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The Death of Thudder

Name: Miller 17th January 2014
What an exciting story. Very creative and fun to read. Well done.
Name: Lily 17th January 2014
Good story. I like the part where Jura says 'interesting' to the king.
Name: Sandra 19th January 2014
Love all the descriptive details. Really brought the story to life.
Name: Your Dad 19th January 2014
Would it not be easier to turn Thudder into stone using Medusa\'s head?
Name: Lydia 20th January 2014
I like this story, but it is a little strange that the mother "accidentally" drops the baby. Overall, a well written story!
Name: Miranda 24th January 2014
Really want to know what happened when Hypnosium arrived.
Name: Your Friend 14th February 2014
epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome !!!!!!!!!!
Name: Nathan Ho 14th February 2014
Name: Euan 14th February 2014
Great Story! I like the part you said they dropped whatever they were holding and ran for their dear lives!!
Name: Chris 14th February 2014
good job
Name: Flynn Morrison 14th February 2014
Awesome story Aidan! Great work hope to see another great story!
Name: Your Friend 18th February 2014
cool story
Name: Aidan Chim 18th February 2014
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mike Hsieh 18th February 2014
great story la!
Name: Name 18th February 2014
Yes likie
Name: Chris 17th March 2014
i really like your story!


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