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The Princess That Got Lost

Name: Jesan Mae Climaco 3rd July 2014
it"s nice
Name: Sasha 12th July 2014
It is good.
Name: Suzana 18th July 2014
Its a really interesting story suitable for young girls.
Name: Sadie 20th July 2014
It\'s ok
Name: Aleisha 17th August 2014
Name: Bakht 25th August 2014
this story is very interesting
Name: Susie 28th August 2014
Is this a myth story?

Name: Sam 8th September 2014
it was good
Name: Agung Septa Riyanza 16th September 2014
exciting story, if read would be like in the story.

I like
Name: Dimitra 16th September 2014
cool i like it
Name: Echen 17th September 2014
Quite good but not enough tension and climax
Name: Ella 17th September 2014
cool+ good
Name: Samira 19th September 2014
I love your story I can pic it in my head
Name: Mimi123 24th September 2014
i like this story
Name: Gabby 25th September 2014
love it...............
Name: Elise 25th September 2014
it was good but didn't seem to have an ending but a very well done :-)
Name: Ella 29th September 2014
I like your story and you've definitely used your imagination!!!
Name: Shahida 5th October 2014
I like your imagination,keep on working with it!
Name: Elizabeth Falemaka 8th October 2014
Ilike it well done
Name: Brianna 8th October 2014
I like that story I think I might need some pictures to tell where it happened how what the monster look like other than that its ok :D
Name: Aliyah 8th October 2014
Nice story!
Name: Prashan 9th October 2014
This Is very good
Name: Ellie 12th October 2014
I thought it was good but not that good but well done anyway
Name: Tilly 13th October 2014
this book is so good i like it .
Name: Luke 21st October 2014
this is a good book but it doesn't have that pazam that I read in books to day
Name: Bob 9th November 2014
Its was nice but I would have liked it to be a bit longer .But keep it up and you could be famous so never give up.
Name: NitsuJ 23rd November 2014
pretty good... next time expand it and more actions. but its good..
Name: Sophie 4th December 2014
Good story Katie its gave me a good idea for my homework on a story about princesses.
Name: Evie 6th December 2014
great story!!!
Next time you write a story try to put in more detail and make it longer.
keep it up!!!!!
Name: Tiddly 12th December 2014
This is the best story I\'ve ever read keep it you Katie!
Name: Happychild 18th December 2014
hi Katie when I read your story I was amazed however I do reckon you could make it better and I realised a part of the story did not make any sense so this is why I am going to give you some advice. after you\'ve typed your story read it , check it think do it make sense to you I hope this helps you get a better level on your writing
Name: Megan 5th January 2015
I can picture it in my mind just one thing try and put more writing it the text but really good well done
Name: Miss Walsh 14th January 2015
A great story! You definitely built up the tension. Maybe next time, try adding in more detail to really make the monster seem scary! Good luck.
Name: Mona 24th January 2015
A great story, but I want more explanation.
Name: Hammers 25th January 2015
It\'s a good story, I like it
Name: Sara 13th February 2015
it\'s a very intresting story
Name: Katelyn 13th March 2015
Story has a lot of potential. Maybe more details, because the story is really confusing.
Name: Anna 14th April 2015
too short
Name: Katie 8th June 2015
its a verey intresting story with lots of detail.
Name: Arya 21st June 2015
Name: Felicia 13th November 2015
AMAZING!!! wow...
Name: Anida 9th December 2015
I like it but you should have put just a few more information in it.
Name: Genesis 12th January 2016
Name: Shanaya 18th January 2016
It was fine
But I a little bit
Name: Maddie 11th April 2016
kinda boring needs more detail . but good story line
Name: W 7th May 2016
Name: Raelynn Killian 18th May 2016
i love your story it is awsome. i love the name Sarah as a princess that is pretty
Name: Evie M C 23rd December 2016
Ok that was wiered. How did Sarah die and then run away to her parents good though
Name: Millie 6th February 2017
That was amazing but how did Sarah die & and then run out the door Katie
Name: Kylee 24th May 2017
I love the 7 year olds and the nanny, cute
Name: Aneesa 20th June 2017
wow i like the granny part


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