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Apollo and the Chimera.

Name: Niamh 30th January 2014
I made one with out pictures two. but it hasent come out yet
Name: Lucy 23rd February 2014
Your story has amazing wow words in it.
Name: Ade 21st March 2014
good book
Name: Jerick 8th April 2014
This story was extremely awesome
Name: Lia 11th May 2014
Name: Holly 17th May 2014
this story is brilliant
Name: Brian 22nd May 2014
this story was ok
Name: Jim 23rd May 2014
Name: Bible Bop .co 23rd May 2014
there is a spelling mistake
Name: Courtney 15th June 2014
this story was fab.

Name: Sonia 30th September 2014
this was outstandin
Name: Hulkyhulk 9th October 2014
This was very well-written, thanks for writing. You could make it even better if you up-levelled it with extra adjectives, crucial connectives and also, more amazing adverbials. Punctuation too of course!
Name: Demond 16th November 2014
Awesome story.
Name: Lucy Smith 28th December 2014
It is really good
Name: Maxim 31st January 2015
that was good...
Name: Hilda 2nd February 2015
This is a nice story. I like it!
Name: Safina 11th April 2015
It was so amazing????????????????
Name: Sunnyboy 17th April 2015
Where did you get this info im just asking because i have to tell a story about apollo and i just want to double check my sources.
Name: Hannah 24th April 2015
This really helped me with my homework
Name: TJ 3rd May 2015
It really helped me remember the myth for school
Name: Harry Potter Geek 5th May 2015
I thought Athena didn't marry!
Name: Ys 7th May 2015
thanks I got a comprehension from this at school and it made it easier
THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Yezdan 7th May 2015
you spelt travelled wrong you wrote traveLed not traveLLed
Still Thanks For The Story
Name: Nash 20th October 2015
Cool awesome fantastic
Name: Harmwilly 19th November 2015
awesome story, exept for the chimera being killed. A long, agonizing death? Sounds pretty cruel to do especially to the chimera.
Name: TruePower6 24th November 2015
nice story real cool and amazing!!!!!!!
Name: Ur Uncle Ahmad 9th December 2015
It is amazing
Name: Roughcollie749 15th December 2015
Shame the creature was killed so quickly,i love chimeras so more light on its character would be nice. Overall, nice story.
Name: Omario 8th January 2016
not good
Name: Lizzie Berns 27th January 2016
Name: Afraa 31st January 2016
Who has. Made. This. Story
Name: Destiny Ann Patton 11th February 2016
why did he kill chimera
Name: ᗩᗷᗷIE 20th March 2016
This story is awesome
Name: Bobobbobobob 26th April 2016
Why is this story awesome
Name: Daffy 13th May 2016
This story is awesome

Name: IKnowThings 20th May 2016
Actually, the original hero is Bellerophon and that was because the Chimera was devastating Caria and Lycia.
Name: Richard Anthony Boisclair 23rd May 2016
Isn\'t there a Pegasus in the story?
Name: Will 30th May 2016
I learn this story at my new school


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