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Perseus and Medusa

Name: Eleanor 3rd January 2014
I love this story. I have heard of another version though. It would be too long to type hear but if you watch the film of Clash of the titians you will see. However it may not be the proper myth. I know of a medusa that has no sisters or tusks but has no legs but a snakes tail. The myth says she was a servant to aprodithe,the goddess of love, but she and a man (possabily a lover of aprodithe)kissed in a temple of aprodithe and the goddess was so angery she punished medusa to be a beast that all men would fear and she would never find another lover. It is quite a good myth. (there is pobaly more details to the the full myth)

Sorry this is a long comment!

Name: Elaine 21st January 2014
kwl just kwl
Name: Isabelle 23rd January 2014
love this on the boy was so tuf and Medusa is so not scary
Name: Jennifer 23rd January 2014
Name: Anand 26th January 2014
amazing u just klled medusa
medusas is not scary stand up 2 her
Name: Sanya 28th January 2014
This a goooergous legend but I d ont believe it

Name: Sophie 30th January 2014
i loved this myth. I like all the greek myhs because they are really imaginitive
Name: Mia 3rd February 2014
I like it but it is kind of disgusting where perseus chopped off meduss\'s head though
Name: Julian 4th February 2014
yeah i thought it was kind of stupid
Name: Georgia 4th February 2014
were learning about greek myths at school and acted it out. we had to watch a reral life one and it was very gory :P
Name: Chloemurphy 6th February 2014
i rally liked this book so much i rally liked it so i whant to bay it the next but verey well done x
Name: Umisha 13th February 2014
This is a really educational story!!!
Name: Kate Smiths 14th February 2014
this was awesome and i actually didn't know that the crazy old lady that tells the future was telling the truth
Name: Romeo 17th February 2014
If i had a cookie for everytime someone blinked in this movie i would have like 47 cookies
Name: David 17th February 2014
great story with all the detauls
Name: Kiran 19th February 2014
I never new anyone predicting the future until I read this myth. You see I believe in all myths and legends. Anyway I was glad that the evil King was killed.
Name: Jeraldine 19th February 2014
good story
Name: Keah 21st February 2014
love the story everybody should use this for myths and legends
Name: Sania 24th February 2014
this story is really interesting.
Name: India 28th February 2014
i really loved how perseus killed mudusa and saved his mother
Name: Sara 1st March 2014
I like it it's pretty cool ;D
Name: Ella 2nd March 2014
me and cousin watched it my cousin was scared but at the end she said it was brilliant everyone should use it
Name: Sumaiya 3rd March 2014
year its so cool inat
Name: Selena 3rd March 2014
its pretty cool
Name: Awert 5th March 2014
that was scary!!!!!
it burned my eyes
Name: Sissi 5th March 2014
it was awesome
Name: Pippa Connell 6th March 2014
I love it is so so soooooooooo scary!!!!!!!!!
Name: Meg 7th March 2014
That was weird, but cool!!!
Name: Minecraft Man 12th March 2014
It was Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Dixie Diane Mendoza 13th March 2014
♥ it !
Name: Keiran 13th March 2014
Name: Khang LOVE Ruby 17th March 2014
Name: Abby 17th March 2014
it was good
Name: Tua 17th March 2014
the best website ever
Name: Lewis 18th March 2014
Name: Catherine 18th March 2014
y want the legend
Name: Hunter 19th March 2014
Name: Josh 21st March 2014
Name: Stella 21st March 2014
sweet but scary
Name: Lilly 23rd March 2014
All that just to turn him into stone
Name: Jake 24th March 2014
this not the real story the gorgons don\\\'t guard anything and the others can die also the winged horse came out but also another thing came he is called golden boy
Name: Leo Valdez 25th March 2014
i agree with jake have you read the percy jackson books and heroes of olympus books
Name: Leigh 25th March 2014
i really enjoyed this its detailed without being tooo looooong
Name: Loulou 25th March 2014
there r many version of this even in ancient greek i think this one is fab x
Name: Alyssa 26th March 2014
it was too long
Name: Cogeh 27th March 2014
i learned a lot from this thanks
Name: Thomas 29th March 2014
I like myth and legends
Name: Lauren 29th March 2014
It maybe a bit long, but I enjoy it very mush and I learned a lot from it.
Name: Holly 31st March 2014
I really enjoyed this book, it told me a lot about myths and legends.
Name: Alex 3rd April 2014
nice i like it
Name: Jamie 3rd April 2014
Name: Abby And Katie 4th April 2014
we like the scary picture and also your description and everything else thankyou your story enetertained us from abby and katie
Name: Elicia 4th April 2014
Name: Caitlin 5th April 2014
Yeah it was ok
Name: Mary 6th April 2014
Name: Timothy Damiani 8th April 2014
epiiiiiiiiiiic of the king of the epic kingdom epic awesomeness
Name: Iris 14th April 2014
very cool
Name: Caitlin 21st April 2014
Better than Medusa and athena
Name: Nikayla 23rd April 2014
cool and awesome
id love to read more
Name: Grace Darragh 23rd April 2014
this was a very GREAT myth and ledgend thank you for telling everyone about is
Name: Lucy 24th April 2014
great myth I enjoyed it
Name: Shahida J. Nur 24th April 2014
Very epppppppppiccc
Name: Kaia 29th April 2014
Name: Rhiann Peek 29th April 2014
hi this is so good so can you make a new one
Name: Jess Nelson 29th April 2014
Name: Alexia Coley 30th April 2014
hey its cool but maybe if you shorten it itll be better and maybe if you let us play with the pics we could have alot of fun with the story.....

Name: Lila Westala 2nd May 2014
I love this story, and I especially love the gods and goddesses
Name: Sintia Leal 14th May 2014
Name: Sophie Bowen 15th May 2014
this was amazing I love these films comment again
Name: Sam Carruthers 15th May 2014
I LOVE it. i use this site all the time
Name: Gtr 17th May 2014
This story is cool
Name: Jenna 20th May 2014
i like this story
Name: Blake 20th May 2014
too bloody for school
Name: Evelyn 22nd May 2014
Name: Lillie 22nd May 2014
I read it at school it\'s awesome
Name: Haley 23rd May 2014

Name: Micheal Myres 23rd May 2014
Blake I know right but you should see king minos and the minator they showed that at my school lollll
Name: Jack 3rd June 2014
its good
Name: Katy 5th June 2014
this story is really awsome
Name: Josh 6th June 2014
Name: Beno 8th June 2014
Name: Micah 18th June 2014
Do you guys think that the snakes are awesome Well, if you do I don't, because snakes are scary!
Name: Owen 23rd June 2014
funny cartoon
Name: Elo 7th July 2014
Name: Joe 21st July 2014
:) this was very cool :) !!!!!!
Name: Blele 3rd August 2014
Name: Lola 12th August 2014
creepy much
Name: Aja And Indira 16th August 2014
OMG this creeped us out we had it on mute the whole time. Aja- I went i my sisters room with my computer and went in bed with her and showed her it. Indira- Scary!
Name: Amaya 16th September 2014
weirdest thing I have ever seen
Name: Morgan 17th September 2014
epic stuff
Name: Ammar 19th September 2014
Perseus and Medusa=EPIC
Name: Lolo 21st September 2014
so scary
Name: Poio 21st September 2014
Name: Rosemary 22nd September 2014
brilliant resources!! Thank you
Name: Aaron 29th September 2014
Name: Aaron 29th September 2014
i love the information
Name: Jack 30th September 2014
this was awsome
Name: Green Alien Dude 30th September 2014
It's cool dude's
Name: A Stranger Form A Parallel Universe 1st October 2014
Name: Abdulkhalid 13th October 2014
Cool story
Name: Jenna 18th October 2014
I love myths there amazing but what about the cyclops ones.
Name: Someone 29th October 2014
It was a great story. I love it.
Name: XY=Z 2nd November 2014
Great story
Name: Nobody 3rd November 2014
Name: Me 12th November 2014
It was amazing
Name: Yop 12th November 2014
loved it
Name: Javen 12th November 2014
Name: M2005s 13th November 2014
Name: Ben 14th November 2014
Name: Bvjhfdbnc 15th November 2014
love this story, although a bit scary! :)
Name: Jordan 17th November 2014
sweet story
Name: Affgb Xbbchm 18th November 2014
looooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Thomas Purcell 21st November 2014
King of Argos! :D
Name: Daniel 21st November 2014
Brave child

Name: Hcgdjhvcvf 21st November 2014
Name: Deqa 4th December 2014
this was very interesting and helpful for my test
Name: Breandia 8th December 2014
this reallly hepled me alot thank you so much
Name: Happy 12th December 2014
very interesting stories
Name: Summer 21st December 2014
This Was really good. Thank you!
Name: Anne 27th December 2014
this was so epic
Name: Adil 5th January 2015
this was epic
Name: Hafsah 13th January 2015
wow great
Name: Rose 14th January 2015
Lots of people died in it but I liked it.
Name: Dheep 16th January 2015
this is great :)
Name: Charlie 17th January 2015
Brilliant especially for my homework
Name: Haakon 20th January 2015
This was really good and helped me with my homework! I got what I needed
Name: Bobbington 21st January 2015
This really helped my history project
Name: Rosa 22nd January 2015
I didn't understand... was there a moral? (There does not have to be a moral in myths and legends - some myths do have one but not all, some just tell stories of how things came to be or about the gods. Fables usually have morals - The Myths Team)
Name: Dan Godwin 22nd January 2015
I really liked this story I liked how the beginning started because it was really magical when it said 'your son will be the death of you'
Name: Jayda 23rd January 2015
Love it! Helped my school project 😉😘
Name: Kamran 24th January 2015
Cant hear the voice
Auto-play dont work even with speakers on
Name: Lauren Smith 3rd February 2015
you couldn't hear it through the computer or head phones
Name: Mireille 4th February 2015
i love this greek story because it helped with my learning which was about myths and legends.
Name: Casey 6th February 2015
It's awesome!
Name: Susy 15th February 2015
love myths and legend
Name: Cleo-jay 16th February 2015
this is amazing!
Name: Farah 21st February 2015
long but interesting story XP
Name: Dude 25th February 2015
it was good
Name: Cool Bro 1st March 2015
Name: Yolo 3rd March 2015
cool story
Name: Tyrell 5th March 2015
That was a amazing story!
Name: Bob 7th March 2015
Name: Laura 8th March 2015
Kewl story could you write it down so that I dont have to listen to know it
Name: SAM 10th March 2015
so far da stori wz vry gud,very goody
Name: Ewan 12th March 2015
Name: Zoe 13th March 2015
Name: Adam 13th March 2015
Very useful
Name: Ace 14th March 2015
Name: Asher 16th March 2015
Name: Conrad 24th March 2015
greaat fun story
Name: Eva 27th March 2015
It is a bit scary at first but it was quite cool after


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