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Mariang Makiling

Name: Abigail 12th October 2013
i really really like love it
Name: Micaela 12th January 2014
Maybe you should make a video explaining the story. But I do like the way you wrote the story.
Name: Abigail T 29th August 2014
This is a very great story which explaines the events throughout Mariang Makilings life
Name: Florence 28th October 2014
i like because help my study
Name: Jimbo Agsangre 26th June 2015
i like the way you wrote of the story
Name: Lyon 3rd July 2015
Like the way you narrate it, this is very helpful on my studies
Name: Elma 19th July 2015
beacause the maria makiling are beautiful story

Name: EDMUND LESTER GENON 28th July 2015
I like It Because it help me to finish my home reading.. :)
Name: Aaronlozania 28th July 2015
Very nice and I like because they have a kind heart maria makiling
Name: Muyumi 24th August 2015
the story was so nice :D
Name: Jastine 9th September 2015
its a very nice story...
Name: Jansairelle Soriano 22nd October 2015
your story is a very nice i love that your story maria makiling
Name: Sunshine 23rd November 2015
Its very a nice story
Name: Princess Faith P Leal 24th November 2015
its wonderful
Name: Christy 24th November 2015
Yeah it's very nice legendary
Name: Jolina 27th November 2015
yeah! its nice to read this.
Name: Joseph Vincent.N.Velez 14th January 2016
This is nice to read
Name: Edelyn 22nd January 2016
do you have the sumarry of this story??
Name: Julia Belmonte 22nd January 2016
i love it
Name: Dowelfre Yu 13th February 2016
Do you have an insight?
Name: Aljun Ebanay 16th February 2016
wow! i was really impressed with the translation :)
Name: Chantal Marcelino 25th February 2016
I never see maria mailing before and. We . She was anger toys why 😭😭😭😔😔😔😖😖🙈🙊

Name: Andrealumberio 26th February 2016
this is so very awsome
Name: Lilian Corpuz 6th May 2016
very good! tnx for this nice summary its a great help for my pupils


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