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The Abandoned Children of Wailing Wood

Name: Freya Fuller 28th August 2007
Here is the lullaby that my mother and her mother's mother sang to their babies.The Babes in the Wood

My dear do you know,
How a long time ago,
Two poor little children,
Whose names I don't know,
Were stolen away
On a fine summers day,
And left in a wood,
As I've heard people say,
Poor babes in the wood! poor babes in the wood!
Oh! don't you remember the babes in the wood?

And when it was night,
So sad was their plight,
The sun it went down,
And the moon gave no light!
They sobbed and they sighed,
And they bitterly cried,
And the poor little things,
They lay down and died.
Poor babes in the wood! poor babes in the wood!
Oh! don't you remember the babes in the wood?

And when they were dead,
The robins so red,
Brought strawberry leaves,
And over them spread;
And all the day long,
The branches among,
They mournfully whistled,
And this was their song;
Poor babes in the wood! poor babes in the wood!
Oh! don't you remember the babes in the wood?
Name: Olivia 22nd March 2008
I love this story so much every time I come onto this site I need to read it.
Name: Alexandra 28th March 2008
My mother who has been deceased since 1979 used to sing a song to me as a child in the 1960's. I believe that it may have come from this story but have never been able to trace it back to it's origin. Maybe you can help.

"Oh don't you remember a long time ago
two little babes who's names I don't know
Who strolled away on a cold winters day, got lost in the woods so I heard people say.
And when it was night, how sad was their plight
the sun had gone down and the moon gave no light
And the poor little babes they cried and they cried
And the poor little babes they laid down and died.
And when they were dead, the Robin's so red
took strawberry leaves and over them spread
And all the day long, they sing their sweet song
Poor babes in the woods, poor babes they were dead.
Name: Olivia 26th June 2008
pretty scary dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Liza 18th August 2008
very good
Name: Elly 25th October 2008
good but freeky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Charley 2nd November 2008
creepy i was all most crying about the 2 children
Name: Moeroa 20th November 2008
a bit scary
Name: Anyesha 21st November 2008
i loved your story it was very sad!
Name: Em And Lol 13th December 2008
that was good but sad i had been to that hall
Name: Eli 13th January 2009
ah poor Babes i hope god luvs em 4 ever
Name: Lollypop2000 13th January 2009
AAh i wood have loved those kids poor kids
Name: Lollypop2000 14th January 2009
cum bak 2 life poor kids
Name: Alfnrube 31st January 2009
poor kids rip
Name: Lilly 31st January 2009
poor children i would never do that if i was the uncle
Name: Leah 6th February 2009
It was so cooL your story
Name: Mollie 8th February 2009
so so...scary!! Q!
Name: Merell 8th February 2009
i loved his sad story
Name: Xxxxx 25th February 2009
it was so cool your story
Name: Shannon 3rd March 2009
this story is sad but cool!!!
Name: Bob And Bill 14th March 2009
Bob Says: I Love this story! Its So awesome!
Bill Says: Me Too! It makes me wanna Cry!
Name: Yuri 16th March 2009
that's nice and a bit scary story.
Name: Jasmin.coral.ward 18th March 2009
it's okay sad but nice!
Name: Who Do U Think It Is?! 16th April 2009
That is so cruel to leave the children in the woods. MY bro would NEVER cuddle me in the woods like that!
Name: Elaine Ball 24th May 2009
This "myth" "Fairy tale" is true, it has been passed down in our family this was supposedly the neice and nephew of Earl Robert Degrey , who was a relative in about 1532...not a hoax but true.
Name: Molly 28th August 2009
i would never leave kids in the wood if i said id be back i would go back with bread like i said
Name: Hokes 1st October 2009
this is an okay myth but i think the animation is rubbish
Name: Aki Emily. 15th October 2009
This is a really sad myth/legend. But thenice guy was really a liar! He didn't come back for the kids! I liked it, though.
Name: Jade 8th December 2009
I didn't really like the myth/legend i was a too scary!!!!!!!!!!!! it frighted me too death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lucy 18th December 2009
i think this is a g8 myth but very very very sad - it almost made me cry
Name: Casey Lau 16th January 2010
that film wus scary it scard me to deth
Name: Chill 14 20th January 2010
I really liked it ... it was so clever its good that the uncle got what he deserved he should have got punished more!!
Name: Mythreader 9th February 2010
it was alright. it isn't the best one i have read but i do like it. the poor babies! that 'uncle' sure got what he deserved!
Name: Jordan 15th February 2010
Name: Dina 17th February 2010
all myths\legends have a moral, in stories that had a moral the wicked person is punished, like in this story;but the good people get something, that the story didn't have.
Name: Justine 17th February 2010
Myths dont have to have a moral - they're stories that teach people about something meaningful or how something happened -like how the world came to be or why there are seasons - some have morals but they dont HAVE to - LUV the story by the way
Name: Dominic 3rd March 2010
Those poor kids! Glad the uncle got what he deserved
Name: Ric Schwimmer 1st April 2010
This song is my earliest memory of my grandmother, rocking me and singing it to me around 1952. The song has been handed down since the 1500's. I live in California, and could not go to her funeral in Pennsylvania when she passed in 1992. I had strawberry leaves shipped, and the funeral home director spread them over her in her casket, and the song was read at her funeral, to not a dry eye in the house. My Grandma was of Amish descent, altho not a follower of that sect. I miss her so much. She was the First Person to give me unconditional love.
Name: Sasha 3rd April 2010
myths and legends sound fun.
Name: Allira 30th April 2010
omg.... this was a class assigniment. those poor kids! just horrible, tuley horrible
Name: Bella 5th May 2010
poor kids
Name: Molly Brown 22nd May 2010
Poor Kids I Have Been To Wayland/Wailing Wood And There Is Definetely something frightning happening at night
Name: Bex 5th June 2010
this story is horrible. we've been doing myths and ledgends in english and 1 of the tasks was to find some storys. I have come accross some horrible one's but this is deffently the worst!
Name: Sapphire 8th June 2010
Oooh, scary! I didn't like it when the man didn't come back for them! It was almsot as though he was lying!
Name: Claire Coughlan 4th September 2010
how dreadful what happened to those children x x
Name: Saraah 7th October 2010
its pretty scary tho its really interesting! i luv this site
Name: Natalie 20th October 2010
How scary!
Name: Chloe 31st October 2010
it was cool
Name: Chloe D 11th November 2010
it was very scary but fun
Name: Hope.Claydon 12th November 2010
The uncle was so cruel,the poor children,I did like the story though.
Name: Becci Boo 26th November 2010
Very scary. AHHHH!
Name: Bethany Boo X 26th January 2011
Wow, its very creepy and the sound affects make you terrified. My teacher at school always goes on tis website and we have watched many frightening storys !!!!!!!!!
Name: Princess Boo 8th February 2011
Creapy story but the uncle got what he diserved
Name: Jasmine 16th February 2011
Name: Lola 21st February 2011
good for crying only joking good to read to scare my friends!not my best but cool!
Name: Tara Turley 1st March 2011
it was very good i wonder who made it up it is scarey but it was good i hope there is more like that because i think this is great so if you get this just make another one ok!!!
Name: Lydia 10th March 2011
I really liked it. It's not very hard to tell whether it's a myth or a legend because Wailing Wood is still there and there are no mythical beasts like the minotaur.
Name: Chloe 16th April 2011
I wish that I could write like that - it was amazing!!!
Name: Randi May Cookie 20th April 2011
I Love This story :) xD
Name: Lacey 1st May 2011
awwwwww, that story was sad!! I'm gonna cry!
Name: Ana Gomes 20th May 2011
aaawwwww what a sad story i wish it was less sad!!!!!!
Name: Jamc120 4th July 2011
realy sad liked the nightmare bit
Name: F 6th July 2011
Name: Legend 17th July 2011
Awesome story! Love that it comes across as kinda scary while maintaining a sense a reality. :D
Name: Sherie 24th July 2011
a bit too scary!!!
Name: Filina 26th August 2011
poor children imagine if what happened to them happened to you how tragic really it is sad and through scary plz these thing scare of and drive my dreams into a nightmare! Plz put this story into the older student story really it is tragic mybe older people would like it but not me!
Name: Elaine 3rd September 2011
This actually did happen, it was my ancestors, the family DeGrey, in the 1500's. It is written in family records and is no fairy tale.
Name: Kathrynaw 15th September 2011
I want it to be a fairy tale, not real! That's horrible that it was real.
Name: TayTay 5th October 2011
Poor children! This story scared me, please put it in the older children's section, we will have nightmares now. ;(
Name: Holly 8th October 2011
Poor Children! I feel so sorry for them! I am interested in ghosts and spirits so I am going to walk through that wood tomorrow!!! Wish me luck xxx
Name: Maeve 13th October 2011
That story is good but SOOOOOOOOOOOO sad! When they died I almost cryed! I wish they knew S.O.S. !
Name: Mollie 25th October 2011
i feel very sorry for these children as they did not deserve too die and i think it is a good thing that the uncle wasd punished!
Name: Austin 28th October 2011
this was a tremedous story i loved it but it was very sad
Name: Lauren 28th January 2012
very good and alot of details
Name: Janet 12th February 2012
Heard the song that goes with this story for the first time today, and had to do some research. What a sad, sad story.
Name: Tehut 4th March 2012
This is the saddest story i have heard yet.I am going to tell all my friends about this story!
Name: Sophie Feldmen 11th March 2012
This is a very sad and scary story.
Name: Emma Owens 15th March 2012
i love this it it is freeky but cool
Name: Loretta 19th April 2012
this is a really sad story :(
Name: Sherin Shaju 16th July 2012
very good
Name: Hannah Filmer 11th September 2012
I think this story is good but how come everyone dies??? stil good though.
Name: Hannah 15th September 2012
its soooooooooooooooo saddddddddddd
Name: Rufus 16th September 2012
The saddest story i'v ever heard.
Name: DOMINIC 8th October 2012
Name: Jessica 8th October 2012
fantastic and scary
Name: Zeena 17th October 2012
That wicked uncle is so bad! the story was sad too :\'(
Name: Alfie 6th November 2012
great sttory but sad and scary
Name: Jenny 6th November 2012
it was really really good!!!!!!!!
where did u get those ideas from????
Name: Lulu 20th November 2012
u have an amazing imagination
Name: Chloe 25th November 2012
SCARY story
Name: Saly 4th December 2012
Sickk movie!!
Name: Sally 4th December 2012
Real;lly cool
Name: Cat 14th December 2012
Really good especially as I live in watton
Name: Ashcloud999 27th January 2013
Well everyone Died
Name: Tkd Champ 27th April 2013
Poor kids, i salute you! :)
Name: Sunny 27th April 2013
i think it means babies instead of babes
Name: Frazers 18th July 2013
i like the mummy tale best
Name: Freya 14th August 2013
It is so spooky i did not like it at all it made me scared.i am only 8!
Name: Shriyaa 26th August 2013
I like it it's a good story Well done!
Name: Niddurson 1st October 2013
it is an interesting story
Name: Sellotenfren Michel 4th October 2013
it was absolutey crepy
Name: William 11th October 2013
Name: Leia 29th October 2013
what...... why woud you do that.
Name: Lola 22nd January 2014
very spookey
Name: Renesa 15th March 2014
That cruel uncle deserves that!! Those children are must be in heaven right now.
Name: Ebeli 2nd April 2014
Good story sad though
Name: HERGALA 15th May 2014
Name: Kiyara 19th May 2014
EVIL! That uncle should pay more than nightmares that's so cruel and sad he broke a promise and made his friend do the dirty work! well they should both feel the raft!
Name: Cat 13th August 2014
I know of Hansel and Gretel but the children survive and the witch dies
Name: Cas 24th August 2014
Strangely enough I have never heard of babes in the woods, I'm hoping its not as sad as this myth/legend was. Those poor children did not deserve the fate they got.
Name: Bryson 15th December 2014
Well I think the story was good
And they shod put more stuff in the story that wade Mack it better.
Name: DEEZ NUTZZ 29th April 2015
Name: Stephanie 17th August 2015
What a horrible man he is and the poor children I HATE THAT MAN SO MUCH
Name: Shandizzy 19th February 2016
That was the uncles own fault I feel bad for the kids they didn't even cause any trouble the uncle was just wicked🤑
Name: Nikki 2nd March 2016
wow this story seems interesting.
Name: Flora 19th June 2016
he was EVIL
Name: Billie 9th October 2016
My mother died when I was 15 mo old. I was sent to live with an aunt and uncle who had no children. We aunt was my dad\'s sister. She did not like my father and she liked me even less. This was back in 1944. To this day I remember her singing this song to me. It scared me! The uncle was a dictator but he favored me and she hated me for it.
Name: Aishah 21st January 2017
I don't like this story because even the most harsh hearted person would not kill two innocent little children for no reason.This story just makes me sad and angry
Name: Tristen 14th December 2017
good story sad too


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