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How the Lion got its Roar

Name: Shifa 1st February 2015
nice but why did the other lions get scared?
Name: Darius 5th February 2015
very nice
Name: JH&MFH 8th April 2015
Awesome myth!!!!!!!
Name: Katie 8th June 2015
lots of details but its all rite
Name: Edin 17th January 2016
Name: Some Person In The World 8th February 2016
In my opinion it was too short. Well written but short. I also don't get the part about "It was quite cold because of the amount of trees - it was so shady.", it doesn't add anything to the story except make the story longer.
Name: Bob 9th February 2016
Doesnt make sense
Name: Avagayle Geldard 29th March 2016
If the lion was sleeping in a cave, how could his tail have been tied to a tree? Last time I checked, i didnt see any trees inside of any caves. ;-;
Name: Not Telling 30th April 2016
Didn\\\\\\\'t know if you are not the intended recipient of the most important thing is the twist
Name: Latisha 9th May 2016
cool nice story though it be better
Name: Libby 25th October 2017
I think it is the best story ever.
I wish i could do ones like them.
You are the best at storys.
Name: Dnt Wori 14th February 2018
Gr8 stori but cud b a bit longer n interesting


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