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Testing the Witch-finder General

Name: Dee Chamberlain 2nd November 2006
I am not sure of all the details but the Pendle witches is a local legend.
Name: Sophia 14th February 2007
I would like to thank the makers of the site because I had homework, and it really helped me to complete it.
Thank you again.
Name: Rajshi Karavadra 11th March 2007
Helllo. I came to your workshop at Jack Hunt school in Peterborough. It was great to experience the animation and how it works.

Thank you.

Name: Jessica Y 21st August 2007
It's not bad, but it's not good either. I think that you should put a bit more effort into this story.
Name: Jay 22nd August 2007
This is the best story becuse it is true and the sad things realy happened
Name: Mya 31st December 2007
this site helped me in my assesment haha wikid sytt!!! luv ya xxx
Name: Laura 12th April 2008
Testing the witchcraft general:that story was amazing i will give that 5 the story true?it was very scary to i like that about the story? lauraoooxxx
Name: Hanniee3 18th November 2008
Wicked story! helped with my homework! x
Name: Lauren 2nd December 2008
im doin the crucible 4 essay course gcse and its really hard but intresting lol x
Name: Emma 18th January 2009
This story really helped with my assesment
cool story aswell
Name: Mcfly1309 25th January 2009
it helped me with my research its so cool
Name: Lucy 20th February 2009
that is some use full
Name: Itzel 13th May 2009
i really like this website its fun and cool!!!!!!
Name: Yasmine 13th May 2009
awesome website!!!!!!!!
Name: Dylan 14th May 2009
you should be proud of your self for making this website!!!!!!!!! COOL xxxxxx
Name: Charlotte 5th September 2009
HAHAHA I showed one of my friends this website and then I gave her nightmares!!! I do feel a little bad, but great website I really enjoy it.
Name: Gg 29th September 2009
This is very acruate
Name: Clayton James 30th September 2009
Name: Aki Emily 16th October 2009
Coooool! I loved it! And nice title for a myth/legend. Testing the Witch-Finder general. I like it!!
Name: Sophia Maundral 15th November 2009
Doing the witch craze at school, and wanted more infomation for my essay that I have to do. Most of the information I found I already knew but just little bits of informatin that I found on this website, that I wrote in gave me more marks. My teacher is very happy with my essay and now uses this website in his classes. Thank you for all of the information - it was a big help!!!
Name: Dina 17th February 2010
How did they know the water test worked? Where & how did they find out about the swimming test? how did the sucpicions of the witch-finder general come to be? why did they make the knife that never makes a mark
Name: Sarah 20th February 2010
Nice! Interesting, but is it true you can see his ghost?
Name: Theo 15th April 2010
they didnt know it worked, it was a trick used as people usually float, if they floated they would be charged as a witch and the witch finder would get payed.
the witch finder general may be true, it may be that someone had made a living like this and the staory had been passed down and distorted.
they made a knife that never left a mark to prove that the person was a witch, it was believed that witches could be cut without a mark made on their skin
Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
It was awesome !!! I loved it.
Name: Sage 14th November 2010
nobody swam hopkins and no hanging he retierd and died at 25 of tb in his bed sorry
Name: ME!! 23rd November 2010
I loved it it was great!!
Name: Katy 9th April 2011
it was ok, not the best though! :( soz
Name: Riham 7th May 2011
It is bassed on a real story exept he was not charged with treason ......
........ Sooooorrrrrrryyyyyy!!!!!!
Name: Rimsha Noor 23rd May 2011
It was really good!
Name: Noor 11th August 2011
Hey Rishma Noor! U have the same last name as me only that ur last name is MY first name I'm 11! I loves this is woz quite good...not that I believe it tho!
Name: Jamima 6th December 2011
thi story is really cool
Name: Alicia 11th March 2012
It's really useful for writting an essay about withchcraft :) !!
Name: Emily 22nd March 2012
wow, this story just proves that you really do, reap what you sow. ;3
Name: Grace 24th April 2012
i'm glad Hopkins got a taste of his own medicine. all the family's he ruined, and lives he took!!
Name: Grace 24th April 2012
i had homework and this helped me alot !
Name: Lilz 8th July 2012
Great story guys! Loved it!!!!!!!! :)
Name: Josh 21st April 2013
Name: Sadia 16th September 2013
It was a very nice story.I like it very much.Why would they think there was witches in Gods world?
Name: YOLO 25th February 2014
Everything is awesome everything is cool on myths from E2BN! Like this myth.
Everything is awesome everything is cool when your on the myths team!
Name: Georgie 27th February 2014
Lovely story. I reccomend it to many!
Name: Harry Palmer 14th July 2014
god didn't do a very good job
Name: Usman 16th August 2014
I like the story because its nice.
Name: Barbie 9th February 2016
very nice story
Name: Sajjad Ali 10th June 2016
it was so scarey
Name: Brook 29th November 2016
I mean that is really weird i guess the logical soulution was to kill women.That happend in Boston to!
Name: Jack 22nd May 2017
that is agood story


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