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The Legend of Haragla and Yanni Grives

Name: Ian's Mom 13th January 2014
Ian that is quite a clever story you came up with. You described a very horrific monster with snake arms. Disgusting! I like how you used your own name and made it Greek for the hero. I also liked how you used your Greek Grandfather's last name "Grivos" for the heroe's last name! Maybe someday you can be a hero like Yanni Grivos!
Name: Leah 13th January 2014
Ian I liked how you change your name to Yanni to make it Greek. Plus you used our Greek Grandfathers last name. Awesome!
Name: Sean 13th January 2014
Did Haragla have just one snake arm or two?-Would hate to fight him!
Name: Hth6h3h 6th February 2014
good y
Name: Thomas 14th February 2014
asome story ian
Name: Cindy 14th February 2014
nice story
Name: Nathan Ho 14th February 2014
Name: Krish Shah 18th February 2014
AW SOME AND COOL! ian I like how you used ancient wors too make it more interesting wow my best friend.
Name: F???? M???????? 18th February 2014
Name: The Shado 18th February 2014
COOL story Ian!!
Name: Aidan Chim 18th February 2014
dear ian, great story!!!!!


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