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Name: Liana 19th August 2014
Name: Shawn 10th November 2014
I love Creepypasta's my favourite is Channel infinity
Name: Tharshan 12th November 2014
HAHAHAHAHAHA. this is hilarious. you should make and animation about this
Name: Alan 4th February 2015
cool creepy pastas r my favorite
Name: Ayesha 3rd October 2015
Lol this is funny u should make an animation of this xD
Name: No Regular Dude 25th October 2015 story man?
Name: Killahs2913 8th December 2015
Awsome story man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Niyaz Ali 10th January 2016
Daymn bruv dat was sik
Name: Leslie82593 4th February 2016
Dude this story is so true I enjoyed it so much I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m gonna keep on reading it๐Ÿ˜œ
Name: Raven Riddle 11th February 2016
So cool! do one for eyeless jack plz
Name: Steve4581 16th February 2016
make one about jeff the killer its awesome!i like it so much!
Name: Rifleboy 6th March 2017
That's strange.
Name: Sdrrtt 15th July 2017


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