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The Great Battle

Name: Leonna 7th January 2014
i loved your story alot! its amazing well done
Name: Leonna 7th January 2014
Amazing story i loved it! WELL DONE
Name: Aidan Chim 7th January 2014
I really enjoyed your facinating story. I liked the part when Callidora cut demon ghoul's head and leg off and it grew back.
Name: Sarah 7th January 2014
I like the part when they have a symposium. Great job ! write more stories!
Name: Euan 7th January 2014
Wonderful story!!!!! I like the part where you said Dionysus, who was clearly far too drunk, was asking for more wine!!!
Name: Chae Eun 7th January 2014
I really like your story, I really like the part when Demon Ghoul went inside the temple and Athena threw the olive tree.
Name: Mike Hsieh 7th January 2014
Amazing story! My favorite part was when Demon Ghoul grabbed a handful of people and popped of their heads.
Name: Chris 14th February 2014
this is a very good story well done
Name: Chris 14th February 2014
I wish me story can be good as you to.
your story is super super good
Name: Euan 18th February 2014
Good Story Silvia!
This story is awesome! I wonder if you published it, it will be a myth of them 21st century!!!
Name: Silvia 18th February 2014
OMG! I love my own story!!!!! :3
Name: Mathyru 18th February 2014
godlike it is
Name: Stephanie 18th February 2014
Awesome story I like th part when you said 'When Demon Ghoul was just about to stab her guts out' it's a bit funny
Name: De Foof 18th February 2014
Cool story !!!!


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