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King of Goblins

Name: Michael 19th February 2015
Name: Keira Rose (age 9) 26th February 2015
Good use of description and powerful language. could of used imagery like: alliteration, repitition, metaphors and others. could of used adverbials iswell.
Name: Sebastiao 8th March 2015
Watch for the spelling man!
Name: Lamiek 25th March 2015
its good
Name: Annyfatma 15th May 2015
can't u guys just simply appreciate? at least the writer has written one ...peace here...^___^v
Name: Frankie Reeve 4th June 2015
I love yuor story about the goblin hope you write lots more :)
Name: Katie 8th June 2015
wow amazed
Name: Ivan 24th September 2015
Name: Kitty 17th January 2016
I think you have thought about the legend and turned it into an amazing one it is so so so so so good.
Name: Kitty 17th January 2016
It is a perfect story for a kid to write
Name: Ali 1st April 2016
I really like the myth you have wrote.
Name: Hajrahbi 23rd July 2016
i like your story
Name: Angel 15th October 2016
Maybe you need to change it a little
Name: Evie M C 23rd December 2016
???????? Wth (what the heck)
Name: Dankio 26th January 2017
Name: Amzing 26th January 2017
amazing bro
Name: Blah 29th January 2017
Tooo looooooooong
Name: Suddenly 2nd October 2017
great writing I love it
Name: Noodel 16th November 2017

I like your story. It is cool, Can you do more?
Name: Harvey Wyatt 13th January 2018
awesome best story can you do more ?!
Name: Aira 27th January 2018
AMAZING (do a part 2)


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