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Legend of Arome

Name: Orion 7th January 2014
EPIC STORY! I loved the river of blood!

Name: Raymond 7th January 2014
i like this story and the monster
Name: Chris 7th January 2014
Nathan this is a very exciting story.
I like the part where the monster is fighting the hero.
Name: Jeremy Lu 7th January 2014
Epic story !!!!! love it !!!!

Name: Louis 7th January 2014
nice story nathan i like the symposium with the drunk man!!! :)
Name: Euan 7th January 2014
Wonderful story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Cindy Chen 7th January 2014
I realy liked your ending where Atheria's baby had come(But they didn’t notice that Atheria’s baby’s was still on his way. A soldier saw Atheria’s babies fly through Sparta and cleaned them into nothing. Believe or not! You could still see the museum of Atheria and its babies! Come on! Let’s go!).
Name: Silvia 7th January 2014
Great story! I like the part when Atheria fought Arome.
Name: Stephanie 7th January 2014
nice story Nathan.I like the part when your hero killed the monster.
Name: Aidan Chim 7th January 2014
great story, i loved the paragraph that you wrote:

The survivors called help from their mighty king and sent messages all around Ancient Greece. Arome, who was from Athens, heard that there was a monster destroying Sparta’s things. He looked handsome and was wise about everything. Arome went to Sparta and asked for the king.
“Oooh! A hero! Tiny little guy couldn’t even squash a tiny little ant, get out of this CITY!!!” screamed the king.
“I could help!!! I am not a weakling!” shouted Arome.
“I said get out of the city!” shouted the king.
“I could help the whole country!” explained Arome.
“Aaaw! Fine! You can help!”
“Yaaah! Yes!”
So off he sent the proud and mighty hero to kill the deadly and nasty monster…

great story

Name: Thomas 14th February 2014
cool asome story nathan
Name: YOUR BESTFRIEND 18th February 2014
Name: Mike Hsieh 18th February 2014
great story la!
Name: NATHAN 18th February 2014
Name: Your Friend 18th February 2014
Name: Your Friend 18th February 2014
Name: Nathan 16th June 2014


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