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Demeter and her Daughter Persephone

Name: Steph 12th December 2013
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Name: Lindsey 21st December 2013
I thought this legend was good. It was not one of my favorites, because I usually do not like learning about gods and goddesses.
Name: Eleanor 3rd January 2014
I love this story! I always enjoy the romantic myths about people falling in love. A lot of my favourites come from greece too! I love Greek myths!
Name: Hello 6th January 2014
It was very good because i realy dont like lerning about myths
Name: Poppy 13th January 2014
I like this myth, because it is exciting and adventurous, and it has a good setting.
Name: Camillla 14th January 2014
love this story
Name: OWEN 15th January 2014
Name: Riona 15th January 2014
Cool I liked it
Name: Olivia 16th January 2014
WOW that was amazing best myth on there I would watch it again.
Name: Jordan 17th January 2014
great myth
Name: Elise 18th January 2014
Name: Umma Dewan 22nd January 2014
I love it . I read it Persephone is really nice and Demeter too her mother.
Name: Poppy 24th January 2014
OMG Amaze Myth
Name: Alyssa 27th January 2014
one of my fave myths
Name: Rachel 27th January 2014
This is great!
Name: Shayla 13th February 2014
It's good
Name: Tytyt 17th February 2014
really cool
Name: Angela 17th February 2014
I cannot begin to say how BEAUTIFUL how THOUTFULL the story seemed throughout every moment... Cunningly set out - I think we all have a bit of Hades, ha- acceptable animation, expression was well executed... 5/5 :)
Name: Kiran 19th February 2014
I like it! Especially the fair end.
Name: Luken 24th February 2014
I like the ending its really really REALLY coooooooooooooooool
Name: Shamim 2nd March 2014
I really enjoy ready this story a lot especially the ending.....
Name: Johnathan 3rd March 2014
i liked that the daughter was nice to haides.
Name: Kane 4th March 2014
Name: Gina 14th March 2014
Name: Ellie 16th March 2014
i wash it was longer to listen to
Name: Sameka 20th March 2014
its a nice and interesting story............... no wonder rita dove uses it to write her poems
Name: Jam Jar 23rd March 2014
Good story but I wish it was longer.
Name: Val Val 18th April 2014
Name: Mathy 28th April 2014
Good story, I enjoyed it.
Name: Erica Meap 30th April 2014
what is the moral though?-erica hey friends :D (There does not have to be a moral. Some myths are told to explain how things came to be, in this instance - how the seasons came to be. Fables usually have morals but not all myths and legends although some do - The Myths Team)
Name: Yoli P 2nd May 2014
I like persephone beter
Name: Emilio 6th May 2014
I liked the story that this person made
Name: Shaila 14th May 2014
i loved it
Name: Mariam Rahman 15th May 2014
this is my sons topic in school
Name: Rihanna 5th June 2014
cool thing is awesome
Name: Sophie 5th June 2014
Name: Chloe 6th June 2014
love it
Name: Weronika 7th June 2014
How did you do that? I love it anyway. It sure must be hard to make up a myth by yourself, isn't it? Please make some more! ;-)
Name: Gabby 27th June 2014
Could you make more greek mythology stories?
Name: Nicole 27th June 2014
love it so muchhhh
Name: Dimitra 28th June 2014
So that is the story behind my name, Dimitra!
Name: Abigail 29th June 2014
I love is so much this book is so good it is amazing
Name: Lily 29th June 2014
really good!
Name: Samirah 6th July 2014
Name: Susan 13th July 2014
this book is good but it had a funny kind of twist
Name: Mia 20th July 2014
Name: Chloe 21st July 2014
Very good and funny too
Name: Vivian Anton 22nd July 2014
It is one of my favorite stories and because I am a mom, I certainly understand Demeter's sadness AND great joy!
Name: Stephanie 29th July 2014
it is realy good and very nice
Name: Keychain 5th August 2014
I really loved this story but don't really believe it because i dotn think a "godess" of Greece has something to do with the seasons and dont understand how Greece people beleive in this. NO OFFENCE.
Name: Antonia 27th August 2014
Wow, I LOVE this story. It's amazing. One of my favorites!!!
Name: Konke 1st September 2014
Yoh this story is so cool and so romantic best story ever
Name: Maria Ozuzu 10th September 2014
love this story i learned about it in primary
Name: Concord Dawn 12th September 2014
To Keychain.

This site is called Myths and legends. This is a myth in Greek Mythology.
Name: Lilly 17th September 2014
Awsom story really cool
Name: Computer 24th September 2014
Nice Work! I Enjoyed Reading This!
Name: Dawn 6th October 2014
enjoyed reading
Name: Raisa 16th October 2014
i really like this myth because it tells you how the seasons came to be
Name: Lesina 21st October 2014
I really enjoyed reading these stories.
Name: Someone 3rd November 2014
Wonderful myth. It\'s very sad though. Technically its a legend.
Name: Kay Kay Mitchel 17th November 2014
i love this mith although it is very sad :( but it explains how the seasons came to be!
Name: Random Guy 18th November 2014
this is a great/sad story.dont know who wrote it but great work
Name: Someone 21st November 2014
I love this myth!! Thank you so much for creating this web sight!! It helps me so much and has some funny things!! I say agian thank you for creating this websight!!!
Name: Ruben 9th December 2014
ilove this story alot
Name: Person 11th December 2014
Cool story bro.
Name: Person 29th December 2014
this is a really cool myth i was just reading greek gods and then i was like hey why don't i watch that myth
Name: Eleanor 18th January 2015
Love this myth. The Greek ones are my favorite, this on in particular. I wish they would do one on The adventures of Odysseus - especially the part when he fights Scylla!
Name: Ananya 25th January 2015
Great myth, nice way of explaining the change of seasons.
Name: Alexa 28th January 2015
cool, thank you for this. i needed info about Persephone.
Name: Glenda 2nd February 2015
nice greek myth it teaches people lessons
Name: Scott 2nd February 2015
Name: Mary 9th February 2015
I love it. I is so awsome.
Name: Anthony 10th February 2015
It really teaches us about this myth that the Greeks had for the seasons.
Name: Aj Von 27th February 2015
this site is really helpful and alot of fun.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Anonymous 2nd March 2015
Nice website
Name: Ifraah 2nd March 2015
this place is the best we`ll go to school and the teacher askes us somthink click in 1 sec we`ll get it right
Name: D 3rd March 2015
Name: I Dont Know 5th March 2015
awesome story :):)::):)::):):):):):)
Name: WARDA 6th March 2015
Name: FALALALA 10th March 2015
I love dis story is cool
Name: Cherille 11th March 2015
that was awesome. I love stories like that.
Name: Happy 11th March 2015
love this story
Name: 24Bryce 18th March 2015
nice but no info about why he wanted her as his wife.
Name: Shanon 24th March 2015
awsome and a little bit sad at the end
Name: Imani 27th March 2015
Some of this was true but most of it is wrong but the story is good
Name: Bbbbb 2nd April 2015
that's a good story
Name: Jackson 14th April 2015
pretty cool
Name: Sofiia 17th April 2015
Loved it
Name: Mary 20th April 2015
I love it but did you know sometimes it dose not work. True story not a lie cross my heart stick a cupcake or a needle in my eye OUCH! on the needle part anyway.
Name: Anisa Mason 29th April 2015
I love this story. It was always one of my favorite Greek myths!
Name: Desteny_is_cool 24th June 2015
nice story but could be better >.>
Name: Lucy 11th July 2015
This is my favourite greek myth
I like the way it tells the story about the changing seasons
Name: Emma 17th August 2015
I really like this But I cant belive that Zeuses would do that
Name: Sydney 31st August 2015
cute but I've heard better
Name: Thebest123 13th September 2015
it's cool but i've heard better stories soz
Name: KEIRA 16th September 2015
Name: Nicole1234 25th September 2015
Well that explains a lot. Especially in kid terms.
Name: Anastazia 26th September 2015
well i herd better stories than that but it pretty good not perfect but good
Name: Olivia 1st October 2015
hi do use have any more greek myths because i really them because im doing a projest on greek myths so if you have any sites or any to get greek myths please comment.thank you :)
Name: Arianna 2nd October 2015
So at fall and winter she is sad ooooooooohhhh
Name: James 7th October 2015
# awsome
Name: Malin 12th October 2015
Who just who would willingly go to the underworld
Just who
Name: SARA 18th October 2015
i dont like this myth
Name: Char 20th October 2015
good book
Name: Kim 21st October 2015
I love this story it was quite interesting.
Name: Joey 21st October 2015
that story was cute
Name: Riley 28th October 2015
So cute, really enjoyed it but I thought in the stories Persephone didn\'t ever come around to like being in the underworld. But I might be mistaken.
Name: 123 28th October 2015
Name: Random Student 30th October 2015
wow thats heart touching
Name: Lenae 3rd November 2015
I like the story it was instresting. !
Name: DAVARION 5th November 2015
Name: Random Student 11th November 2015
good story really liked it!
Name: 211 19th November 2015

Name: Gabriela Vargas 23rd November 2015
I loved the story. I also have read a book just like this.
Name: Nivedha 5th December 2015
I really love Percy Jackson and now I am obsessed with Greek mythology, and this site is just great!
Name: Girl 14th December 2015
Great movie the best yet.
Name: Johnny English 8th January 2016
Very Good
Name: Isabella 17th January 2016
This is the best myth I've read!!!
Name: Cool Kid 27th January 2016
any one know if thers is any festivals or other specials ways to celebrate demeter
Name: Emma 28th January 2016
Cool story
Name: Persephone 4th February 2016
my name IS Persephone lol
Name: Riham 9th February 2016
Name: Emma 10th February 2016
it was just so goooood i wish i was like the girl so pretty hey
Name: Alannah 24th February 2016
Good story. I was really fascinated by it.
Name: Batman 2nd March 2016
amazingly good story. persepheron is sexy
Name: Athena 8th March 2016
Loved It
Name: Puggysmasher 28th March 2016
Name: Nyla Robertson 13th April 2016
nic this great
Name: Demeter 14th April 2016
I like this web page cause it gives readers alot of information
Name: Amal 9th May 2016
I love this story.I want a few more and another version of this story:How the seasons came to be.Maybe some more explaining why,where and when,more nicer pictures and more longer story,exept that this is a good story.
Name: Martin 9th May 2016
Wonderful timeless stories from a time of innocence and wonder.
Name: Amarai 12th May 2016
Name: India2008 4th September 2016
I loved this story so much!

Name: India2008 4th September 2016
+Amal I agree,
there should be another version of this

Name: Sarah 16th September 2016
like , cool
Name: Fizzy Sweet 29th September 2016
Nice Story
Name: Camden 12th October 2016
great story
Name: Sarah 24th October 2016
love this story ❤️✅😘😍
Name: Miss_puggyloverxoxo 24th October 2016
love this story best story ever
Name: Larisa 25th October 2016
love it
Name: Gloria 29th October 2016
i love it is cute and sad
Name: Sydney Lindsay 9th November 2016
Awe some best story ever
Name: Dodo 18th November 2016
my faforit. im a realy mytholgie geek
Name: Taylor Yababe 5th December 2016
looked like my mum.
Name: Halle 6th December 2016
this story is great
Name: Maria Mumtaz 9th December 2016
i read this myth and seriously i am in love with it, the pure love of a mother shown in this myth makes me feel so good. This is a good logic behind seasons. great story, indeed!
Name: James 26th January 2017
i love this story very fasinating =].
Name: Sentuli 30th January 2017
I love your site! it is really intresting!
Name: MCmoletnLAVA 4th February 2017
wow all the stuff are just amazing keep it up!
Name: Emily 8th February 2017
An amazing story the best I've ever read and I hope myths and legends stays this way
Name: Sam 17th February 2017
Even though I'm a teen and this page is for younger children, I found this story really intriguing and well put together.
Name: Lily 7th March 2017
it is very good
Name: Reagan 17th March 2017
This story was very amusing and I just loved the twists and the plots. This has to be my favorite.
Name: Carmen 19th March 2017
Name: Fiorella 20th March 2017
cool, i liked the tiny animation! >w
Name: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 23rd March 2017
the video is odd and I think you need a proper animator (professional)
Name: Blah 11th April 2017
You need a better animator but other than that it was good
Name: Blobin 26th April 2017
Ummmmmm it was a weird video but I learned the story well lol 😂
Name: Bleh 28th April 2017
Umm it was cool i guess. But like many said you need a better animator because it does not look that good.
Name: Fish Fingers 12th May 2017
Name: Abigail 17th September 2017
it was ok. But very long and weird. it could have been better and a lot shorter.
Name: K.D 3rd October 2017
I loved it, it was long and awesome. My teacher printed it out for us and it was very easy. Loved the questions.
Name: Ta 10th October 2017
I kind-of liked it not that much but I heard a different tale of it and of many of the gods.
Name: Warren 18th October 2017
Oh now I know
Name: Bou 31st October 2017
Name: KJ 1st November 2017
i love it
Name: Jeff 14th November 2017
PLZ its goood
Name: Joe 11th December 2017
i love this story
Name: Anthony 20th December 2017
this is good for greek myth
Name: Oliver Dix 16th January 2018
It was alright but I think the ending is a bit to sad so why not add a little more(;
Name: Anouk 21st January 2018
It was a good story but what about summer and winter.
Name: David 29th January 2018
Name: Cracra 26th February 2018
i am also wondering why is winter and summer not included.
Name: Anonymous 7th March 2018


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