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The Jam Maker and the Wizard

Name: Steve 14th January 2014
i like it because you have used a jam maker instead of a hero well done
Name: Grace 21st January 2014
I liked the bit were the wizard and hannie had a compertition
Name: MILLIE.ANDERTON 21st January 2014
I really liked it because of the competition that they did with the jam
Name: Mrs McM 21st January 2014
a clever story. I like the character of Hannie and how she changes from rude to sorry and ashamed. I wonder if you could have explained about the bee\'s sting?
Name: Millie 21st January 2014
Name: Lily 21st January 2014
I really enjoyed the myth because the moral of the story is that you shouldn't boast and brag when you don't even need to. I also like the story because it is very creative aswell!
Name: Leah 21st January 2014
I liked the storie because I like jam,bees and the wizard.It was a rely good storie.
Name: Sophie Richardson 31st January 2014
this such a good myth but you need to put more adverbs in it like switly, slowly and quickly but other than that it is brilliant
Name: Xinxin 12th March 2014
i liked your story very much. very creative!
Name: Maddy 5th July 2014
Absolutely awesome. Even more creative than I could have done (not as if I am any good at it!
Name: Skye 15th July 2014
Epic story!! I love it! puts you on suspense fantastic job :) :D
Name: Nina 23rd March 2015
This story was full of suspense and I love the competition and how she went from showy to a bit more respectful. LOVE IT!
Name: Rimsha 17th July 2015
I must confess, this is one of the best stories I've read so far on this site! I mean I firstly love how you haven't made any spelling or punctuation mistakes, and secondly, I love the sudden twist at the end of your story. Well done Sammy!
Name: AAbbey 18th September 2015
Nice story . Got to go to bed now.

Name: Max 26th January 2016
The story was good but I thought it was a little odd he did not like her then he did but felt sorry for her the turned her into a bee.
Name: Bfvghxdjhg 14th March 2016


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