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How the mermaid got her tale.

Name: Sarah 18th February 2015
Name: Nina 23rd March 2015
WOW! That was amazing! I love this story and it made me want to read more.
Name: Nina 23rd March 2015
WOW!!!! I loved reading this!
Name: Mary Bird 9th April 2015
Name: AncientEGYPTfan 29th April 2015
good. but you can improve.
Name: AncientEGYPTfan 29th April 2015
Name: Daisy 123 5th May 2015
Good I love it
Name: Daisy316 5th May 2015
amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg so perfect using this for homework
Name: Katie 8th June 2015
Name: Bri 17th July 2015
Name: Martha 20th July 2015
magnifacent story
superb effort well done
kisses martha
Name: Henco Swart 27th August 2015
It is so beautiful
Name: Lily 15th December 2015
thats my name!
Name: Alexandra 2nd February 2016
thats a magnificent storie by the way can you write some more stories not just any storie but made up stories plzzzzzzzzz
Name: Abigail 4th February 2016
That is a nice story
Name: Pinky 10th February 2016
I loved it
Name: 6 23rd February 2016
It was a really cool story!
Name: Vung 8th March 2016
Good and sad story what about her parents?
Name: Lilly 17th April 2016
can you add lillyand mermaid
Name: Flutter Fairy 1st September 2016
Where did Lilly live? How can I find her?
Name: Flutter Fairy 2nd September 2016
What town did she live in?
(Before she became a mermaid)
Name: Hamna Sohail 7th November 2016
Please add proverbs in the moral!!!!!!! By the way story is amazing but add proverbs in moral so it would look good!!!!!!
Name: Evie M C 23rd December 2016
That was strange. I liked the end bit "don't come back fishtail or I'll make u a fish pie" lol
Name: Alice 23rd January 2017
she came from indiana US
Name: Millie 3rd February 2017
That story is amazing that's why I voted it 5/5
Name: Alice Gillard 8th February 2017
hi readers I hope you enjoy
Name: Ysella Rodriguez 6th March 2017
I love how you made the story and how you executed the mermaid it we beautiful and I love mermaids so I loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeddddddddddddd the sory
Name: Niaeriyah 4th April 2017
This a great storie
Name: Jenny 19th April 2017
I love the story you did a great job
Name: Bella 18th May 2017
Name: Aaliyah 26th August 2017
Your story was good.. great imagination..
Name: Andy :) 11th September 2017
That was the best story ever!!
Name: Ella 5th October 2017
Very good story well done x
Name: Danika 4th November 2017
good story but could of been longer


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