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Slender Man

Name: Sofia Fogg 18th June 2014
very scary got a good image in my head.
Name: Mollie 20th June 2014
i thought this was a epic story. you got me worried about my bedtime routine...please write more, you inspire me so much i want to be xx
Name: Rimsha 25th June 2014
Your way of writing so much looks like a real authors'. Also, your story was full of suspense and did got me freaked out there. You've got real talent and I advise you to write more Tess. :)
Name: Emily 4th July 2014
Slender man can be real, I had nightmares of slender man, and he will keep following you until e finaly KILLS you!
Name: Alesya 9th July 2014
Great Work,Very good for school I had to get a Myth or Legend so I went here.
Name: Brock 22nd July 2014
That gave me the creeps.
I could see him when i read it
Name: DTVYIWJPUFYWOJIPKD 11th August 2014
Not really
Name: Encha 20th August 2014
1/5 ugh no way, not suitable for kids too creepy and way too scary.
Name: Sally 22nd August 2014
This is scary I once saw a clip about a man trying to trade with slender man in a film creepy.
Name: Hello 10th September 2014
Oh My God! So Scary! Good Job But Wouldnt Reccomend Children Reading This !
Name: What Up, Dawg 15th October 2014
you call that scary? I've heard worse
Name: StoryCreator 3rd November 2014
Its Scary I Think This Is A Bit Too Gruesome And Scary For Children
Name: Lucas 26th January 2015
it not that scary. come on
Name: Jad 10th March 2015
eveyone knows slenderman is nothing more than a mere legend. just like the rake is a legend as well
Name: Nina 24th March 2015
This would be better as a story instead of a legend. But overall, i think it was alright!
Name: Sam 14th May 2015
creepy but not scary
Name: Ahmed 29th May 2015
Very creepy like Sam said heard the song from minecraft in minecraft slender man dies in daylight and sun light.
Name: Josh 18th June 2015
Name: Dilon 17th July 2015
cool story I like it
Name: Joseph 20th July 2015
That Was So Flipping Scary!
Name: Potato 3rd August 2015
cool scary i like it
Name: Luke 1st October 2015
Awesome and scary story!!
Name: Heaven 30th October 2015
HOLY COW! that was by far one of the scariest stories ive ever read.and ive read alot of stories(since i love reading).You have a gift.
Name: Troy 8th November 2015
Name: Amir 23rd November 2015
so scary ahhh
Name: Antonio 24th November 2015
Cool :0
Name: Kj 2nd December 2015
kinda scary
Name: Gabe 3rd December 2015
Awesome :)
Name: Superman 6th January 2016
Name: Tomthebomb 28th January 2016
Nice Job;) Really like your stories. creept me out and gave me nightmares. Keep on going with these scary stories!
Name: Gfwsdcwefayvqer 28th January 2016
its funny to see people doing this in 2016 when it was made in 2014 lol
Name: Raven Riddle 1st February 2016
This is a great story and all but it is Jeff the killer that says "go to sleep" not Slendy
Name: Ransom 17th March 2016
i think this story is gonna give me bad dreams aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
Name: Dima The Superman 22nd March 2016
realy crepy i want more it gave me nightmares for a week make more like jeff the killer pls their are fun to read but crepy :)
Name: Ruby 11th April 2016
That story is really good! five stars
Name: Violet 7th August 2016
I like it i dont have dreams at all anymore :( so theres no fun of having a bad one any more XD
Name: Barak Obama 10th October 2016
that's messed up
Name: Lucinder 24th October 2016
that was realy scary i saw a picture of it
Name: Collin 10th November 2016
that was scary
Name: Sir William 18th January 2017
BRUH,that was really scary!!!
Name: Kj 5th April 2017
that sent chills up my back so creepy
Name: Gavin 28th April 2017
not scary at all.why do people say it is scary!
Name: Gavin 19th May 2017
sir that was scary, yeek not at all make more of the storys ¨king of them all¨ best story.
Name: Maddie And Madi 25th May 2017
this story scared the heck out of me it happened to my brother his name was bill too and my mom went looking for him the same way and I saw him in the tree and his shirt said SLENDERMAN on it! we still go visit him and stare at him on the tree we miss more than anything!! that's why we moved SLENDERMAN owns our house now!


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