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Demeter and her Daughter Persephone

Greek Legends are incredible.6th September 2019
Not the complete story. A very important part is missing.18th June 2019
good12th June 2019
I loved this book7th May 2019
Why is everything about Demeter with her daughter!?7th May 2019
2nd May 2019
This is amazing
Thanks for teaching me Greek mythology,
18th April 2019
I love this story4th April 2019
That was AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!! I love greek mythology! I have to say the way the person was reading it I felt persuaded! Great Job! 3rd April 2019
what was that. Was there sound in the video.12th March 2019
Great story!12th March 2019
There is a story about Trojan horse4th March 2019
love the story
27th February 2019
Trum21st February 2019
helpful4th February 2019
i don't care i love it9th January 2019
What do you guys mean "her eyes are creepy"?
9th January 2019
good story. good artwork.2nd January 2019
her smile ain't beautiful

13th December 2018
eyes are creepy16th November 2018
I already knew this story and I didn't think about how the four seasons came to be.17th September 2018
this is very sad but heart warming9th July 2018
I really liked this story.
It is sad and a bit dreamy.
I think this story had encouraged me to also try to write a story like this to explain things.
Thank You!
5th July 2018
its sort of mean and sad31st May 2018
The animation is SO creepy 18th May 2018
Thank you for sharing the story. It was difficult to find a consistent storyline for this myth.12th May 2018
This a great myth whoever posted and wrot this myth should be super proud of themselves
8th May 2018
cool story30th April 2018
That's a great story.30th April 2018
GREAT AWSOME !!!!!!!!!19th April 2018
great story vidio19th April 2018
WOW i never knew the seasons would be a result of family drama18th April 2018
good18th April 2018
FUN FUN FUN.... AMAZING!!!7th March 2018
i am also wondering why is winter and summer not included.26th February 2018
fun29th January 2018
It was a good story but what about summer and winter.21st January 2018
It was alright but I think the ending is a bit to sad so why not add a little more(;16th January 2018
this is good for greek myth20th December 2017
i love this story11th December 2017
PLZ its goood14th November 2017
i love it1st November 2017
BOOM31st October 2017
Oh now I know18th October 2017
I kind-of liked it not that much but I heard a different tale of it and of many of the gods.10th October 2017
I loved it, it was long and awesome. My teacher printed it out for us and it was very easy. Loved the questions.3rd October 2017
it was ok. But very long and weird. it could have been better and a lot shorter.17th September 2017
VEDDY NICE12th May 2017
Umm it was cool i guess. But like many said you need a better animator because it does not look that good. 28th April 2017
Ummmmmm it was a weird video but I learned the story well lol 😂 26th April 2017
You need a better animator but other than that it was good
11th April 2017
the video is odd and I think you need a proper animator (professional)23rd March 2017
cool, i liked the tiny animation! >w20th March 2017
interesting19th March 2017
This story was very amusing and I just loved the twists and the plots. This has to be my favorite.17th March 2017
it is very good 7th March 2017
Even though I'm a teen and this page is for younger children, I found this story really intriguing and well put together. 17th February 2017
An amazing story the best I've ever read and I hope myths and legends stays this way8th February 2017
wow all the stuff are just amazing keep it up!
4th February 2017
I love your site! it is really intresting!
30th January 2017
i love this story very fasinating =].26th January 2017
i read this myth and seriously i am in love with it, the pure love of a mother shown in this myth makes me feel so good. This is a good logic behind seasons. great story, indeed!9th December 2016
this story is great6th December 2016
looked like my mum.5th December 2016


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