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Call of Sparta

Name: Louis 7th January 2014
nice orion ilike it when hylacus squashed the goats!!! :)
Name: Cindy Chen 7th January 2014
A very nice story I liked the last sentence (And that next time a monster attacked Sparta, they knew were to get a hero.).
Name: Orion 7th January 2014
GREAT STORY! I loved the part when the lady said "THIS IS MY ONE AND ONLY SACRIFICE!"
And the man running out of the house naked! lots and lots of blood!
Name: Jeremy Lu 7th January 2014
AWSOME !!!!!

Name: Raymond 7th January 2014
Orion its briliant story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Nathan 7th January 2014
That was great! The crazy battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Aidan Chim 7th January 2014
dear orion, i liked the part that you wrote:

He wanted to destroy the city of Sparta because the people had put a curse on him so that he had had to eat maggots for the last thirty years.

your story is very interesting!!!
Name: Nathan Ho 14th February 2014
Name: Flynn Morrison 14th February 2014
I thought it was really funny that the mother chucked her baby at the monster! Great story too!
Name: You 18th February 2014
Name: Piggywinkles 18th February 2014
Name: Mike Hsieh 18th February 2014
great story la!
Name: Your Friend 18th February 2014
Epic It's cool
Name: Your Friend 18th February 2014


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