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The Fire Bird

Name: Tehzeeb 15th February 2015
I like this made up myth in ten pieces there is a song called the fire bird
Name: Karena Kaboor 23rd February 2015
i love it
Name: Maya 24th February 2015
this is a nice story
Name: Eva 26th February 2015
I Think it was brilliant
Name: Nina 23rd March 2015
love it!!!
Name: Isabella 7th April 2015
It could be changed and more longer and the story could be a bad ending nested of happily ever after for once in a life time
Name: Naqi Abbas 9th April 2015
Really good
Name: Li22y 17th April 2015
i loved your myth please keep making myths you did good, good job
Name: Bruh 29th April 2015
World's best artist? I don't get it
Name: Hanna 27th May 2015
wow i love it keep the hard work
Name: Amadou 1st June 2015
Name: Frankie Reeve 4th June 2015
I think you done a great job Kiera I think you will be a myth and legend story book writer some day and I hope you will send out a lot more storys
Name: Kaitlyn 6th June 2015
Keep up the good work
Name: Katie 8th June 2015
yeah keep up the hard work and be brave
Name: Killer 5th July 2015
this was incredible work
Name: Jayden 20th July 2015
That was pretty cool
Name: Alila 23rd July 2015
Name: Kaneki 24th July 2015
its incredible work
Name: Bianka 5th September 2015
well done! But for a tip, try to start the sentences differently each time, otherwise it was FAB!
Name: Katie 25th October 2015
super add diffrent words next time.
Name: Luke 7th November 2015
An amazing story you made!
Name: Tommy 7th November 2015
I like your story!
Name: Jada 24th November 2015
Good job
Name: Abz 1st December 2015
Great job for letting me use it for my home work
Name: Alice 1st January 2016
very good but add more adjectives
Name: Banana 17th January 2016
great work. now i can base this story on my homework.thanks.
Name: Junaid 12th February 2016
Thanks that's my homework complete
Name: Daniyal And Shayaan 22nd February 2016
IT REAlly helped me in my homework and it is a good myth
Name: Jeneiya 22nd February 2016
This is the best story the only thing is u need for info
Name: Sophie 8th April 2016
Really good story.
Name: Rosa 17th April 2016

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Name: Felix 17th May 2016
Name: Rajshwi 19th July 2016
wow fire birds and sea birds leaf birds god birds
Name: Joshua 3rd October 2016
Name: Evie M C 15th November 2016
good but don't keep saying fire bird this and fire bird that. good story though.
Name: Evie M C 23rd December 2016
It was a bit strange actually. One minute fire bird wants to melt ice bird and then the next they're bffs
Name: Tess 13th February 2017
Good... Maybe make it a bit longer? It would be awesome if firebirds were real! *daydreaming*
Name: 18th March 2017
interesting. it WAS good but just a little strange
Name: Elizebeth 25th November 2017
your story is rily graet.


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