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The Little Deaf Boy

this was AMAZING! it was very detailed and complex. as I am only 12 I understood it perfectly. great job.17th February 2018
How didn’t the deaf boy hear the other people walking with him if he’s deaf?6th February 2018
Wow that was amazing I’m only 12 and I still find that interesting I hope the little boy knew he was loved by everyone since he did that so awesome❤️😍😢5th November 2017
grim22nd August 2017
Despite this tale being somewhat interesting, the grammar on this piece is horrendous.16th August 2017
How did the boy had conversations with the two man when he was a deaf? And how fid the dancing man walk a long way when he was cursed to dance all his life long?5th August 2017
i heard this was the legend that inspired the song "Naughty Boy la la la" so when i heard it was a legend i went and did my research ;D thanks for the info5th July 2017
amazing just amazing imma do my report on this
3rd June 2017
so sad and nice and cool😭😭😭😭😇🤗22nd May 2017
inspirational but sad10th May 2017
"and the dancing man told the boy"
how is this possible if the boy is deaf?
8th May 2017
LOVE THE LEGEND, i was listening to the song la la la while reading this. It was sad, the video15th April 2017
This is an old legend from 19th-century bolivia, a lot of people think it's what the wizard of oz is based on.1st April 2017
Sad but somewhat inspiring. The boy helps a stranger who others laugh at without a thought that they might laugh at him. A heroic move.7th March 2017
really good6th February 2017
So sad but happy well the end22nd January 2017
Such a good story22nd January 2017
This was so deep.18th January 2017
By body language I guess. 16th January 2017
This is like ANaghty Boys LALALA19th December 2016
Only thing that I noticed is: how can dancing man tell something to deaf boy?16th December 2016
How can the dancing man said something to the boy if he can't hear anything??14th December 2016
saw something like this on youtube its a song called "la la la" from naughty boy13th December 2016
Wow this kinda scares me but I like it. I might tell my friend the story on Halloween 11th December 2016


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