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The Scratch Curse

Name: Julia 15th July 2014
Hannah that was a fantastic story. The problem is you need to add more dettale
to your work ok
Name: Dean Rickards 23rd July 2014
i really like your story hanna why dont you write about Isabel in another curse story like the face of evil or something and u could nickname Isabel curse girl and call a book it to?
Name: Yousaf 26th October 2014
Amazing story Hannah next time add some describing words in okay.
Name: Isabelle 7th January 2015
great story why dont you add a mythical creature next time
Name: Tania 19th January 2015
That was a great story
Name: Jamie 26th February 2015
I like your story but maybe you can improve it.
Name: Audrey 19th March 2015
Nice story but you could add a little more :-) !
Name: LUCY 22nd March 2015
Name: MYTHMASTER 28th May 2015
Name: Jake Manche 8th September 2015
that was amazing but you could ad more
Name: Raven Dray 1st November 2015
I don't get it.
Name: Princessbluestar 30th January 2016
is this really real is emily a witch
she's scary where do they live
Name: Nicole 12th February 2016
Name: Danny 14th May 2016
OMG SO SCARYYY how did get the scratches on her arm?
Name: Anna Maria Wesley 11th June 2016
i have scratches on my arms and backcz8
Name: Jordi Van De Busch 18th June 2016
this made my little sister cry
Name: Oka 27th June 2016
Awesome story!Something like this happened to me once.
Name: Tiger Boo 30th June 2016
I have got scratches befor on my leg but not like a curse.
Name: Tiser Opoo 25th September 2016
Name: Dub Dude 5th February 2017
cool,but funny
Name: Kile 15th March 2017
that was so cool


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