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A Witch in a Bottle

Name: Sophie 27th January 2007
Its really good and exciting. It makes you feel that you want to read on. THANK YOU!
Name: Lydia 22nd February 2007
Its great i love this web coz you can hear any myths or legends that have been told for many years.
luv lydia xxxx
Name: Hillary 9th July 2007
it's great..but the story for me is not yet should do it more detailed
Name: Banafsha 11th July 2007
gr8 story but not dat scary 2 scare me but i codnt ave done beta xxx
Name: Jen 10th October 2007
I love this site........
Name: Talea, Olivia And Holly 13th November 2007
WE like the part when the priest got hit on the head and it didnt make us scared.
Name: Alex And Sophie 13th November 2007
We realy liked the witch in the bottle specially the part were the priest got hit on the head.
Name: Olivia 13th November 2007
This is the best story ive ever read i really like the pictures and i like how theres that little poem at the end.
Name: SAMUEL 15th November 2007
IT WAS GR8 100/100
Name: Luke Barnsley And Olivia Barnsley 16th November 2007
IT woz gr8 100/100 we liked the part where there was a splutering green from the candles
Name: Josh 18th November 2007
It was a great story I like the part
I liked the part when the preist got hit around the head.
Name: Elliott James Cox 19th November 2007
This story was great and I liked when the candles where flickering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Josh 20th November 2007
I thougt it was a great stoty I liked the
part when the candles where flickering.
Name: Holly 20th November 2007
It was a very good story I liked the bit when the candles flashed with green.
I did not get scared.
But it was a good story.
Name: Olivia, Talea 20th November 2007
We like the part where she said the little poem at the end and she said it in a very wicked voice.
Name: Levi Spencer Owen 22nd November 2007
I love it when the priest gets knocked around the head with a force field shot.
Name: Zeynep 27th December 2007
I just wanted to say a big thank you and well done!
Name: Millie 28th January 2008
Name: Fran 28th January 2008
lovly, its the best
Name: Anna 28th January 2008
LOVLY BRILEANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Millie 28th January 2008
i loved it it was the best one!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Fran 29th January 2008
lllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeellllllllyyyyyyyyyyy,it's the best
Name: Charlotte 29th January 2008
it was great i loved it thankyou for letting me listen
Name: Aimee 30th January 2008
i think this story is fab.
Name: Jenna 5th February 2008
The site is really good and we also used it at school!

Jenna Wilson
Name: Shan 26th February 2008
what's happen when she get's out
Name: Lucy 29th February 2008
it was gr8 i loved it
Name: Ryan 11th March 2008
this is a ok story but why it not have
a ending?
Name: Freddie 12th March 2008
your story is great
Name: Megan Alice Houghton 20th March 2008
that was cool but why 200 years.
Name: Sarah 31st March 2008
is this a real myth?
or legend?
because i am doing it for a yeara 7 assignment and i need to know
Name: Laura 12th April 2008
A witch in a bottle: that story was the best story out of the whole lot? i will give you 5 stars.that story was scary that is what i liked about the story?lauraoooxxx
Name: Winnie 21st April 2008
WOW!I love all the myths! They are great and take my mind off my SATs!
Please find some more, i'm desperate!
Name: Morgan 21st May 2008
this is a great myth
it is my fav out of all of them
Name: Debbie 5th July 2008
HI my name is debbie I am in yr4 and I am 9
Hi Debbie glad you are using the site - we cannot print you full email and name details for e-safety reasons, but we are glad you are enjoying the site - the E2BN Team
Name: MIKE 22nd July 2008
I trought this story was the best because it was more adventerous and interesting
Name: Uno 1st October 2008
thank you for letting me know this site.because our class is talking about myths and legend
Name: Emma 15th October 2008
this story is very cool
Name: Bianca Perez 30th October 2008
i really like this myth because it is kind of like a try story!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Rhiannon 30th October 2008
It is really gripping and exiting. My sister really liked the story. It was really exiting.
Name: Susmita 2nd November 2008
yep i like it but will the witch ever come out of the bottle i wann hear some more!
Name: M.sebbagh 3rd November 2008
This is a wonderful story to use when you are teaching scary stories. Children enjoyed reading it and making their own stoires.
Name: Prabal 8th November 2008
this story was very scary
for my mom not for me
i like reading like this story
Name: Nakiah 9th November 2008
cool story wach out I dont copy you!
Name: Janeeta 12th November 2008
verry nice story
Name: Oooooo3 26th November 2008
this is very dull it was so not true a witch could never be in a bottel.
Name: Genni 26th November 2008
brill, absolutly brill best on site
Name: Alicia 26th November 2008
best ever brill luv it
Name: Marisia 26th November 2008
thanks 4 writing this i am 8 and love stories this is my best one
Name: Francesca----x 12th December 2008
Your story was really good and intresting! The title 'A Witch in a Bottle' caught my eye!
Well Done!x
Name: Amzdale 19th December 2008
a great story
it really caught my eye
great work
Name: Georgia 2nd January 2009
This is scary.
i have watched it like 10 times (How sad)
Name: Belinda 6th January 2009
my favourite myth so far
Name: Liberty 11th January 2009
Its Not Scary But I like It Because Its A Story And A Poem With It.

Name: Brindleygal 20th January 2009
its great
Name: Annalise 22nd January 2009
sooooooooooooooooo,,,scary freaks me out....!!!
Name: Poop 24th January 2009
Love IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Duck Egg 26th January 2009
Its like really old and like not scary why would it be scary the video is like so total joke!!!!!!
Name: Anya 26th January 2009
AWSOME, kul story 10/10
Name: Oliver March 26th January 2009
Spooky but coool!
Name: Camelia 27th January 2009
It's a wonderful story keep up the great work. I'm from the caribbean and I found it to be quite different but enjoyable.
Name: Goffy 1st February 2009
i thought it was really scary of the witch knocking everyone's door to find it's other body parts. but very enjoyable.
Name: Ashley 2nd February 2009
i thought this story was very interesting also i enjoyed it and so did my friends
Name: Grace,Jen And Salisa 6th February 2009
Were speachless all we can say is.. .AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Andrew 9th February 2009
it was very intresting it was very enjoyable!
Name: Florence 15th February 2009
It was really good. But I wanted to see if anybody opened the bottle.
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
alls i can say is that was so ccccoooooooooooolllll
Name: Fifi 21st February 2009
it was very spoooooooo0000oky
Name: Isabel 25th February 2009
I thought the animation was amasing. How
did you do this?
Name: Lily 25th February 2009
I thought this animation was great.
it was very detailed,for instance when the candle melted,it was really cool and it must have taken a long time.
Name: Kielo 26th February 2009
I think this was a brillant myth it had all the animations you need in a myth well done to whoever thought of this
Name: Gracie 10th March 2009
it is the greatest lol
Name: Aimee 14th March 2009
i love that it was fab
Name: Anita 14th March 2009
i love it
Name: Jake B 15th March 2009
I loved it it was so cool.
Name: Georgiia 18th March 2009
Heyyy it was awsomm emily robbo my besst maytte xx
Name: Elihomaralianaghio 18th March 2009
wow that clevu guy so cool

P.S. I know my name is weird
Name: Holy 27th March 2009
iloved that storie. because i love scary stories.
Name: Bayan And Megan 2nd April 2009
this is good
Name: Peanut Butter 2nd April 2009
i thought it was good but very short i would want to know if the witch got out
Name: Lily 5th April 2009
it was good but the story could of carried on, because i wanted to know if anyone broke the bottle.
Name: Rsnail 19th April 2009
Name: Sally 19th April 2009
hey! My nickname is sally!
I'm not a witch...
or am i? wa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Anyway when i heard this story i kept hearing the witches voice in my hed!
Name: Nisha 7th May 2009
that waz wierd lol
Name: ♥Chelsi♥ 10th May 2009
It was wonderful fantastic!
Name: Ariel 11th May 2009
hahaha that was kinda wierd lol and i have a friend named sally. i wonder if shes a witch???
Name: Ellie 11th May 2009
Name: PARIS ROSE 4th June 2009
i think the story was stupid and not a very good e4xample 4 kids who burns people alive man phhh. love paris xx
Name: Ashwinta 4th June 2009
i love this story a lot it has graet words and it is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Pokefan126 9th June 2009
Great story had my eyes glued to the screen.
Name: Kitty 11th June 2009
i think it was good i watched it 5 times
Name: Macy 20th June 2009
it was very good coudlent take my eyes of the screen
Name: 67y9yza 29th June 2009
it great.
Name: Jennifer 1st July 2009
Name: Miranda Cosgrave 1st July 2009
america luvs ya u rox
Name: Mary 10th July 2009
Name: Jessica 14th July 2009
i think that your story was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Bethany 29th August 2009
I really liked this story!
would be cool if it was true - who knows?
great site! keep up the good work!
Name: Chloe 7th September 2009
i liked this video!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kayleigh 10th September 2009
this is good
Name: James 11th September 2009
oh please as if!
Name: Lena 17th September 2009
brill n spooki
Name: Rebecca 25th September 2009
it was really scary and the best part was when he got hit acoss the head loovve

Name: Ellena 27th September 2009
it was realy scary at first but it was realy funny when the man got smaked on the head by the witch who was dead
Name: Niamh 30th September 2009
scary and good
Name: Aziz 1st October 2009
its a cool story and interesting to know more about it
Name: Aki Emily 15th October 2009
I really like this story. The idea of having a witch in a bottle is fab!
Name: Garrichia Ray 21st October 2009
I like this story because it was a little sacry but it was pretty funny to me and I hope you like it,too. And I like the part want the witch was in a bottle did you like that part to because it was pretty funny and sary at the end of the story it was so sary to me because it was not funny no more
Name: Olivia 3rd November 2009
its a cool story
Name: S(durdan's) 3rd November 2009
cool spooky myth
Name: Kacey 8th November 2009
I liked this story because it"s funny and when someone died that someone screamed and it was funny.
Name: Joye 10th November 2009
it scared me a little i could not keep my eyes off of it.......... omg sooooooooooooooo scary
Name: Rago 16th November 2009
its good
Name: Jane 17th November 2009
I liked your story. It's very funny :)
Name: Amanda 17th November 2009
it was good like it
Name: Emma 19th November 2009
the story was so good. when they put that horrible witch in the bottle i was laughing. what she done to sally was nasty.
Name: Immi 19th November 2009
wicked i was lafing my head off
Name: Jullika 22nd November 2009
I liked the myth because it was
Name: Neha 22nd November 2009
I liked the myth because it was
good also the start was very
Name: Savannah 25th November 2009
that was a fantastic mythical story
Name: Nicolehammond 27th November 2009
this is realy good we look at it in school for our litrercy lesson
Name: Tashemia 30th November 2009
I think the story was good
Name: George 14th December 2009
Name: Briany 21st December 2009
i really like this story but what gets is the question "is it true" we also did this in school and loved it
Name: SID786 5th January 2010

Name: Isobelle 12th January 2010
i think that it is a good story
Name: Polly 12th January 2010
I live near Dustable so it is spooky!
Name: Aimee 14th January 2010
I loved it. It was really intresting and you have got some very good ideas. And it was really really
Name: Sophie West 14th January 2010
It sounds good

Name: Steffi Caracciolo 18th January 2010
it is a very freaky and scary story so i loved it!!!!!!!!!
Name: Chill 14 19th January 2010
That was to cool loved the animation....
you r so clever!!!
Name: Nihad 21st January 2010
this story was so rad i read it like ten times a day
Name: Emily 22nd January 2010
I think that was the best story ever!!!!
Name: Rebecca Ayres 26th January 2010
I think it was really good and extremely spooky!
Name: Bogger 27th January 2010
wow love this story......vey unique in a way.(a good way).love this STORY SO MUCH
Name: Esperanza 29th January 2010
i love this website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxx
Name: Casey Sky Lau 31st January 2010
that wus allsome
Name: Josh 3rd February 2010
It was creepy but fun
Name: Muppet 3rd February 2010
it was very realistic and the spell at the end made it even more dramatic.
Name: Michael Huck 6th February 2010
Name: Carly 6th February 2010
it was so good but a tiny bit creepy
Name: Carly 6th February 2010
brill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so cool mum said it was rubis but dont care about her im on it not her lol
love the way the writer woite it love carly
Name: Becky 7th February 2010
gr8 the best myth/legend!!!!! i luv it !!!
Name: Carly 7th February 2010
its so cool i read it again love the pictres as well xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Meg 8th February 2010
I absulutly loved it. The illustrations were great and everyone should read it
Name: Alahnathompson 9th February 2010
that rocks big time love it
Name: Jessica 14th February 2010
i love it kool
Name: Mele 14th February 2010
I really liked the story but i wonder what tarry means?
Name: Olivia 14th February 2010
Its a go good story
but a bit creapy.
Name: Shani 14th February 2010
It was a creapy story about death,spirites and gohsts and I liked it 50/50.
Name: Claudia 14th February 2010
I liked the story alot it was really creepy but it was a cool creepy.
Name: Chill 14 15th February 2010
i think it was very creative and great way to go i really think you should make more stories!
Name: Oscar 15th February 2010
I have just read whitch in a bottle
Did the whitch ever get out?
Name: Gabrielle 17th February 2010
it was good and i want to know more what happend next? did the wich ever get out of the bottle???
Name: Ayse 21st February 2010
I loved it ,it was the good and it was scary when the candles were flickering it was great man if you haven't seen it well YOU SHOULD MAN BYE BYE!!!!!!!!
Name: Kate 23rd February 2010
it was a really cool story but it wasa little freaky
Name: Michael 24th February 2010
It was realy helpful because I needed to find a legend for my homework and it told the story well.
Name: Chelsi 27th February 2010
At the first time iv'e read this, this was incredible!!! nice one.
Name: Sally Jenkins 3rd March 2010
Name: Wally 3rd March 2010
I am more scared than ive ever been
Name: Daniel 8th March 2010
I was very scared of the witch's voice
Name: Drason 14th March 2010
The screaming of the witch was scary it could scare a grizzly bear.
Name: Isabella 14th March 2010
the witchs voice was scary but I loved it when that guy captured the witch
Name: Emily 14th March 2010
WOW!Scary I wouldn't want that bottle to be broken, Atleast I don't live in England anymore. Is it ture? Dare I ask
Name: Sarah 17th March 2010
I was very scary.
Name: Tegan 22nd March 2010
that was scary
Name: Hasti 23rd March 2010
i think the website and the stories i read were very useful and i loved it i will use this website. please sent back
Name: Tara 24th March 2010
really good
Name: Antonia 2nd April 2010
great story very good loved it !!!
Name: Molly 7th April 2010
i love that story its the best story i have ever read i should say myth but great it was elexalentxxx
Name: Hannah 7th April 2010
This was a very good story and i like the bit at the end.
Name: Olivia 17th April 2010
i looovvveee witch in a bottle
Name: Lilly 21st April 2010
The poem at the end freakes my out!!!
The spirt in the bottle,
Go softly were ye tread,
The lady is a cunning one ect.
HELP!!! Mayger freak out!
Name: Rebecca 22nd April 2010
i love the idea of a which in a bottle and i love the settings and all that if i had an idea like that it would never had been as good as yours.xxxxxfrom rebecca
Name: Kat 10th May 2010
I am really scared of witches now I am never opening the door on hallowen Arr!
Name: Rebecca 20th May 2010
its soo freaky at the end
Name: Helena 20th May 2010
I'm really enjoying those myths.But some of them are a bit boring.
They extremely magnificent especially Pandora's box,Theseus and the Minotaur I love all of them. I know one myth called How the Night came to the world but i haven't found it on this website.
Helena xxx
Name: Sam98 25th May 2010
hope never find a bottle with a witch in!
Name: Esha 5th June 2010
those myths are scary and there hallourious funny and amazing.
Name: Mac 7th June 2010
this myth is GR8 LUVD IT...!
Name: Tiya Davis 16th June 2010
I Really Like This Book It Is An Very Interesting Book I Like How The Witch Is In The Bottle.
Name: QUIRKY 21st June 2010
Name: Holly Rs 25th June 2010
It\'s fab
Name: Me Xxx 8th July 2010
I loved it !!!! it was good
Name: Victoria .Anderson 26th July 2010
It was a very VERY cool story like all the other stories here :D
Name: Rita Swift 31st July 2010
Very well produced. I have researched the story of Sally, her author and reason it was written. The story is actually a very long poem and a copy can be purchased from Priory House in Dunstable or read more on the dunstable history society website.
Name: Natasha Gelle 13th August 2010
It was different than the others and i thought that it was AWESOME
Name: Savannah 3rd September 2010
I think that this story is quite well done. :-)
Name: Fiza Noor 19th September 2010
Your story was fantastic! It was interesting and scary to look at! I give this story 4 stars!
Name: Rimsha 19th September 2010
What an exciting story! When ever I see this story I want to see again and again! I give this story 5 stars!
Name: FizaNoor 22nd September 2010
I liked that story but it wasn't that good and it isn't that bad

Thank you FizaNoor
Name: Zara 3rd October 2010
I really liked that specially the poem at the end!!!
Name: Melissa 12th October 2010
love it! esp the poem at the end
Name: Holly 13th October 2010
it is so awesome i like these myth's and legends
Name: Katy 14th October 2010
did you write it it is awsome lve ya
Name: Jade 14th October 2010
mintage it was so cool but a little bit creepy i think you could have used a better voice that is a bit scaryer
Name: Jade 14th October 2010
Name: Amy 14th October 2010
clas poem at the end loved the stoory it's self
Name: Courtney Xx 23rd October 2010
i lovvveeeeedddddd ittttt
Name: Fatimah 24th October 2010
classic poem at the end!
Name: Caroline 13th November 2010
i love this and i listen to it everyday
Name: Best1 18th November 2010
well done its that good i read it every time!
Name: Dylan 20th November 2010
Its lol at the end where shes under the ground and its fire and everything.
Name: Audrey 1st December 2010
this is a spooky, but awsome tale! read the book too!
Name: Leestar154 14th December 2010
i love this story i read it all the time
Name: Jack.j 15th December 2010
I Love This Story Its So Entertaining
Name: Ellie 24th December 2010
i really liked it it was very intresting
Name: SPACE PILGRIM 8th January 2011
That was good.
Name: Ceri Taylor 10th January 2011
i really enjoyed the story that i read, it was very good and both me and my little sister enjoed it alot!
Name: Rosa 12th January 2011
Wow! this is so cool but I thought it was so scary I was going to faint! Every book the witch touches turns into flames.I think know I am way to scared to ever go to a graveyard!
Name: Rachel 12th January 2011
Wow! this is terrifing I'm NEVER!!!!going to that graveyard EVER though that Bottle might not be true but I won't, just in case. But I never go to sleep anyway so I don't need to worry about that.
Name: Beth 12th January 2011
This was a really good story and it was quite scary as well! I thought it really weird how every page of the book she touches it turns into flames and burns. I thought it was cool how she was a ghost!
Name: Anna-belle 20th January 2011
oh my god that is terrifieing help im not going to thatgraveyard again ever
Name: Gemma 24th January 2011
exellent!Very mysterious,I wonder how the monk managed to mix all those herbs to trap the witch!Has anyone ever dug up that bottle?
Name: Moomoo 26th January 2011
I found it perfectly boring.Sorry. It just wasn't exiting enough
Name: Carl 26th January 2011
AWSOM I realy enjoyed reading this
Name: Humaira 17th February 2011
Name: Humaira 18th February 2011
I thought IT WAS cooooooooooooooooolll
Name: Njillan 22nd February 2011
i think it a rreally cool story with scary part other than that it is sweeeeeeeet!
Name: Poorni 2nd March 2011
Just wanted to commend you on the effort you've put it with this site, especially the story creator. It's really awesome and loads of fun :)
Name: Danyel 10th March 2011
Name: Lora And Nathaniel 19th March 2011
we really liked the story its like a normal witch tale story with something to make it more creepy we liked the bit where they told us the poem :)))))))))))))
Name: Maynerd 27th March 2011
the myth was ok
Name: Holly 1st April 2011
That is brilliant That should be a real story ! :)
Name: Ammie And Peter 7th April 2011
tell me about it like in the witches
Name: Maryam 9th April 2011
i liked the last bit because it all rimed and it was from the WITCH
Name: Lucy 10th April 2011
Poem was greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!!
Name: Istoleurcookie 2nd May 2011
T-the end w-w was scary! I-i im n-n never g-going there a-g-gain!
Name: Rebecca 5th May 2011
i dont like this and am never going here again its too scary.
Name: Aubrey 7th May 2011
thats was scary im not going there w..why did my teacher have to recomend that to me
Name: Elly 13th May 2011
very good i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome!!!!!!!!!
Name: Riham 14th May 2011
WOW! that was coool and it wasn\'t scare at all. Ha can\'t belive you found it scare guys.
Name: Sam 16th May 2011
this is kinda scary plus the laughing and sreaming is so weird and she is scary!!!
Name: Iqra 22nd May 2011
i wasen't scard
Name: Jenna 2nd June 2011
Nice i liked it :)
Name: Holly 21st June 2011
Wow! that was scary especialy the withces cackling. but it was a amazing snd i loved it X:)
Name: Hannah 26th June 2011
that was pretty good
Name: Jack 29th June 2011
this is the best a witch in a bottle
Name: Blake 30th June 2011
this is like harry potter
Name: Christopher Sollis 5th July 2011
I like myths and legends.
Name: Millie 8th July 2011
i really like this one it is i think my fav
Name: Emily 20th July 2011
myths r kwl!
Name: Lol 20th July 2011
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
I want to know more about this story!
Name: Isobel 13th August 2011
Awsome but not when ur in a dark night :-P
Name: AnnonymousLol 15th August 2011
Ok the ending really scared me! I will never sleep again. Thanks alot. Im glad I watched it when my bro was in the room. :(
Name: Luvluv5 28th August 2011
i dont think its that scary
Name: Angleena 28th August 2011
Are you trying to scare children I mean people get really scared these stories should be put in the older myth and legends. Sorry if I upset u guys but really I ceep on have terrible dreams!
Name: Casey 5th September 2011
Thanks alot now my baby brother is scared!But i do like it!
Name: Poppy 13th September 2011
i loved it it was brill.
Name: AISHA 15th September 2011
Name: Sasha 16th September 2011
wasnt scary one bit
Name: Sharon 20th September 2011
Hi !! I find this story interesting but not scary .
Name: Gita 5th October 2011
Name: Megan 18th October 2011
this story was good not scary!
Name: Polly 20th October 2011
How do u get it to play?
Name: Encore997 3rd November 2011
That is cool.
Name: Reco Henry 4th November 2011
see THE witch getting burnt hehehaha very funny!!! ayyyyy????????
Name: Chantelle 7th November 2011
i like this it is a good tale i think
Name: Chantelle 7th November 2011
i like the poem at the end
Name: Jessica 8th November 2011
Name: Millie 8th November 2011
that was........not great

i didnt really get it
Name: Holly Xx 9th November 2011
my class is learning about this! LO!!!!
Name: Caysie 12th November 2011
this is my favourite one i think its very scary !
Name: Natasha 12th November 2011
Well was ok
But I want to ask if it's real?
Name: Tharusi 12th November 2011

Name: Libby 21st November 2011
i just watched this at school as well!its so wicked and spooky. Is it real?
Name: Danni 26th November 2011
this story is immense. i love it!!!!!
Name: Jamie-lee Marsh 28th November 2011
I watched it in my school aswell
Name: Sumaia 6th December 2011
i quiet liked that story it was a great time hearing it.
Name: Hannahx 11th December 2011
i love it its soo cool
Name: Febe Bear 12th December 2011
it was a good story
Name: Jay 12th December 2011
cool story
Name: Fatimah 13th December 2011
its quite good.....
Name: Eliza 19th December 2011
OMG this is radical! please please please make ' A witch in a bottle #2'.
you made me smile !
Name: Jessie 21st December 2011
i like it
Name: LANZ 2nd January 2012
Name: Amy Taylor 3rd January 2012
that ws weird
Name: Hussain 5th January 2012
strange how can a witch in a bottle
Name: Sammantha Thelan 5th January 2012
love the story:D!!!
Name: Sophie 5th January 2012
Its cool and mysterious and funny

Name: Holly 6th January 2012
cool love it any one know any simlar storys
Name: David F 6th January 2012
Name: James 10th January 2012
its good
Name: Amy 12th January 2012
sick it
Name: Halima 12th January 2012
this is a beautiful story everyone hope you enjoyed it aswell
Name: Sophie 19th January 2012
i loved the witch poem soooooooooooooooo cool.SO COOOL!!!!!!
Name: Dearbhaila Aisha 2nd February 2012
I love this creapy myth and I really like the sound effects and the curse at the end it makes it look as if the witch will come back some day.
Name: Caitlin Mcclay 8th February 2012
that story was brilliant thank you myths and ledgends team
Name: Nix110 10th February 2012
I thought the pictures were great and that the storyline was great!
Name: Yazminxo 10th February 2012
Wow i really liked the story, the pictures were GREAT!!!
Name: Tulsi 11th February 2012
It is quite a spooky story.Is the monarch still there?
Name: Georgia 19th February 2012
ithink the poetry was great
Name: Lotto 27th February 2012
It was Ok
Name: Chanelle 28th February 2012
lady in a shoe now a witch in a bottle.
Name: Georgina 28th February 2012
cool but to short
Name: Jordan 10th March 2012
I think it was good but is it true. I can read but I like it when they tell the story to you its very good. Myths and legends team you did well
Name: Skye 12th March 2012
very good i love the witch in the bottle it is amazing i will defenetley read the rest!!!XXX
Name: Diamanesha 15th March 2012
ithink the wihich got what it deserved.
Name: Iyonia 15th March 2012
the presit should not have tried to exorcist the which
Name: Rovonte 19th March 2012
Name: Raniah 22nd March 2012
Ok WEIRDD!!...
Name: Taylor 3rd April 2012
i have read it at school
Name: Iqra 7th April 2012
this story is kind of scary
Name: Tariro 22nd April 2012
this story is nice but scarey l wish it was a movie l would like to read more or see more about it l think l would have as a homework cos we were given to right a myth and l choose yrs good well done l like it keep it up xxxxx
Name: Amber 23rd April 2012
i think this myth is funny cool and scary to some it up i would use the word wicked out of ten i think i will say 9/10
Name: Lulu 25th April 2012
scarey but a very interesting story dont you guys think that too? i showed it to my mum and halfway through she started closing her ears!!! hahahahahaha
Name: !ZoE! 10th May 2012
that was awesome i agree it should be a movie and it was good advice just in case i go around that area
Name: Rose 14th May 2012
good story
Name: Zahra 17th May 2012
i really enjoyed the story it was really scary but enjoy it!!!
Name: Fb 18th May 2012
this storys quite gooood actually but they need to spell exercise right,and proof read it in it.
Hi fb, the word used is exorcise - meaning to expel an evil spirit, not exercise. Glad you like the story - The Myths Team
Name: Hanaa 27th May 2012
great story!
Name: Ameena 30th May 2012
it was a verry good story. im the witch:P hahahah
Name: Zeinab 30th May 2012
i was awesommmmmmmmmmme
Name: Christina 1st June 2012
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Achiraya And Ellie 11th June 2012
it sounds scary it is very spooky
Name: Ameena 11th June 2012
it was a verry good story. im the witch:P hahahah
Name: Doodaa 14th June 2012
i think that the story had a very good plot also it was very intresting.
Name: Rachel 15th June 2012
Hi everyone
I love this story.
Be carefull were the step. xoxox
Name: Hg7eh 18th June 2012
love it i love my family
Name: Annabel 30th June 2012
I realy like this story, it is well told.
Name: Francis 30th June 2012
Hi everyone

It was good and had a great plot, I realy enjoyed it.
Name: Gangsta 2nd July 2012
its amazin
Name: Ambika 13th July 2012
that was good.
Name: A Fan Of Witch In The Bottle 31st July 2012
very good enjoyed it. very spooky well done
Name: Felix 20th August 2012
Name: Dalton Edgell 30th August 2012
The Witch did not deserve this fate. Her evildoings were revenge on the monks. What if she was a good witch? Yet the monks burned her.
Name: Abigail 2nd September 2012
this was wierd
Name: Raisa 30th September 2012
This is one of my favourite story
Name: Gemma 3rd October 2012
Name: Malu Hernandez 10th October 2012
como puedo descargar sus videos porque no tengo internet en la escuela y son muy buenos
Name: Isabelle 10th October 2012
so creepy
Name: Megan 16th October 2012
soo creepy
Name: Grace Oakins 28th October 2012
This myth is good for my homework
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
its not creepy its cool
Name: Ishaan 9th November 2012
good myth i will use your myth for my homework
Name: Camille Pearce 11th November 2012
i liked this story but i think it could have been better :)
Name: Paris 19th November 2012
omg the poem is freaky this was at school
Name: Krystal 21st November 2012
this video was really good good job who ever did this
Name: Olivia Erin And Lilly O 22nd November 2012
I thort it was great but could of better.
Name: Selena Gomez 11th January 2013
hey guys so this is Selena as we all know that i love poems and scary stuff and all. Well this goes to all of my fans out their they know me well u guys should check out this website its really AWESOME.
Thank you guys!!!
and I Love You all and all of my awesome friends
Name: Liliosa Tewe 18th January 2013
i like the stories they are what we call a storie
Name: Ellie Mae 22nd January 2013
loved it
Name: Isaac 23rd January 2013
caught my eye
Name: Bushra 23rd January 2013
thank you verry much because you read story to use
Name: Malachi And Abdul 11th February 2013
Very good story I like all of the story\'s. I enjoyed these stories very much I would like to hear more!!!
Name: Mary 16th February 2013
this is very scary dont read it it will give u nightmares
Name: Eleanor 2nd March 2013
It dosen't feel like it has an ending. It should say : To be continued: at the end.
Name: Allanah 12th March 2013
nice story i want to here more !
Name: Freddie 18th April 2013
This story is quite a stunner and very interesting
Name: WIKTORIA WATOR 20th June 2013
my favourite myth was A witch in the bottle
Name: Z-katie 2nd July 2013
a very nice story indead but a bit spoky for a 6 yer old gerl...
Name: Asha Uddin 5th July 2013
this was my favourite myth
Name: Ihsan Khan 10th July 2013
very short
Name: Ellie 23rd July 2013
Its CREEPY but good.
Name: Alaime 1st August 2013
Name: Lolage 7th August 2013
CREEPY...I dont like graveyards anymore...which I never did LOL
Name: Porchea 19th August 2013
cool I live it I read it nearly everyday
Name: Kehaolani 2nd September 2013
love it and scary wat if it was true I wouldn't want that to became true it SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kyrone And Tiffany 10th September 2013
This is the best website ever for me and my sister
Name: Caitlyn 14th October 2013
I love it
Name: Sharky 17th October 2013
that is so not scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Airam 17th October 2013
it's scary but also so much cooler to read and enternaning.
Name: Ivanna 17th October 2013
This is really cool because they have to find a witches ghost because she ruins every thing for the monks.
Name: Lesley 17th October 2013
This story is great it has action it is entertaining too it is a nice story.
Name: Doug 17th October 2013
Real freaky would gave her a root still thought
Name: Kostas 18th October 2013
nice :)
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
i'll give this story 5 stars because even though it might be a myth its a great story ( i might watch it again actually lol )
Name: Grace 10th November 2013
Name: Tamima 5th January 2014
amazing story
Name: Julia 6th January 2014
4 stars the poem is scary
Name: Ashleigh 9th January 2014
4 stars it was a bit short though
Name: Brad 10th January 2014
it is a good website bye guys
Name: Zack 15th January 2014
This is awesome story
Name: Joe 23rd January 2014
This story is super cool. The witch is a very evil person.
Name: Zack 26th January 2014
scary story
Name: Nicki 29th January 2014
Name: Sophie 5th February 2014
It does not even do the audio
Name: Bo Bo Lu 9th February 2014
very scary indeed it give me nightmare i should not of read it because i read at 12:00 at night.
Name: Lucy 17th February 2014
This story is awesome
Name: Amy Barlow 18th February 2014
it wasnt that scary just about a witch
Name: Aimee 19th February 2014
I liked the poem at the end!
Name: Eve 20th February 2014
loved the whole story
Name: Caitlain 22nd February 2014
I liked the meaning of the story
Name: Diamond 24th February 2014
this was so so scary I'm scared :o
Name: Sakinah 3rd March 2014
I really love this it is very elpfy
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
this is creepy i wonder if its true i would rate it 10/10 because its a fantastic story although scary
Name: Raghav 6th March 2014
it was not good one it was not scary
Name: Charlotte 17th March 2014
Name: P.J.D. 13th April 2014
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kiyara 19th May 2014
My mum told me this story
Name: Kayleigh 30th May 2014
good story but scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Skye 2nd June 2014
cool. I love scary stories and myths so I have to say FIVE MILLION BAJILLION STARS I LOVE IT!!!!!
Name: Rishupal 21st June 2014
It's not scary!!
Name: Josh 26th June 2014
this is ace
Name: Naomi 29th July 2014
Wow good story at the momment i am learning about myths and legends
Name: Catryn Williams 23rd September 2014
This story is not theta good but I enjoyed it
Name: Mohammed Bilal 31st October 2014
this is a good story thanx
Name: Hillary 6th November 2014
this book is awsome and wired

Name: Emma 12th November 2014
Name: Anya 18th November 2014
Name: Fer 26th November 2014
Name: Sara 9th December 2014
Name: Lizzie 7th January 2015
This is awesome I'm using this legend for my homework presentation! :D
Name: Martin 15th January 2015
Name: Daisy 25th January 2015
I love it my teacher Mr.golightly showed me it!
Name: Nathan 24th February 2015
it was ok :-)
Name: Melanie Gomez 10th March 2015
i like this story
Name: Cherille 11th March 2015
Name: Anjali 16th March 2015
this was like super weird and the palmer is half bald
Name: Paige 24th April 2015
I like this myth and legend it is one of my favourites
Name: Brianna 6th May 2015
the witch in abottle its not true right cause it kind of scared me
Name: Ameli\a 15th May 2015
I thought it was excited and enjoyed it.
Name: Wiktoria 6th June 2015
Well i think it is a myths because it not true and a witch would not fit in a bottle very squeezed.
Name: Courtney Watkins 20th July 2015
This is a myth because witches can't fit in a bottle and are witches even real?
Name: Stella 23rd July 2015
Really enjoyed this Myth and Legend.Really helped for school.Good Work
Name: Andrea 30th July 2015
its is so beautiful you known
Name: Lucy Taylor 7th September 2015
really good
Name: Taylah & Izzy :) 23rd September 2015
this was a very good story i would rate it 10/10
I liked it! short but very good! and 8/10
Name: Zeb 20th October 2015
This was a very good and interesting story I really liked it
Name: Rushil 23rd November 2015
I found the myth very intrestin because according to the myth no one kould not dig or walk there because of the hiden bottle
Name: Niki Benetos 16th December 2015
I loved the story and it is very interesting. :)
Name: Emilee 11th January 2016
I loved this story it is great!!! I even chose it for my English project presentation!!! I would recommend it!
Name: Max 3rd February 2016
O.K. but to short
Name: Arjun Satarkar 9th March 2016
well made and well researched
Name: Aiyana 14th April 2016
Very interesting
Name: Sophie 17th April 2016
Tread carefully!
Name: Sofia 20th April 2016
i loved it i liked how it was spooky
Name: Rebekah 25th April 2016
Within the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford there is a Witch in a Bottle! It was donated by Margaret Murray and had been found in the loft of an old lady!!
Name: Miriam 13th May 2016
Name: Victory 23rd May 2016
i love it to
Name: Adiva 2nd June 2016
this was a creepy story but it was a little short
Name: Elizabeth 10th June 2016
creeeeepy.I also like the poem
Name: Paige F 28th June 2016
Name: Freya 29th June 2016
its awesome I love it
Name: Krishal Rangari 22nd September 2016
its very nice
Name: John Mark 29th September 2016
Nice story :)
Name: Mahlatse 24th October 2016
Name: Dyllan 2nd November 2016
Hello!!! This is real life! Silly!!!
Name: Jasmine 21st November 2016
what is the message of this myth
Name: Michaela 21st November 2016
I don't get the message but it is very good still!
Name: G3g 30th November 2016
very nice
Name: Brook 6th December 2016
I love to learn about Witches ever since Hocus Pocus came out! I have always dreamed of going to the Salem Witch Museam!
Name: Jeff 14th December 2016
Name: Coblie 22nd January 2017
The story is freaky.....
Name: Eileen 25th January 2017
I loved the story! so creative :)
Name: Keiona 30th January 2017
cool book
Name: Cameron 10th February 2017
Name: Alexis Delgado 14th February 2017
this book is nise
Name: Angel 3rd March 2017
im in tha 6th grade but man diss book is awsome for my little brother !!
Name: Aubany 7th March 2017
that stuff was not that bad that was so cool
Name: Seiran 26th March 2017
Wow, that was really weird...
What does is mean by-\\\\\\\"I\\\\\\\'m not a robot?
What does the myth explain?
I don\\\\\\\'t really get it...

Name: Layton 21st April 2017
Name: Gavin 28th April 2017
not creepy
Name: Witch's Curiosity 15th May 2017
I don't know what to say... It's really mysterious. I don't want to unite with the bottle. But my curiosity may drive a disaster... It was fun, thankyou.
Name: Yo Mama 15th May 2017
Name: Sammie 27th September 2017
We think it is true.
Name: Tylashia 18th December 2017
I don’t think this story is true because it’s not real and witches are not real
Name: Haseeb 6th January 2018
I whant to read this
Name: Bella 10th January 2018
This is so Creepy!!!!!!!!
Name: Good 17th January 2018
I like this
Name: Mica Sanderson 2nd March 2018
Such a cool story to know of where I live and where I go church so cool. I never knew Dunstable was a Myth Or A Legend It is a real story says everyone who I know In Dunstable even Tesco Workers and Argos Plus WH Smith And ASDA


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