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The were eagle

Name: Katie 8th June 2015
wow so long .....
Name: Niamh 28th June 2015
Really good.
Name: Chloe 21st July 2015
really good storie!
Name: Katie 30th July 2015
great how you could come up with such an amazing story
Name: Alesia 18th August 2015
that were so good
Name: Izzie 15th September 2015
How old is max and great story
Name: Ryan 20th September 2015
Amazing story!!!
Name: Fern 21st September 2015
Name: Katie 11th October 2015
you added lots of detail very good
Name: Dana 24th October 2015
Name: Peter 20th November 2015
I like the story ,because I like egles
Name: JACK 20th November 2015
I like the story
Name: Ishraq 15th December 2015
wow great work ,keep the spirit up !
Name: Jana 3rd February 2016
I love it so much
Name: Rob 14th February 2016
Max, I think this is brilliant: imaginative and beautifully written. enjoy your imagination -it\'s precious
Name: Hannah 15th February 2016
that was a very good story
Name: Sarah 21st February 2016
Max I love your story (squeal)
Name: Khalil 20th March 2016
nice story
Name: Khalil 20th March 2016
amaizing max ellis
Name: X.tomboy.x 22nd March 2016
nice story
enjoyed it very much
Name: Jay Sharma 3rd April 2016
Wow..interesting story
Name: Rosa 17th April 2016
That was a very long story but I enjoyed, Max
Name: BRUH 17th May 2016
Name: Carlie Blevins 18th May 2016
will you guys talk back to me your storys are great
Name: Carlie Blevins 18th May 2016
luv luv luv your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so awesome
Name: Laney Edwards 18th May 2016
i love your storeys can you put some games on here
Name: Alex 10th August 2016
this storey iz sic
Name: Evie M C 15th November 2016
AMAZING story!!! very well written! remember to put in commas to tell the reader when to take a breath
e.g. he knew only one thing, he was in Scotland. Very well done!
Name: Gavin 11th May 2017
an engle. and why did they turn into a engle bad idea. and a seal bad idea also. next time make it beder alright. but still good. and meenĀ“t that story was a goddddddd!


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