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The Legend of the Lincoln Imp

Name: Bell 7th July 2013
Name: Daniel 22nd July 2013
it is good
Name: Esther 19th November 2013
Awesome story.
Name: Ben 25th December 2015
Good story Ive been to the cathedral, and the story is different all with the same ending. that`s what makes it so intreging
Name: Carlie 21st June 2016
that was a cool story I believe every word and it was the best well done
Name: Erin 9th December 2016
This helped my 7 year old sister oh I went when I was seven I still remember even tho I am 11
Name: Patricia 4th July 2017
My grandmother always had a little door knocker on her bedroom door that she called a "Wigan Imp", the story was that the little imp had been sent to do mischief, but had had second thoughts and did good instead, and was then given permission to perch on the church roofline forever. Supposed to be good luck if you rub his tummy. I have the original knocker, and another one my mother brought back for me when she went to England. Anyone know this legend?
Name: Catharine Watters 15th August 2017
I am not sure of these 2 myths, but I remember something about the imp being punished for what he did & he was turned to stone & nailed to a door forever being a door knocker. If anyone remembers this one please let me know. Please!


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