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The Spiders and the Christmas Tree

Name: David Adekunjo 2nd December 2013
First Comment and this is brilliant!
Name: Liliane 3rd December 2013
Very well thought out!
Name: Caitlin 6th December 2013
i wonder if this a real myth we do these in our school really good myths but some are boring myths sorry to say that who ever made this site
Name: Katie 7th December 2013
I think it was cool it is non-fiction though wish is was fiction
Name: Biyaa 8th December 2013
nice story
Name: Andleeqa 18th December 2013
good nice
Name: Isabel 21st December 2013
Wow! Very nice! Awesome, actually! Who made it? I too made a Winter story, but it's very little, compared to this heart-warmer! And I do think that Santa Claus and the Christmas tree was beautifully illustrated!
Name: Maddie 8th January 2014
I never new tinsel came from spiders. Thanks for sharing that!!!
Name: Janea 19th January 2014
I thought tinsel was maid by hands not not spiders and i mean men hands
Name: Bradley 22nd January 2014
I like medusa
Name: Isshika 28th January 2014
Name: Ljan Gomez 3rd February 2014
this is good
Name: Angela 17th February 2014
This story is alright, maybe suitable for a adult to sit and tell this short, snappy, intruding story on Christmas Eve, or maybe when you see a child harming/hating on spiders? On similar occasions, I believe this story has it's own unique morals yet it's easy to remember! By the way, I didn't know people put tinsels on their Xmas tree... I guess I learnt some new things then!
Name: Lily 24th May 2014
Loved it
Name: Sranger From The Future 11th October 2014
Name: Dylan 17th November 2014
Name: Oliva 19th November 2014
wow! I hate spiders but if they can do that, I would want to be their friend
Name: Lily Mc Sane 25th November 2014
OMG i thought this was a very entertaining and it inspired me!!
Name: Ben Wright 26th November 2014
I love this, it helped me learn more about history
Name: Rose 5th December 2014
Love this already a Xmas fan but now i know about the tinsel myths and legends, it makes it so fascinating! This was great myths and legends story and i thought it was very entertaining and rather funny about how curious spiders can be - especially young ones!
Ill try to keep this story in mind when I next see a spider as I have a fear of them!
Name: Sophie 7th December 2014
i never knew that spiders did that and i never knew that spider created tinsel
Name: QBOP 19th December 2014
an great myth
helped me know about the origins
of tinsel
Name: Tazmin 20th December 2014
wow i had absolute no idea that spiders had technically invented tinsel
Name: Ejaz 23rd December 2014
amazing never new spiders made tinsel and i always hated spiders
Name: Sapphira 23rd December 2014
so thats why spiders are always on my tree
Name: Corey 23rd February 2015
Name: Jumi 8th June 2015
wow! I hate spiders, but I never knew you could put a story into this way!
Name: Alyssa Mae :) 5th October 2015
Aww Even though I hate Spiders and I scream at them still does not change the fear of spiders I have but I am thankful for the spiders for creating the decoration we have today thank you spiders!
Name: Bob The Spider 5th November 2015
Name: Ashley Summers 22nd November 2015
I should thank the person who made this, because it reminds me of this time when I waited at a spider hole, and a spider came out. I held out my hand, and, I realised that it wasn't aggressive to ma at all! So thanks for this wonderful story!
Name: Abbagail 24th November 2015
the wizard in the mountains
Name: Anonymus 28th November 2015
Really Good one!!!
Name: Anonymus 30th November 2015
Nice story.
Name: Me 15th December 2015
Grate story
Name: Ava 26th January 2016
I thought that this was a really nice myth, and I thought it was cool how the person came up with the idea of the spiders creating the tinsel.
Name: Name: Name: Name: 1st February 2016
Name: Max 2nd February 2016
it was really good I liked how the story took place at Christmas.
Name: Hihihi 7th June 2016
SO GOOD And I LOVE THE CHRISTMAS TREE I LOVE SANATA I LIKED THE PART WHEN ITS SIAD Not everyone knows you should thank the spiders
Name: Matthew 29th June 2016
A very interesting story, and a weird mix, Christmas and Spiders.
Name: TheAmzingNonPerson666 2nd August 2016
such mazing story, such wow, such great, much awesome story, much good!
Name: 21 Savage 22nd November 2016
This story was so savage
Name: B4dyce 10th 9th January 2017
that was mean
Name: Hippo 23rd April 2017
love it
shows that every thing in life has a meaning
Name: Josh Dun 10th May 2017
Name: Spiders_for Life 25th July 2017
love the spiders
Name: Hollie 23rd November 2017
Very good for homeworkπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Name: Kiara 23rd February 2018
oh my gosh I love spiders


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