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The Silver Phantom

Name: Dane K 5th December 2014
It's good and a little like a poem
Name: Serenity. V 25th December 2014
Its nice and really telling like explaining why we don't see dragons.
Name: Nina 24th March 2015
Wow this is really good! I like how it explains that we can't see dragons but they are under the sea in a deep slumber,this is genius!
Name: Katie 8th June 2015
its a bit short next time add more.
Name: Sammy 2nd July 2015
Quite short and a bit boring, but other than that good.
WHEN were there dragons?
Name: Amanda Wang 13th September 2015
Quite short but good I like how you explained why we cant see dragons but next time add more
Name: Sophia 26th February 2016
I liked how u told us how we can\\\\\\\'t see dragons.
Name: Bunny’s 26th January 2018
Thanks for explaining why we can’t see dragons🐉 .But when were dragons 🐉 around 🤔 now that is interesting 🧐


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