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Boy With A Paintbrush

Name: Yusra Adeel 19th October 2013
I really like it it's so imaginative and full of creation.
Name: Lyucy 19th October 2013
Name: Rimsha 19th October 2013
Fantastic idea and well written!
Name: S 21st October 2013
it is great
Name: Saphirre 27th October 2013
this story is fantabulous
Name: Stepho 16th November 2013
i think it was amazing!
i think it was thought and planed really well
Name: Shannon 21st November 2013
that good
Name: Joshua G 28th November 2013
I think it is a wonderful story! i rated it 5 stars! i like how you used vocab, details, and didn't make it seem fake. i could visualize the story and loved it.
U cool;)
Name: Disha 31st January 2014
Name: R 7th February 2014
Name: Bob 6th November 2014
i have no words!

that was brilliant
Name: La-La-Loopsy 9th January 2015
Absolutely amazing

Name: NARWHALZZZZ 17th March 2015
Name: Rohan 3rd June 2015
Those boys were mean
Name: Bippa 4th October 2015
This story deserves to be in the showcase. It has good grammar (unlike other stories on this site, even though their ideas are good too), and I like Thomas because he doesn\'t harm animals.
Name: Mayur Chouksey 30th December 2015
Nice story. ... Without colour. .. life will be completely boring and useless
Name: Elizabeth Arit 28th July 2016
Beautiful story
Name: Yash 7th March 2017
Name: Samia 7th May 2017
hello tiffany this story is very interesting well done


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