could be better
Name: Potato 20th January 2018
Bad grammar but good for a quick summary.
Name: Mark 24th January 2018
Thanks dude U taught me a lot but the grammar could use a little training.
Name: Adam 3rd February 2018
Cmon you could have made it a bit longer with detail I was gonna use this for my homework not to copy it like draw pictures but i ain’t gonna use the website.
Name: Rafa 6th February 2018
Name: Della 6th February 2018
Name: Tonna 27th February 2018
the story was very good and entertaining
Name: Reena 6th March 2018

Name: Someone 8th March 2018
Good story but the grammer needs help.
Name: Czarina 12th March 2018
This was really helpful. Thank you so much.
Name: Raoul 27th March 2018
You don\\\\\\\'t now your ancient geek


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