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Apollo and the Chimera.

Name: Niamh 30th January 2014
I made one with out pictures two. but it hasent come out yet
Name: Lucy 23rd February 2014
Your story has amazing wow words in it.
Name: Ade 21st March 2014
good book
Name: Jerick 8th April 2014
This story was extremely awesome
Name: Lia 11th May 2014
Name: Holly 17th May 2014
this story is brilliant
Name: Brian 22nd May 2014
this story was ok
Name: Jim 23rd May 2014
Name: Bible Bop .co 23rd May 2014
there is a spelling mistake
Name: Courtney 15th June 2014
this story was fab.

Name: Sonia 30th September 2014
this was outstandin
Name: Hulkyhulk 9th October 2014
This was very well-written, thanks for writing. You could make it even better if you up-levelled it with extra adjectives, crucial connectives and also, more amazing adverbials. Punctuation too of course!
Name: Demond 16th November 2014
Awesome story.
Name: Lucy Smith 28th December 2014
It is really good
Name: Maxim 31st January 2015
that was good...
Name: Hilda 2nd February 2015
This is a nice story. I like it!
Name: Safina 11th April 2015
It was so amazing????????????????
Name: Sunnyboy 17th April 2015
Where did you get this info im just asking because i have to tell a story about apollo and i just want to double check my sources.
Name: Hannah 24th April 2015
This really helped me with my homework
Name: TJ 3rd May 2015
It really helped me remember the myth for school
Name: Harry Potter Geek 5th May 2015
I thought Athena didn't marry!
Name: Ys 7th May 2015
thanks I got a comprehension from this at school and it made it easier
THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Yezdan 7th May 2015
you spelt travelled wrong you wrote traveLed not traveLLed
Still Thanks For The Story
Name: Nash 20th October 2015
Cool awesome fantastic
Name: Harmwilly 19th November 2015
awesome story, exept for the chimera being killed. A long, agonizing death? Sounds pretty cruel to do especially to the chimera.
Name: TruePower6 24th November 2015
nice story real cool and amazing!!!!!!!
Name: Ur Uncle Ahmad 9th December 2015
It is amazing
Name: Roughcollie749 15th December 2015
Shame the creature was killed so quickly,i love chimeras so more light on its character would be nice. Overall, nice story.
Name: Omario 8th January 2016
not good
Name: Lizzie Berns 27th January 2016
Name: Afraa 31st January 2016
Who has. Made. This. Story
Name: Destiny Ann Patton 11th February 2016
why did he kill chimera
Name: ᗩᗷᗷIE 20th March 2016
This story is awesome
Name: Bobobbobobob 26th April 2016
Why is this story awesome
Name: Daffy 13th May 2016
This story is awesome

Name: IKnowThings 20th May 2016
Actually, the original hero is Bellerophon and that was because the Chimera was devastating Caria and Lycia.
Name: Richard Anthony Boisclair 23rd May 2016
Isn\'t there a Pegasus in the story?
Name: Will 30th May 2016
I learn this story at my new school

Name: Jadie 27th June 2016
that was definietly not Apollo. Apollo was the sun god, he was never one of the mortal heroes, and was also definitely never married to Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom (and his sister but that never matters in greek mythology i guess) and was never married to anyone. Zeus was also his father, so...
Name: Will Gradwell 23rd July 2016
i love this this stroy
Name: Arya 24th August 2016
this is not true mythology Athena never married and she was the greek goddess of wisdom and Apollo was the god of sun and the son of Zeus and Leto so this story is not accurately written.
Name: Freya 7th September 2016
love this myth so much!:)
Name: Rachel Keeling-Nash 8th September 2016
Love, love, love this story !! And, I do NOT care about the accuracy. It was just a Hero rescuing his Lady !!
Name: Bob 17th September 2016
This person can\'t write
Name: Matthew 6th October 2016
Of cores it is not true it is a myth
Name: Callum 12th October 2016
Apollo is not the son of Zeus
Name: Michael 13th October 2016
You need to proof read it when you're finished. Other than that the story was great!
Name: Skye 17th October 2016
I loved this story! At school i'm doing a project about Chimera! so thanks for the myth now i can write it down on my essay i'm doing! Thanks again!
Name: Fenton 15th November 2016
I this a great website.
Name: Fenton 15th November 2016
it is a great story
Name: Retr0 23rd November 2016
this story is at first a bit boring as it's just a description but then when it gets to the battle scene it's really engrossing.
great read.
Name: Meliah 23rd December 2016
It's a good story and all, but Apollo never defeated the Chimaera. Bellerophon did. He rode a Pegasus and shot the Chimaera from above.
Name: Ali 12th January 2017
Apollo never defeated the Chimaera. Bellerophon did. He rode a Pegasus and shot the Chimaera from above
Name: Sweg 12th January 2017
I wrote a report on Apollo and I used this story... hopefully my teacher doesn't look this up a tell me it was not a real legend (⌣_⌣”)!
Name: Mak 15th January 2017
Apollo is a god, not a soldier. Athena was also a goddess, and not captured by King Minos. King Minos had the golden touch, he could turn things into gold with a single tap. Apollo did not defeat the Chimera. Bellerophon did.
Name: Carly 16th January 2017
I think you need you need to have this on myths and legends

I think it is a great story
Name: Truth 16th January 2017
This entire article is incorrect. Apollo never did this, Nor was athena married to apollo. She was the virgin goddess and loved no man ever.
Please no one use this its wrong on almost every part
Name: Monkey 25th January 2017
How is this wrong? Yes Athena was never married but the rest is true
Name: Crazylady 1st February 2017
Apollo never killed the chimera, Bellerophon and pegasus did!
Name: Crazylady 1st February 2017
Athena only married Zeus, not anyone else.
Name: Love You Love 3rd February 2017
My daughters school teacher had the story for her homework and told her that is was the real story.
Name: EL_mexicanGordito 6th February 2017
Good story yay 8)
Name: Hannah Barlow 6th March 2017
Well done
Name: Jody 17th March 2017
Very interesting story
Name: James 1st April 2017
I thought Bellerophon killed Chimera
Name: Vast 12th April 2017
Chimera should have won
Name: ANgus 7th May 2017
IS this a real myth or a fan created myth?
Name: Taygen 7th May 2017
cool i love this
Name: Chilies 15th June 2017
Ikr chimera should have won
Name: Jumping Pony 22nd July 2017
this is a great story, I absolutely love this book, it has inspired me to write my own book!
Name: Miyabob 24th September 2017
I think that the story is very interesting and it has inspired me to draw my own chimera and Apollo.
Name: Kubi 7th November 2017
This book is lit. I wish I was a Demi-god.
Name: Someone 21st November 2017
This story might be true but Apollo didn't kill Chimera, Bellerphon killed the great Chimera.
Name: John 30th December 2017
good recount of the story however Apollo is the god of the sun poetry and prophecies not the slayer of the Chimera. Apart from that just replace the name Apollo every time with bellerphon it is an accurate story
Name: John 30th December 2017
what about the chimera's parents echidna and typhon
Name: Jessie 17th April 2018
this story is amazing!


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